Python Developer

Kyiv · $950 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I’m working as freelancer and learning next technology: * Start work with Django framework and with MySQL, PostgreSQL, * TDD: Writing Django Units Test, Selenium WebDriver for Functional Tests, From 2018 using Jira, GitLab CI, Bitbucket, CodeShip,Heroku, AWS... At 2017 Develop SW for OS Linux with GUI used GTK+, Glib From 2017 was exploring real time tasks at Linux It's my main stack of skills: + Django with Selenium last 6 months + Python 2\3 scripts last 2 yy. + C POSIX\Linux system programing 3 yy. + Modern C++ about 1 month I have over heap skills: + CMake, linux-autotools, make, bash; + GDB, cross-compilation gcc, QEMU simulator, used Eclipse or Qt-creater + Debugging {debugger, logic analyzer and oscilloscope, ...}

C, Linux, Embedded, OpenCV, C++, ROS, Python, Django, Git, Qt

- New exploring for Python and modern C++ - Unit-testing: gtest and TDD Python\Django - English {continuous learning: quiq read slow write, but have not speaking else}: + read books, tutorial, API + write markdown note for my self + like online study ROS, OpenCV

+ Good practices + Interesting project + Professionals Team


Python Developer

Chernivtsi, Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Work with web crawlers and multi-step data gathering and visualization processes, D3.js library usage to do basic data visualization. • SQL, basic database design for storing data as part of a multi-step data gathering, analysis, processing. • Parsing, traversing, sorting, Web scraping with BS4. Access data using web APIs, web protocols, sockets. • XML and JSON. • Use of the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, tuples also variables and expressions, conditional execution (loops, branching, and try/except), functions, to perform increasingly complex data analysis, manipulating files.

Python, Git, Django, REST API, SQL, OOP, JSON, HTML5, Big Data, Linux, CSS, Pandas


Intern/Junior Data Scientist

Kyiv · $300 · Upper Intermediate

I am a student of Institute for Applied System Analysis, KPI. During past three years at university I studied Math Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Statistics. Aslo I participated in several ML courses such as Udscourse and AISaturdays course, completed Machine Learning Crash Course by Google, SoloLearn courses on SQL and Python. I have experience with python(jupyter, numpy, pandas), SQL(MySQL) and basic ML algorithms. Currently seeking a part time job(20h/w) to continue growing in the areas of ML and DS and to begin implementing my knowledge in real projects.

Machine Learning, Data Science, Math, Python, pandas, numpy, SQL, Git, English, Jupyter Notebook, Linux, Statistcs, Probability Theory

Udscourse Google ML course Participant of Megogo Kaggle Challenge 2019 (recommender system) Pet Projects: Basic Chess Interface (C++), Musical Tuner/Metronome (Java)

I hope to find an interesting project that would allow me to grow professionally as well as dedicated people with whom I will be able to reach my best perfomance.


Junior QA Engineer(Python) remote

Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

MySQL - 1,5 года, средний, использую в текущее время, VBA(Excel) - 1,5 год, средний, использую в текущее время, Python - 8мес. средний использую в текущее время, Selenium(webdriver) - 6мес. использую в текущее время, JIRA - использую в текущее время, HTML - уровень понимания CSS - уровень понимания Postman - могу создать тесты к простым GET/POST(raw json) запросам PHP - 0,5 года, начальный, не использую в текущее время, Yii2 - 0,5 года, начальный, не использую в текущее время, Опыт работы Текущее время – технический специалист / Junior QA - заносить баги в JIRA, - проводить подтверждающее тестирование после исправления багов, - проводить приемочное тестирование модулей для UI контент отдела, - написание скриптов для обработки данных(Python), - написание автоматических тестов с помощью Selenium Webdriver(Python), - написание парсеров для сбора информации с сайта(Selenium Webdriver), - написание SQL запросов для сбора статистики, - написание и поддержка системы макросов в excel(vba) для автоматической обработки группы файлов; - технически консультировать при разработке новой функциональности, Честный, ответственный, упорный, коммуникабельный, большое желание развиваться, быстро учусь.

Selenium WebDriver, Python, Selenium, Jira, Postman, REST API testing, Automated Testing, Manual Testing, HTML, CSS


Python/Django developer

Kyiv · $250 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Python/Django less then a year; looking forward to improve my python and django knowledge in a real projects(also i would like to be more then just a python or django developer, looking forward to learn more instruments); currently working on my master's degree diploma which related with blockchain and smart-contracts.

Python, Django

Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, Poltava National Technical University; Looking for an opportunity to become trainee or junior developer to master my skills. I'm 22 y.o., and im very shy and nervious. And i'm sorry for that. :)


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Intermediate

I work in National Police 2 years, At IT I have not any work-experience I have six months of self-development web application development in python django I made web-shop for tasks, and so on.

Python, Django, HTML/CSS

I has succesful completed the Main Academy course "Python Development Basics"

I want to work as a python Django developer, develop the server side of the site


Junior backend Python Django Deveveloper

Uzhgorod, London, EU, USA, Canada, Kyiv, Lviv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I have seven months of self-development web application development in python django I made blogs, websites for tasks, and so on. I want to work as a python Django developer, develop the server side of the site

Python, Git, Django, Linux, PostgreSQL

I read five books on programming, created many sites myself, received certificates in python, JavaScript, HTML, c ++

work full time so that everything at work is good, friendly team, so I work Python Django Deveveloper


Python Developer

Kyiv · $1000 · Pre-Intermediate

фриланс последние пару лет скрипты, мини сайты, боты разнообразный опыт помимо Python - Make Web-controls for autodrone with video-streaming - Help in assembling the CNC laser (installation wiring and a little help in assembling the machine body) - Development and programming of a control element based on a touchscreen and a microcontroller for an industrial water purification system. In progress. - Make desktop software on Rad Studio. Insultech. The program calculates the correct dose of insulin per day - Create monitoring system for miner servers. (Python/Flask/jQuery) - Maintenance mining servers (install, deploy, support, etc)

Python, CSS, HTML, Flask, Linux

- хочу вновь хотеть программировать - адекватный не токсичный коллектив


Data Scientist, Research Scientist, Machine learning engineer

Kyiv · $900 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Senior student towards a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics. Previously participated in few Kaggle competitions, like Quora Insincere Questions Classification, Severstal: Steel Defect Detection, Instant Gratification, and few others. And became the Kaggle Competition Expert. During this summer I have attended Lviv Data Science Summer School where we have obtained some hands-on experience with Optical Character Recognition for Ukrainian and Russian Languages. And Rails Reactor Summer School where I have obtained some experience in data acquisition and machine learning models deployment.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, pandas, scikit-learn, Math, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Keras, NLP, Algorithms, numpy, Tensorflow, Pandas, English, PyTorch, PostgreSQL, computer vision, Data Analisys, Text Mining, Math Statistics, Data Mining, MySQL, SQL, Git

Kaggle Competition Expert: 59th (top 2%) - Quora Insincere Questions Classification (solo) 99th (top 5%) - Severstal: Steel Defect Detection ( team) 277th (top 16%) - Instant Gratification (solo)


QA engineer

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Skills: * Good knowledge of Python and web development frameworks as Django and Flask, Django REST, etc.; * Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS; * Good knowledge of HTTP/HTTPS; * Good knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases; * Good knowledge of REST Api (was implementing RESTful API by myself with Python and Django); * Basic knowledge of QA methodologies, SCRUM/AGILE, SDLC, etc.; WORK EXPERIENCE: Sales Engineer 2018-2019 Responsibilities were to help our sales team, to manage and fix our corporate website, testing of our network devices. =========== Social Marketing Manager 2017 - 2018 On this position i was managing Facebook page for our company. My responsibilities were to create content, to increase numbers of fans and also making a lot of giveaways for our Facebook fans.

Scrum, Web Testing, SQL, Agile, Postman, HTML, Git, CSS, API testing, JSON, Selenium WebDriver, Jira, Web Development, GitLab, OOP/OOD, API, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, REST API, Quality Assurance, API Testing / Postman

* Involvement in a big telecommunication project of changing firmware of more than 6000+ pieces of network devices; * Python web-store application on Django from scratch; * Some other Python projects;

I am ready to work hard for QA Manual position at first, but later i want to move myself into Automation QA with Python.

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