14 July

C++ Developer / Linux admin

Kyiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Summary ----------- Skilled C++ developer with in-depth understanding of the language who makes the effort to write clean, readable and maintainable code and improves on it when possible. Particularly interested in and constantly learns the latest C++ standards (14/17/20). Passionate Linux user with decent knowledge of GNU tools, shell scripting and hands-on experience with Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, Arch. Highly focused and punctual, able to learn quickly. Regularly attends conferences to improve skills and shares own knowledge with others during spare time. Languages & Tools: Main tools: C++ (11/14/17), STL, CMake, Git, Qt framework Linux administration: Debian / Ubuntu, Bash, sed, awk, grep, rsync, htop, Wireshark. Other skills: Python, Golang, SQL ------------ Experience ------------ Jabil Software Services (August–November 2018) Participated in an R&D project in the area of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Worked with Linux servers. Worked closely with US-based part of the team. Was constantly learning new technologies including domain specific frameworks and languages. Distributed Lab (June - July 2018) Developed new modules and modified existing ones for a сross-platform backend application that involved blockchain networks, PostgreSQL, multithreading and use of version control.

C++, STL, Qt, CMake, Git, Python, bash, Linux Administration, Linux, Golang, Multithreading

-------------------- Personal Projects -------------------- All source code for these (and other) projects can be found at my GitLab profile: https://gitlab.com/constcorrect dom-viewer (https://gitlab.com/constcorrect/dom-viewer) A simple utility to view the DOM structure of an HTML page in a manner similar to file managers like ranger. Used MVC architecture. Used libxml2 to parse html data. Used ncurses library for terminal graphics. dom-fs (https://gitlab.com/constcorrect/dom-fs) A FUSE filesystem driver that represents the DOM tree of an HTML file as a filesystem. This allows standard GNU tools like grep, awk, find, ls and others as well as any file manager and text editor to be used to inspect the DOM tree. Libraries used: C++ Modules TS, libxml2, FUSE. ------------ Education ------------ Backend course at Distributed Lab (April-May 2018) The course involved learning the Go programming language, databases, Linux administration, networking protocols, http requests & REST, json. Applied Mathematics (4 year Bachelor programme: 2015-2019) National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkiv

Professional growth and opportunity to apply my skills to real-world projects. Flexible schedule. Work on open-source projects. Work with modern technologies.

11 July

Junior DevOps

Lviv · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

Займаюсь перекваліфікацією, на даний момент працюю в продажах, за освітою вивчав програмування. В даному напрямку бачу своє майбутнє але через відсутність досвіду важко отримати бажану восаду.

Linux, AWS, VirtualBox, TCP/IP, Windows, Networking, DNS

Найважливіше це робота в команді, так як досвіду в мене нульовий, хочеться максимально перйняти його від людей котрі не один рік працюють в даній сфері.

10 July

DevOps / Sysadmin

Lviv · $350 · Beginner/Elementary

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Networking:  Work LAN, OSI model, TCP/IP, Wireshark, Cisco Packet Tracer Operating System: Windows Server 2008 / 2012  AD, GPO, DHCP, DNS, IIS Ubuntu Desktop:  Major teams, access rights, file system  Ubuntu Server:  FTP, DNS, DHSP,SNTP, IMAP і POP3, Apache (LAMP), Nginx RDBMS:  MySQL Workbench, Linux SQL server , Microsoft SQL. Virtualization systems:  Virtualbox, Docker Cloud: AWS  IAM, EC2, S3

DHCP, Ubuntu, SQL, Linux, bash, TCP/IP, Networking, Nginx, Docker, Zabbix, Windows, AWS, DNS, Apache, VMware, Cisco, VirtualBox, CentOS, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server

9 July

DevOps 🔥 

Kharkiv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

System Administration C# / .NET SQL HTML CSS
 Python JavaScript PHP Agile JIRA Mantis PowerShell Bash Linux Android iOS Windows

C#, .NET, JavaScript, OOP, CSS, HTML, Git, SQL, Jira, Scrum, Ubuntu, TCP/IP, AWS, Docker, Windows, Kubernetes, DNS, Nginx, Linux, bash, Terraform, EC2, yaml, Ansible

I have the achievements to find different workarounds in the code. Took part in intership in GlobalLogic.

Looking for cosy company with friendly team.

8 July

Junior QA Engineer, Junior DevOps, Junior Game Designer

Kyiv · $300 · Intermediate

I have a understanding of C ++ programming languages and javascript, but as such there is no work experience. As work experience can be considered a scientific activity at the university. Testing of vibration sensors using the MatLab interpreter, as well own development a scientific project of a camera gyro-stabilizer, the same MatLab and the CAD program SOLIDWORKS are used as tools. Therefore, I have good skills in these programs.

C++, JavaScript, Manual Testing

Scientific studies at the university, namely, testing vibration sensors and the in-house development of a camera gyrostabilizer for scientific and thesis work. Also an athlete in the past, Finalist 9th FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Group Competitions 2016-03-23 Putian (CHN), what can possibly say about my character to achieve the goal.

My preference is networking and QA testing.

8 July

Системный Администратор

Kyiv · $500 · Beginner/Elementary

Работа в компании PUMA. Работал в компании 2 года и 5 месяц (02.17 – 06.19) • Работал на должности продавец-мерчендайзер, с 01.18 продавец-кассир. • Работа заключается в оформлении магазина, его внешний вид, представление текстиля по layout, работа с покупателями, так же работа с 1С на кассе, соблюдение кассовой дисциплины, заполнение книги КУРО. • Прохождения тренинга Brand Specialist, Talant Pool (успешно пройден на администратора). • С 07.18 выполняю обязанности администратора (с 03.19 Администратор-кассир). В мои обязанности входит:  Обеспечивать выполнение финансовых и операционных целей магазина;  Обеспечивать эффективную работу персонала в течение смены;  Обучение и развитие сотрудников;  Обеспечивать соблюдение высоких стандартов VM в магазине;  Поиск новых сотрудников в магазин/проведение собеседования;  Работа с финансовыми и операционными отчётами магазина. Образование: ПЭК НАУ (Промышленно-экономический колледж Национального авиационного университета). 09.10 – 06.14 Младший специалист. • Специальность: Производство и обслуживание радиоэлектронной аппаратуры. НАУ (Национально авиационный университет). • Кафедра биокибернетики и аэрокосмической медицин. Получил степень бакалавра по специальность Радиоэлектронные аппараты, получил квалификацию бакалавра радиоэлектронных аппаратов (09.14 – 06.16). • Кафедра биокибернетики и аэрокосмической медицин. Магистр (09.16 – 06.18) • Специальность: «Телекоммуникации и радиотехника» • Специализация: «Биотехнические и медицинские аппараты и системы»


7 July


Kharkiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Есть опыт поддержки дев и прод серверов, менее года. Перенос сайтов, сетап серверов, траблшутинг, настройка iptables, nginx, apache, *ftp

Linux, bash, Nginx, Zabbix, Ubuntu, CentOS, Apache

Построением нормальных рабочих отношений в команде.

Хочется развития.

7 July

DevOps engineer

Lviv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Lecturer of Cybersecurity department (cybersecurity basics, theory of risks, information security standards and protocols) Military service - experience in the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (6 years) Courses: - Introduction to Linux. Scripts on Bash (2019) - Cisco Cybersecurity essential (2019) - Information Security Camp (Eleks) (2018) - Web UI development basics (2016) - Algorithm development and analysis (2016)

English, Git, Linux, bash, TCP/IP, SQL, MySQL, Ubuntu, Python, Security, ssh

Experience in programming using Bash, Python, familiar with Linux; Good knowledge of network principles and protocols (OSI, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, SSH, Firewalls); Experience with VCS - Git and GitHub; Basic knowledge of SQL and MySQL; Understanding of international and Ukrainian information security laws/standards (ISO 27001, 27005, 27035; GDPR), good understanding of cyber security and ISMS; Understanding of BC/DR, SSDLC and OWASP best practices; Experience with Wireshark.

6 July

Разработчик C++

Remote work, Russia · $3000 ·

Linux, С++, C, ARM, AVR

3 July

System Administator/DevOps/Network Engineer/Support

Kyiv · $300 · Intermediate

I haven't any experiance in this area, but i'm always willing to lifelong learning and self-development. I'm known as really organized and disciplined person, who always ready to take responsibility for actions. I'll promise fast-learning and reliability in my possible workplace.

DHCP, Ubuntu, TCP/IP, Networking, Windows, DNS, Linux, SQL, Wireshark, MySQL, FTP, Apache, Docker, Nginx

I've finished "Basic Linux" courses recently, in addition successfully accomplished English course in Intermediate level.

I expect to get a position in a company that will contribute to my development. Wanna work on intresting projects with friendly team. Also I have a powerful motivation to gain experience and grow up with my future company.

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