Junior Python Developer

Lviv · $700 · Upper Intermediate

SoftServe IT Academy ‘4M’ web-app May-Aug, 2019 Project: micro-services web-application, which allows admin to create a survey and assign it to some group with users, so those users can fill it with their answers. Also, there is a possibility to export answers in different formats. Designed a website Implemented databases and ER diagrams of those Implemented Form Service to view, create, edit and delete surveys (Flask) Implemented front-end for Form Service (ReactJS) Dockerized a service Tested Form Service with Unittest

Python, Git, Linux, PostgreSQL, Docker, REST API, Flask, JavaScript, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, OOP, JSON, HTML, CSS, React, Jira, Bootstrap, Linear Algebra, Django REST Framework, Django, Celery, SQLAlchemy

24 January

Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Kyiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Work Experience: - Text recognizing from a document photo (OCR) The task was to create a chatbot that could recognize certain text fields in a document from a photo. As a result, my program was able to correctly recognize more than 90% of the documents from the test data set. This gave a huge leap in productivity and saved a lot of time and money for the company in which I worked. Technologies used: CNN, OpenCV OCR, Tesseract, Google Cloud, Heroku, Telegram bot API - A Sentiment Analysis of Social Media The task was to build a multi-headed a model that’s capable of detecting different types of sentiments in Russian VKontakte posts. Technologies used: CNN, RNN, Logistic Regretion, fastText, Tf-idf, Word2vec - Human Pose Estimation I build a system that can detect keypoints of human body from single image and make body segmentation. Technologies used: CNN, PoseNet, OpenCV

Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Math, scikit-learn, pandas, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Tensorflow, Keras, Matplotlib, NLP, Flask, computer vision, Tableau, Catboost, Image Processing, Python, OOP, PostgreSQL, Git, SQL

Internship Student - DataRoot University • Kyiv 2017-10 - 2018-04 Intensive Data Science trainee Program where you learn the theory needed for any full-cycle data science project development: - Python for Data Science (math & libs, python practice. tableau) - Machine Learning (supervised learning, unsupervised learning, scikit-learn) - Deep Learning (deep neural networks, computer vision (CNN), sequence models (RNN), keras, tensorflow) - Big Data & Data Storages (data mining algorithms, data storages, visualization tools) To consolidate the covered material, I took part in the Kaggle competition, where according to results I entered in the top 100.

Part-time of full time job with flexible working hours. Professional growth. Office near the metro station. Complex tasks. Small team. Ability to work remotely.

23 January

Data analyst

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Intern Data Analyst of SME risk department Raiffeisen Bank Aval (November, 2018 – May, 2019) : • Providing statistical analysis of clients' behavior and credit products • Segmentation of credit portfolio (Sybase SQL Server, Excel) • Budget forecasting - calculation of economic indicators • Data visualization - pivot tables and graphics in Excel • Preparation of monthly SME risk report (Power Point)

Python, pandas, MySQL, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel, MS Power Point, Power BI, Tableau, Data Presentation, Data Analysis, English

• Completion course “Программирование на Python” (by Bioinformatics Institute, Stepik), November, 2019 • Completion course “Data Analysis: інтенсив для початківці” (by Ciklum), June, 2019 • Participant of the Ukrainian students’ academic competition on Economic Cybernetics, April 24-26, 2019 • Completion of English Language Dynamics Course by Michael Gott International, February, 2019 • Taking part in National research and practical conference on “Innovative banking technologies and modern forms of money”, 2018 • Successfully completion of a General English Course at Upper-Intermediate level (English Language School – “SpeakWell”), January 2017

23 January

Data Scientist, Python Developer

Kharkiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Now, I'm working as a Python Developer. I wrote rest-API and asynchronous telegram bot. I participated in AI Hackathon with NLP task. I've trained the model to classify tweets on 13 classes with accuracy is 0.923. Also, I've made the Startup that allows users to index their YouTube-Podcasts in Google, Apple, Spotify in a few clicks, they don't need to write RSS feed, upload an audio track and so on. My back-end stack technologies: Python Django, Django-rest, aiohttp, aiogram, beautiful soup, youtube-dl JavaScript, jQuery, Data Science: Pandas, Sklearn, Keras Some time ago the winner of the regional codding competitions.

Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, Algorithms, Keras, PyTorch, scikit-learn, Git, PostgreSQL, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Deep Learning, Pandas, NLP, Django

Participated at "Yep! Starter" and won at regional battle startups. I've made the Startup that allows users to index their YouTube-Podcasts in Google, Apple, Spotify in a few clicks, they don't need to write RSS feed, upload an audio track and so on. Some time ago the winner of the regional algorithms competitions.

Challenging tasks, improve my skills, flexible schedule or remote work

22 January

Junior Python Developer, Data Scientist

Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Тестовый проект по семантическому анализу отзывов с созданием прототипа на Flask. Домашние проекты по построению модели на Keras и Tensorflow по классификации изображений. Домашний проект с использованием библиотеки OpenCV по распознаванию объектов на изображении

Python, Machine Learning, SQL, Deep Learning, scikit-learn, OpenCV, computer vision, Tensorflow, Keras, Git, Linux, Data Mining, Pandas, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook

Тестовый проект по семантическому анализу отзывов. Домашние проекты по классификации изображений и распознаванию объектов на изображении.

21 January

Data Scientist / Data analyst

Kyiv · $550 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I've worked as freelancer for about a half-year. Right now I'm finishing studying at KPI and want to work as a data analyst. I've experience developing bots for Telegram messenger. I used Python, python-telegram-bot, SQLAlchemy as ORM for PostgreSQL, worked with geopy. I can work with: - Python: Django/Flask(basic), pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, BeautifulSoup, lxml, regexp, geopy. - Visualization tools: matplotlib, seaborn, plotly - Databases: PostgreSQL - HTML, CSS, JavaScript - Linux, Git Also I've worked with different API's: Google API, FondyAPI, OpenWeatherAPI, VkAPI. Know how to use in practice data mining, feature extraction, feature transformation, feature selection, fit a machine learning models and choose right parameters for them. I'm developing my own project that parse, process and visualize exported data from Telegram chat. I use next tools for project: bs4 for parsing html-page that generate Telegram, pandas for processing, creating an additional features; flask for creating backend that can return data on frontend; vue.js and d3.js for visualize data on web-page. It will be as long report from your chat with plots, charts, the most used image/sticker/photo etc.

Python, Machine Learning, SQL, Data Science, pandas, Git, NumPy, scikit-learn, Jupyter Notebook, Matplotlib, numpy, Pandas, Linux, Data Mining, English

21 January

Data Scientist

Odesa · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

The indicated level of experience relates only to the area of my current interest. I have more that 3 years of previous experience developing web applications and real-time systems software (drivers and industrial scads systems). I have worked in international environment, provided technical support for pre-sales, interacted with customers and lead small teams. I have recently upgraded my skills by completing a Machine Learning with Python course, and would like to apply for an entry position in the field.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Pandas, Deep Learning, NLP, Keras, Algorithms, Tensorflow, English, Sklearn, CUDA, Python3, Analysis and research, predictive modeling

All my completed works were successes, but most of all I am proud of those that bear the scientific and creative edge. Those, that are build to stand out - to amaze and to last. The value to the customer usually follows. As an example, during my recent project on building an industrial SCADA system I have discover a hidden "under-the-hood" API method that allowed to efficiently automate populating initialization data to thousands of nodes. This, curiosity and perseverance saved us (me and customer) a couple of weeks (if not months) of tedious work.

I am looking for challenging projects, but with a clear outcome. The team size doesn't matter, I would fit in either, big or small, as along as I am given enough of inspiration and a quiet working space, where I can concentrate on my work, when needed. Just compensation for competitive performance is expected. I prefer flexible hours, while maintaining responsibility as the key. I value friendly culture with strong commitment to win, mixed with freedom to exercise personal priorities.

21 January

Data Analyst

Kyiv · $600 · Intermediate

Реализация проектных работ в R: • Регрессионный анализ • Визуализация данных • Проверка гипотез (A/B – тестирование) • Статистический анализ данных • Обработка данных • Кластерный анализ • Методы машинного обучения • Моделирования процессов • Поиск новых инструментов и методов анализа

Machine Learning, Data Science, R, Math, Algorithms, Excel

ОБЛАСТИ ЗНАНИЙ • Теория вероятности • Математическая статистика • Непараметрическая статистика • Статистика случайных процессов • Статистический анализ многомерных данных • Актуарная и финансовая математика • Статистические алгоритмы обучения • R • Excel

21 January

Data analyst

Kyiv · $750 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

July 2019 - still working Easypay. Database marketing specialist (eCommerce) • Power BI implementation and creating Power BI Reports. • requirements gathering. Definition of key product metrics. • data cleaning and preparation for analysis • statistical analysis of data • use, different methods of analysis and segmentation (regression, factoring, cluster analysis) SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS • work with the programs Power BI, Data Studio. • structuring and understanding the success of cases. September 2017- July 2019 Easypay. Account manager (eCommerce) •Communicate with clients •To lead the document circulation •Control of settlements with counterparties •Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information • work with the programs Jira,. SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS •Experience in relational database management systems MS SQL. • work with the programs Jira, Confluence. Knowledge programs: Power BI, Axure PR, MS SQL, Google Analytics, Jing, Jira, Photoshop, Microsoft Dynamics 365, bpm'online, Confluence, Data Studio, excel . EDUCATION • 2019 – courses Data Science and Machine Learning for Business Intelligence • 2018 – courses MS SQL • 2018 – courses Axure PR • 2017 – courses CRM-system Microsoft Dynamics 365 • 2017 – courses CRM-system bpm'online • 2008 – 2013. KNUCA Faculty of Management is the economy. Specialty: "Economics of the enterprise", the expert. English courses; • 2015. - 2016. Language school "Capital English" • 2011 - 2012 New York Language School. English courses, English (Intermediate) .

SQL, Analysis and research, знание основ статистики

1. Запуск нового продукта. 2. Понимание работы успешных кейсов.

21 January

Junior Python Developer

Odesa · $400 · Intermediate

Выполнял проект по анализу данных в компании Учился по курсам на степике и оф. документации. До этого занимался биоинформатикой в университете.

Python, Git, Linux, Pandas

К сожалению, пока что ничем, так как в проектах не участвовал, а прохождение курса нельзя считать чем-то из rocket science :(

Развитие в интересующей меня области.

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