Junior QA Engineer(Trainee)

Kharkiv · $400 · Intermediate

ERP project assistant (Non-Disclosure Agreement) апр. 2017 – настоящее время

Jira, SQL, HTML, CSS, Python, Postman, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, Scrum, Quality Assurance, Automated Testing

Языки программирования: • Python среднее владение • JavaScript базовый уровень • HTML & CSS среднее владение Базы данных: • Microsoft SQL Server базовый уровень • Sqlite 3 базовый уровень Другое: • Программное обеспечение ERP • Знания Postman • Знание терминала Linux • Microsoft Office • Знания в Oracle VirtualBox Технические навыки: • Общее понимание теории тестирования программного обеспечения • Создание тестовой документации (Test Case, Bug Report, Checklist, Decision table) • Понимание клиент-серверной архитектуры • Базовые навыки мануального тестирования • Знание типов, методов и приемов тестирования программного обеспечения • Понимание моделей жизненного цикла ПО (Waterfall, Agile(Scrum))

19 August

QA engineer

Kharkiv · $300 · Pre-Intermediate

Courses: 1)SkillUp foundations testing 2)QaTestLab foundations testing Experience: Games beta testing on the "Steam" platform. Test documentation developing (Test Plan, Test Cases, Bug Report, Checklist) Understanding the life cycle of software and the life cycle of bugs; Basic knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS) Basic knowledge of SQL Elementary experience with Web Driver Selenium. Familiar with Client-Server Architecture principles, cross-browser and cross-platform testing Methodology: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, V-model Software testing levels and types Familiar with test design. Extra job: sites filling and testing (now I’m filling and testing UI and content at 2016 - up to now - universal engineer at the IT Department 2014 – 2016 – Electronics repair master (mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets) specialized in: • finding the real reason s of device faults; soldering; chip reballing; module parts’ replacement (touch screens, displays etc.); hard disk restoration; programming repair of different devices. 2012 – 2013 – OOO “ULK” (an engineer-constructor post). 2011 – ООО “LXL ” (a sale manager).

Jira, Manual Testing, Git, CSS, MySQL, Java, Selenium, SQL

I expect professional development from my work. Learn new testing tools. And I would like the team to work in Scrum.

19 August

Automation QA Engineer, software tester, test, junior, tranee, senior QA, middle QA, lead, SDET

Kharkiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I have done QA engineer courses at IT step Academy with excellent exam results. I have hard skills experience in:Foreign economic activity. Customers support. Tax optimization. Reports to investors, founders. Financial questions, Solution of conflict situations. I had worked in US in 2017- 2018 years

Jira, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium, SQL, QA team lead, Manual Testing , Automated Testing , Git, HTML, Python, Test Case, XPath, Quality Assurance , QA Automation, QA, Project Management, Scrum, CSS, JavaScript, webdriver, MySQL, Manual Testing, Agile, JSON, TestComplete, Perforce, OOP, Regression Testing, quality control, QC, Tester, API testing, Functional testing, UnitTest, unit testing, computer assembly, WebDriverIO, Front End, reinstalling OS, Microsoft Office, Basic CSS, Basic HTML, Basic SQL, Back End, Postman, Linux, API, SDET, soft skills, BDD, TDD, Cucumber, Gherkin, API Testing, Hard Skills, Soft Skills, API Testing / Postman, Checklists, Automation Testing

I had created several integration automatic tests for several websites using selenium webdriver. I'm have been working on creating a universal test suites for integration testing based on selenium Opening of a representative office in Ukraine. Doing business from the moment of company registration in Ukraine. Import products. Work with distributors.

I expect to get a job in the position of QA automation. I would like to join the team of professional`s and soulful and sociable people.

16 August

Manual QA Engineer

Lviv, Ternopіl' · $850 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

05.2018-07.2018 .Net Developer Trainee in Magnis 04.2019- present QA Engineer in Trujay Маю досвід програмування на ASP.NET На даний момент працюю в компанії яка займається міграцією даних між CRM системами

HTML, CSS, Postman, Git, REST API, SQL, Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Jira, Test Case, Testing fundamentals, Test Planning, Test Design, TestRail, Web Testing, API testing, С#, Scrum, Agile

16 August

Junior qa automation

Kyiv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Закончил курсы QA Autimation, до этого пару лет фрилансил по веб-разработке PHP+MySql. Есть понимание-знания в HTML, CSS.

Automated Testing, IntelliJ IDEA, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, Selenium, CSS, HTML, XPath, Git, Jira, Java, MySQL, SQL, TestNG, JUnit, JSON, Batch, IDEA, REST API

15 August

QA Automation Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Have more than 5 years experience in manual testing, worked with different platforms starting with e-commerce and till travel systems, i am responsible, fast learning and sociable person

Basic Java, BDD, Git, Jira, Linux, Manual Testing (QA), Selenium WebDriver, SQL, test cases, Windows, XPath, MacOS, TestNG, terminal, PageObject

looking for a part-time opportunity for junior automation engineer with more than 5 years experience as manual QA

14 August

Junior QA Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $350 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experience in mobile, desktop and web applications testing; Experience with bug-tracking systems (Jira) Experience in writing QA documentation: Check List, Test Cases, Test Plan, Test Specification, Bug report, Test summary; Understanding of QA process and QA documentation; Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); Strong understanding of bug life cycle; Understanding of software development methodologies:SCRUM ,Waterfall. Strong theoretical and practical knowledge in manual testing; Strong theoretical and practical knowledge in SQL (MySQL) Experience in creating automated tests (SeleniumWebDriver Python). Basic knowledge JS and Python

Manual Testing, Jira, Quality Assurance, Scrum, SQL, Selenium WebDriver, Web Testing, Mobile Testing, HTML, CSS, Regression Testing, Functional testing, Cross Browser Testing, Testing Documentation, Test documentation creation, Check list, MS SQL, Bug Tracking, Test Design, Git, MySQL, Manual Testing , bug-reports, Windows, Android, Agile

Technical thinking , fast studing new and hardworking

●Want work with flexible working time, underemployment or remote. Convenient Decent pay; Clear objectives and clearly formulated objectives; Possibility of advancement on a career ladder; Encouraging productive work; Convenient working schedule

14 August

Junior QA

Kyiv · $950 · Upper Intermediate

I am in stage of my first job search after successfully completed the QALight (Kyiv) Software Testing course.  I have gained experience in manual testing of desktop and WEB applications in the Jira , TestRail environment and STLC, SDLC basics.

Manual Testing, Jira, Web Testing, Functional testing, HTML, Scrum, Test Design, Selemiun WebDriver, Java + Python basics, Bug Reporting, Bug Tracking, Test Case Design

13 years of analytical work in an international teams (hotline, troubleshooting ets.; successful learning-by-doing and self-learning experience in many engineering fields; strong engineering skills.

I am looking for an interesting job with the possibility of professional grow with experienced and friendly team, I'm studying and planning to realize my abilities in automatic testing.

13 August

Automation QA Engineer

Kharkiv · $450 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

• Experience of automated testing gained from pet projects; • Experience of developing app on Java; • Teamwork experience as a scrum master. ........................................................................................................... ...........................................................................................................

Automated Testing, Java, Selenium WebDriver, Git, TestNG, Maven, JUnit, Selenide, Jenkins, TeamCity, Allure report, Cucumber

Интересные проекты, возможность роста.

12 August

Junior\Trainee QA Automation Engineer

Kharkiv · $400 · Intermediate

Basic CSS, HTML. Basic Python. Experience with: С Java core Selenium Git JUnit

Java, Git, Automated Testing, Selenium, HTML, XPath, CSS

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Неформальная обстановка. Интересные задачи.

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