8 October

Junior Ruby on Rails developer 

Odesa · $1000 · Intermediate

1.Online store(Freelance): Functional: 1.AdminPanel where seller can create/edit/delete products,subproducts users and other stuff(using gem activeadmin) 2.Customers can add products to cart and make order, they can edit amount of order items. Cart using cookie for save cart history 3.Customers have search which can show products by title,category, subcategory 4.Send E-mail for the confirmation order 5.Authentification(using gem devise) Took part in : Development, support. Used techonologies: RoR,SQL,HTML,JavaScript, MaterializeCSS 2.VPN Service(Freelance): Functional: API: 1.Authentification for users by email, phone, social medias 2.Show servers 3.Optimal servers for users(by ping) 4.User can pay for the license for not free VPN servers Admin Panel: 1.Provide create/edit/delete users 2.Provide create/edit/delete servers Took part in : Development, support Used technologies: RoR API, Rspec, HTTP, SQL

HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, REST API, Ruby, Git, SQL, JSON, MVC, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, OOP, Capybara, CSS3, Ubuntu

Делал несколько Freelance проектов для разных клиентов

Front-end, мог бы заняться, но предпочитаю больше написание API на RoR.

8 October

Junior Ruby on Rails developer

USA, EU, Canada, Odesa, London, Berlin, Amsterdam · $500 · Advanced/Fluent

July-2013 - June-2019 - Software Engineer Customer: BSUIR, https://www.bsuir.by Project: BSUIR Learning Management System Team Size: dozens of people from different university divisions Project Roles: System Administrator, Automation Developer, Frontend Designer Tasks performed: • Participated in 2 major migrations of SharePoint server • Wrote numerous LMS automations in scope of user management and digital document flow • Was performing maintenance of BSUIR ILL faculty website and hardware resources • Participated in system migration to Moodle in 2019-2021 and proposed possible optimizations Environment: • Infrastructure: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server • Dev: Notepad++, Microsoft Management Console • Stack: VBScript, PowerShell, JS (ES5) *** March-2019 – June-2019 – Software Engineer Customer: EPAM Systems, https://www.epam.com/ Project: training laboratory dedicated to technology of building modern web applications within Ruby ecosystem, techniques of writing clean and maintainable code and cloud computing systems. Team Size: Dev Team: 5 members, QA Team: 1 member Project Role: Developer Tasks performed: • Developed different parts of the system for marking and sharing places on the map with Google Maps API integration • Worked on tests coverage increase up to 90% • Configured different aspects of Ruby on Rails application from the master branch initialization to final deployment Environment: • Infrastructure: PostgreSQL, Heroku • Dev: Visual Studio Code, Linux Mint 19 • Stack: Ruby 2.6.3, Ruby on Rails 5.2.3

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, JavaScript, RSpec, REST API, CSS, Linux, HTML, OOP, Bootstrap, SQL, MVC, Capybara, Heroku, Automated Testing, Agile

7 October

Junior Ruby on Rails developer

Lviv · $300 · Intermediate

Ruby Summer Course by #pivorak • Month of theory and lectures. • Month of project work with the team. • The final project for a garbage collecting and sorting company to communicate with suppliers of recycled materials.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git, RSpec, PostgreSQL, OOP, Linux, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, SQL, JSON, Capybara, REST API, SOLID, TDD, Backend

Був студентом курсів #pivorak В другій частині курсу пряцював над навчальним проектом waste sorting, де ментор кожного дня ревював наш код і давав нам нові завдання . Це дало мені великий поштовх в командній роботі, роботі з git , та сильно підняло мої скіли в веб програмуванні .

3 October

Front-end developer

Kyiv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Ruby on Rails trainee - 6 months. Looking for front-end development experience.

JavaScript, React, Redux, Git, HTML5, CSS, REST API, HTML, webpack, Bootstrap, OOP, MySQL, Docker, GIT, SOLID, JSON, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Bachelor degree of FAM, NTUU "KPI"

Want to share and receive new knowledges. Desire and wish to work in progressive company, where I can learn new and improve existing technical skills. Flexible schedule.

2 October

Junior Ruby on Rails developer

Kharkiv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

VOLUNTEERING - team's work process оrganization - team training - registration of reports and permits KHAI INNOVATE -core organization -help on stage FREELANCE -helped and worked with some small projects.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git, OOP, Redis, MacOS, Devise, RSpec, Linux, HTML, SQL, MVC

CISCO ACADEMY 2018 -IT Essentials KHAI IT-CUP 2017 -C / C # Student Programming Championship

30 September

Trainee/Junior Ruby on Rails developer

Lviv · $300 · Intermediate

No commercial experience. Had a learning project in SoftServe IT academy. Finished WebUI/Ruby developer course by SoftServe. My responsibilities were: Add ability for the user to add a picture for profile and delete it, create a CRUD for task model and add a connection between task model and project model. And write RSpec tests for models and controllers.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, Linux, HTML, RSpec, CSS, OOP, AWS, MVC, HAML

Experienced mentor

29 September


Odesa · $100 · Intermediate

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Ubuntu, HTML, git, CMS joomla, Nginx, CPR

HTML, Joomla, RoR, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ubuntu, Windows, CSS, CSS3, Git, Nginx, Apache, Redis, RSpec, TDD

Experience of creating own project, but not software

I am ready to work for free, for studying.

26 September

Junior Devepoler

Kyiv · $200 · Upper Intermediate

Hi, My name is Anton Datsenko, I'm a entry-level developer. I focused on web development using Ruby(Ruby on Rails), Python and C#. I have good knowledges of basic things - client-server architecture, HTTP protocol, good understanding of MVC pattern, have work experience with MySQL, SQLite. Unfortunately I haven't work experience on real projects but I everyday improve my skills in described technologies on "pet-projects" and I think /hat I ready to try work on real projects, even as support developer.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, REST API, OOP, JavaScript, SQL, Git, HTML, Bootstrap

I had a team with other developers. We created few cross-platform applications. Also, I created site for travelers with different opportunities.

I would like to de a backend developer. I dream about job in IT office. I want to become a master in IT. I adore coding for hours. Especially, I like to learn new technology, as it gives me more freedom for my fantasy to create something new.

26 September

Trainee/Junior Ruby on Rails developer

Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

RESTful CRM-система для крюинговой компании (фриланс). Ruby on Rails 4, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Bootstrap Исходники по запросу. В команде было всего два человека и строго коммерческого опыта работы в компании нет. Есть базовые знания front стека. Так же заинтересован в любых internship программах.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Git, JavaScript, REST API, JSON, OOP, Agile, MVC, Linux

26 September

Розробник Ruby on Rails

Lviv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Have been working as a backend/full-stack developer on projects based on Ruby and Ruby on Rails technologies.I have 6 months of work experience at the firm and before that I was engaged in commercial freelance projects

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, RSpec, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JSON, Ubuntu, HTML5, Heroku, Postman

I am strong self-disciplined and willing to improve my skills constantly!

Looking for an opportunity to take part in interesting project, learn new technologies and become a part of experienced team.

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