Junior Android developer

Kyiv · $800 · Upper Intermediate

2 years of Java experience, 6 months experience with Android Participated in hackathons in a web category as web developer. Created guideline for students at university department as a part of educational process. Created a mobile application that solves time management problem as a diploma university project. Currently working on pet-project for tracking hydration level (water intake).

Android, Git, Gradle, MVVM, Design Patterns, OOP, Room, SQL, Clean Architecture, firebase, JUnit, Mockito, Java, XML, JSON

I expect to work on different projects with loyal people. The size of the team doesn't matter as long as we have no troubles communicating with each other. I am willing to create new products but also ready to maintain legacy code if needed.


Android Junior

St. Petersburg · $600 · Intermediate

Знаю Java Core, AndroidSDK. Знаком с Moxy, RxJava Понимаю принципы SOLID, основы Material Design. Получаю искреннее удовольствие от написания кода. Читаю профильную литературу. Умею гуглить.

Android, Java, Git, SQLite, MVP


junior java developer

Kharkiv, Kyiv · $300 · Intermediate

Я изучаю Java около двух лет, окончил курсы Java в Также ознакомлен с Spring MVC / Security, Hibernate, XML, Annotation и т. д. Продолжаю обучение самостоятельно с помощью литературы а также Youtube каналов. В процессе работы создана программа для университета ВВС.Суть офисного приложения заключается в хранении данных учащихся для университета ВВС "ХНУПС". В процессе создания приложения используются swing и awt технологии, системы контроля версий Git VCS и системы сборки Maven.Проект подключается к базе данных MySQL с помощью JDBC. 7 лет опыта работы в компании Antonov на позиции инженер-конструктор. Участвовал в разработке офисного приложения для отдела компании(сбор статистических данных, тестирование приложения).

Hibernate, Java, Maven, SQL, Git, OOP, JDBC, Tomcat, JSON, Linux, XML, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JSP, Java Core

Изучение новых технологий, структурирование полученных!

14 July

Junior Android developer

Kharkiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Java, Android SDK, Room, SQLite, Retrofit2, Dagger2, REST API, Git, Picasso, T-SQL

T-SQL, Android, Java, REST API, RxJava, .NET, WPF

Interesting projects, clear management and friendly team, flexible working hours.

14 July

Android developer

Kyiv · $400 · Intermediate

● Knowledge android platform, Android SDK ● Experience in Java,Kotlin ● Working skills with databases SQLite, Oracle SQL ● OOP ● Math, algorithms, data structures ● Git ● Multithreading ● Knowledge of HTTP,JSON,XML ● Basic UI/UX design ●Understanding: ● RxJava 2 ● Retrofit 2 ● MVP ●Dagger2 ●Room ●Realm ● English: intermediate level

Java, JSON, Android, kotlin, REST API, SQLite, Android SDK, Git, MVP, OOP/OOD, Retrofit, RXJava 2, XML, Dagger 2, Room, Realm, Multithreading

My pet project GithubProfile. Short description: This app finds your GitHub profile; You can see all the repositories of your profile; Used technology: MVP, RxJava 2, Retrofit 2, ButterKnife, Dagger 2.

I want to improve my skills in Android developing and Java in a strong team with great management and interesting people. I'd like to get the first experience that will be a good start for my career.

13 July

Android developer

Kyiv · $1200 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I started as SQL query developer at 2006 Then grove up with ActionScript (from 1.0 !) Make a career in Game Development (become Team Leader) And now (after several years in maternity-leave-study-part work-consultations) new kind of me is ready to face new challenges and adventures.

Android, Git, Java, XML, OOP, SQL, ActionScript, Unreal, Lua

I was challenged to be a Technical Team Lead of a Software engineering team. This was a team of 4 enthusiastic entry level developers. We had to work on UI and puzzles (2d mini-games inside of 3d-big one ) that were developed using the ActionScript, Unreal and Lua. The team had 10 weeks to deliver the requested features to the product owner. It required discipline, patience and mature leadership skills. I had to ensure that my team grows its technical and soft skills. From my performance tracker, I hence realized that each member’s performance improved from sprint to sprint. Growth was indeed evident from the quality of work produced, team dynamics and stakeholder satisfaction.

13 July

Junior Android developer

Kharkiv · $300 · Intermediate

Completed several projects where I applied learned features in practice. Used basic components of Android and technologies such as Retrofit, RxJava, Picasso, Realm, SQLite, Firebase. Also used MVP pattern and Dagger2. Have experience with basic Git features. Looking for opportunities as an Android Developer, where I will be able to apply and develop my skills and support growth and success of the company.

Java, Android, SQLite, REST API, JSON, Retrofit, RxJava/RxAndroid, Firebase, Realm, Gson, Picasso, MVP, Git, OOP

I expect a comfortable working environment, friendly team, opportunity to gain a lot of experience, professional growth and self-improvement, interesting projects.

12 July

Junior Java Developer

Kyiv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Projects - Server part of bookmaker service Used technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security, DMS MySQL. GitHub: yegorf/BettingService-Server - Client part of bookmaker service Used technologies: html, css, vue.js (axios, vuex, vue router) GitHub: yegorf/BettingService-WebClient

Java, OOP/OOD, Design Patterns, Vue.js, Git, SQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite, JDBC, Hibernate, Spring Data, REST, JSP, Maven, Gradle, Swing, javafx, Android SDK

Проекты на GitHub. Прошел курс CISCO по компьютерным сетям.

Размер команды или проекта не важен. Главное - чтобы работа была сложная, интересная и требовала постоянного развития.

11 July

Junior Android developer

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Projects in Unit Factory: - AI for the game of Filler in C. - Algorithmic project - ant manager, that uses breadth-first search to find the shortest way for ants (Lem-in) in C. - Virtual Machine for Command Corewar project in C. - Mini-shooter ft_retro in C++. - Project in which md5, sha256 and sha512 algorithms are implemented(ft_ssl_md5) in C. - Simple launcher with the use of design patterns in Java. - RPG Game in Java (Swingy).

Java, Design Patterns, OOP, Linux, SQLite, SQL, Git, Android, JSON, XML, Gradle, Windows, MVP, Firebase : Auth, Realtime Database, Stor, Android SDK, Firebase, Java Core

11 July

Junior .NET Developer

Kamenskoe, Dnipro · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

В коммерческом плане не разрабатывал на .NET. Обычно разрабатывал что-то для себя или с друзьями. Например, бот для Discord'а и попытка написать игровой движок на C#. Хотел бы найти работу на которой требуются знания .NET.

C#, .NET, LINQ, SQL, OOP, Design Patterns, JavaScript, Git, HTML

Разрабатывал дипломный проект за месяц не зная толком языка за короткий срок.

Приемлемая зарплата, дружелюбная команда, хорошие условия для работы и не резкое перекидывание с одного проекта в другой.

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