B2B sales Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I'm Kate, I’m from Belarus, and recently Finance graduated. Now I'm starting my career in IT. I chose the direction of B2B sales, as my background will be a good foundation for a quick start. I identify 4 basic areas of sales Manager skills: Soft skills, Experience on leadgeneration platforms, Product understanding, and Teamwork. I will tell you more about myself below. Sales Soft skills: Negotiation, English, Training, Empathy I participated in the competition “Mediation of the Future” about mediation and business negotiations in Russian and English. Received the TESOL 150 certificate (English level C1) and DFP (French level C1). Last year, I gathered a team of 4 specialists on the offline pet project, remotely managed through Trello. Out of 5 calls, 2 deals were closed with the team. Experience working on leadgeneration platforms: Upwork, LinkedIn Basic understanding of working on Upwork and LinkedIn. Took the Udemy Advanced Upwork Profiles course and LinkedIn Marketing course. Analyzed the market of SEO vacancies, segmented and targeted it to the analyst niche. I created a LinkedIn profile for SEO analyst, and in two days I added 30 people: experts and top management of companies in the field of Digital Marketing. Conversion to connections 33% (10 people). Understanding of the product: Sites, Mobile App, SEO Attended a training course “SEO Specialist” in the Agency Seologic. I made a site on the Wix platform. Conducted on-page and off-page optimization of this site, including competitors analysis, launched ads on GoogleAds and Yandex Direct. Teamwork: Analytical mindset, Cooperation, Responsibility, Initiative In my Academy, I presented an analytical report at a conference in French. I worked as a volunteer with different types of people: from children to musicians and event partners. I often use mobile apps like Instagram, Todoist, I can explain why one app is better than another at the user level.

Sales, B2B sales, UpWork, fluent English, Negotiations, Communication Skills, B2B, Lead generation, English, Team player, Europe and USA markets, IT outsource sales, International sales, Business development, Linkedin, International Deals, It sales, Business Developement, Presentation skills, business negotiations, client communication, Analytical Skills, Marketing

14 January

Customer success manager

Kyiv · $1200 · Upper Intermediate

I have been working for 7 months as a Customer Success Lead Manager in International company, also I had worked as a Customer success manager for 5 months and as an account manager in the International company for 1 year. I have 6 years of experience in accounting, managing elementary accounting of juridical and physical persons of different types of activity and taxation systems. I worked in the public organizations in general for one year. My responsibilities included – to provide people with help who suffered during the conflict in the East of Ukraine. I finished English classes, my level is Upper-Intermediate; I also finished Pre-Intermediate business English. I know computer programs, such as: (Word, Excel, 1S: Accountant, Oblik, Internet, and Microsoft Outlook, CRM-system Sales Force, Jira). I can call myself a responsible person. I am a fast learner as well, I like developing myself, taking any chance I have for it.

Sales, Communication Skills, B2B, Account Management, Team management, Key Account management

• Building relationship with assigned customer (meetings, calls) • Onboarding and adoption (make sure that customer started to use us and help to resolve challenges that can be on first stages by arranging training or webinar) • Defining customer journey and key factors of customer experience • Providing knowledge sharing sessions for other departments and guide lines on best practices • Pricing negotiations • Opportunity discovery (use-cases\products) • Workshop and other events with customers • Handling escalations about due payments • Success Plans per customer (best customer industry trends) • Upsell and x-sell • ADT coordination. • Pricing Setup • Get referral and high response rate on surveys. • Invoicing and due days payment monitoring

I would like to develop in Customer success management.

14 January

Sales(Affiliate) Manager/Customer Relations Specialist 🔥

Kharkiv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am a Ghanaian of 27 years of age and I currently live in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I previously lived in Sumy where I had my studies in Economics and Management at Sumy State University. It is my genuine intention to produce the best of results in the sphere of sales, and also to grow in experience while there is opportunity to. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Fluent English, B2C sales, Negotiation, Presentation skills, Account Management, CRM, B2B sales, Customer service, Team Player

12 January

Разработчик C#

Kyiv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

C#, MS SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Entity Framework(Code-first), ASP.NET.

C#, ASP.NET, CSS, Entity Framework, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL

12 January

Sales Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · Upper Intermediate

My aim is to reach out to the position of Sales Manager in a reliable IT-company with a well- established company culture, ambitious targets and, of course, interesting and useful products. I never worked in IT before, but I believe that my analytical vision, sense of purpose, communication and negotiation skills should be found useful for your project. I am proud to say that my current project was born in the year 2015 as an idea to build and develop a sales team to offer the by-products of Ukrainian industrial plants and in the present time we are a worldwide known brand with a wide geography of sales from the US to Japan, and with a business contracts in Toshiba, Samsung, TSMC, Hynix, etc.

Sales, Communication Skills, Business development, B2B, English, International sales, Negotiations, Lead generation, Team management, Team player, Networking, Presentation skills, Key Account management, Project Management, Customer experience, cold colling, Sales operations

a. The 1st contract with an amount of 1 million USD b. Contract with Toshiba c. Increasing of annual revenue in 3 times during the 5 years

That's what I'm looking for: a team of inspired people fascinated by their useful and interesting product

11 January

IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $600 · Upper Intermediate

Бюджет обсуждаем. У меня пока нет опыта работы в рекрутинге, но мне бы хотелось опробовать эту сферу и стать в ней профессионалом. За плечами 2 года опыта в IT продажах, так что в разработчиках я разбираюсь и линкедином пользоваться тоже умею (хотя кого этим удивишь). Занималась разработкой партнерской сети в своей предыдущей компании, а так же аутстафом сотрудников. Работала в основном в аутсорс компаниях. Создавала и просматривала неизмеримое количество резюме :) Буду рада знакомству с новыми компаниями, новыми опытными менторами, готова изучать новую сферу

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Interviewing, Research, Communication, CV Screening, Linkedin, English, LinkedIn Search, Human Resources, HR, Interviews, headhunting, Talent acquisition, Organisation skills, Screening Resumes, Employee Relations, Team Building

По опыту продаж, собирала с минимальной помощью команду инженеров для клиента с нуля. Помогала знакомым устраиваться на работу, подготавливаться к собеседованиям (как плюс, наверное)

Размер компании не имеет большого значения. Так как сталкивалась с рекрутерами ранее, то хотелось бы в работе иметь набор ответов о компании на часто задаваемые вопросы. Налаженная связь это важно и очень помогает в работе.

11 January

Sales Manager

Kharkiv · $500 · Intermediate

Последние пол года работаю на должности Safety менеджера в международной транспортной компании. В мои обязанности входит - Оптимизация рабочего времени водителей-дальнобойщиков Северной Америки - Консультация водителей по рабочим процессам - Урегулирование конфликтных с ситуаций с водителями Считаю, что у меня есть все задатки на должность в области продаж в сфере IT. У меня подходящий уровень знания английского языка. Меня не пугает общение с иностранными клиентами. Я считаю себя достаточно харизматичным, чтоб к себе расположить собеседника. Более того, у меня пластичный ум, я готов самосовершенствоваться и подстраиваться под новые условия. Спасибо за внимание!

Sales, Communication Skills, B2B, Negotiations, It sales, English, Team player

Мне нужна компания, где я смогу раскрыть свои таланты и самореализоваться. Где я буду чувствовать что приношу пользу и являюсь важной частью команды.

10 January

Sales Manager

Lviv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Air Channel Distribution Manager December 2015 — March 2019 TICKETS.UA LLC Main responsibilities: Market analysis, monitoring competitors Pricing adjustments Providing analysis in order to obtain additional commercial conditions from the airline. Conversion analysis in sales channels Monitoring and improving sales in specific sales channels Monitoring competitors on the subject of upholding distribution rules of airlines and metasearch engines Communicating with Svyaznoy.Travel and in questions regarding sales (technical and commercial support) Making rational proposals for service improvement, increasing sales and revenue Refund Manager July 2019 - for this moment Main responsibilities: • Calculate the refund amounts • Process the refunds in GDS • Provide refunds to the customer through the payment system

Sales, B2B, Communication Skills, It sales, Negotiations, B2C, English, Business development

10 January

Junior QA Engineer

Lviv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Soft skill: Bug-tracking system: Jira Creating and executing bug reports, test cases, checklists HTML, CSS, JavaScript (basic) Database: MySQL (basic)

Jira, Manual Testing, Scrum, Agile, HTML, CSS, Quality Assurance, MySQL, Functional testing, Smoke testing

I have been working with clients from central Europe almost 2 years.

I have recently QA/QC course in Logos IT Academy finished. I'm looking for the opportunities to learn and interesting challenges related to QA. I'm ready to work on any project and evolve, because the search for bugs brings me pleasure.

9 January

intern/junior front-end developer

Odesa, Kyiv, EU · $300 · Upper Intermediate

Я - Настя, которая сама освоила основы Front-end разработки, закончив несколько онлайн курсов, и решила не останавливаться на этом. Хочу развиваться, становиться лучше и знакомиться с интересными людьми. Хочу верстать классные сайты, углубляться в программирование и дизайне.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, HTML

Самостоятельно изучила HTML, CSS В процессе освоения JS и JQuery

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