28 November

Android Software Engineer (Senior), Team Lead 🔥

Kharkiv · $3300 · Intermediate

I have a solid background in creating complex Architectural solutions for mobile apps for Insurance, Banking, Entertainment, Telemedicine, etc. Working with a different size Agile team and a multination distributed team for a broad (Zurich). ACTIVITIES: -Develope, enhance, and debug software applications that support external clients as well as internal business units or supporting functions; -Implemented and tested core components; -Bug fixing and improving application performance; -Unit-testing code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability; -Interface with internal/external development teams from a technical and design perspective; -Research application acceptance and solicited feedback from users to boost adoption rates; -Designing and developing advanced applications for the Android platform TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES: Android Studio Android SDK Eclipse XML HTML JSON HTTP XMPP SQL NoSQL Multithreads Java RxJava(1)2 Retrolambda RxBinding Retrofit Dagger2 AdsMob GCM/FCM Adobe Photoshop CS Game Development Box2D LibGDX Glide Google Map API ENGLISH: Upper-Intermediate

Android SDK, Java Core, MySQL, OOP/OOD, REST API, MVVM, MVP, JSON, Retrofit, Gradle, Firebase Analytics, Mobile Architecture, Flutter, KotIin, Swift, JAVA

Working with teams passionate about technologies and software products; Chance working with the latest modern technologies; Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills.

7 November

Project Manager

Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I'm Team Lead now with QA background. - Experience in managing team of 3 people. - Lead 3 project in one time (different development teams). - Experience in mobile application development. - Strong understanding of SDLC. - Strong understanding of Agile Methodology. - Experience in risk and labor assessment. - Experience in time estimating and planning. - Experience in working with Jira and Confluence, Trello. - Intermediate English, with good communication and reporting skills. I have experience of working with remote team and in the office, that’s why I can solve problems with each team member. I know how to work with a project, where the requirements are frequently changed. I can review requirements in a short time and prepare clear user stories.

Project Management, Agile, Jira, Team management, Kanban, English, Risk management, trello, Confluence, SQL, Manual Testing, Remote team management, Mobile Testing, Redmine, Charles, SDLC, Communication, coaching/mentoring, User Stories, Figma

4 November


Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada · $6000 · Intermediate

- Entrepreneurial software strategist with 15 years of experience driving thought leadership while consistently executing innovation software projects. I am сombine my technical background and entrepreneurship experience for providing Full cycle from business idea to the sale of the final product. - Managerial experience, including direct management and leadership of R&D teams in different types of organizations (Startup, Product, Outsourcing, Enterprise). - I have experience bringing up the product development process from POC and MVP to scaled-up product level as well as provide software development process as a service. - Have successful experience of the team hiring from scratch and further management, teams up to 30 people (personally interviewed: Architect, Java, JS, PHP, OracleDB, UI/UX, DevOps, QA, QA automation, BA, PM, general marketing). - Multiple successful startups in area Telecom/Security/AI/Blockchain/IoT and globally deployed products, systems analysis, software architecture/design, development management, and hands-on implementation. Two startups raised Seed A 1.5m USD.

Product management, Product Development , AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, Telecom, Cyber Security, Web Development, Mobile Development, Project Management, Highload, Design Patterns, Scrum, Agile, Jira, AWS, JavaScript, MySQL, REST API, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, PHP, Node.js, Java, C/C++, Virtualization, Big Data, Mentor

- Digital Smart Home System. WEB/IOS/Android App. Integration with M-BUS counters, Security system Ajax Systems, iPay, scenarios for controlling light, electricity, convector. - Blockchain Charge Sharing - electricity metering for a network of electric vehicles based on Public Ethereum. Mobile application (iOS, Android) based on React Native. Utility release of the ERC20 token for internal transactions. - Gen2 Hybrid Cloud. Manage virtual racks of virtual equipment: servers, disk arrays, routers, etc. Touch UI Center Management, Templates, Virtual Servers, Server Groups, Virtual Disk Array, Router/Firewall, VPN, Integrated DNS. - Mobile IOS/Android App for managing Business Centers. Functionality: bookings, payments, and member management, Integration with U-Proxy, iPay, Google Nest. - System for Troubleshooting network equipment for a telecom operator. Equipment: PE, CMTS, DOCSIS, Ethernet, CPE. - Internet Routing Traffic AI Platform to optimize the inbound/outbound BGP. Functionality: Optimize your Traffic Routing, Automate BGP Network Management, Bypass Congestion and Outages, Minimize Latency and Packet Loss, Monitor and Troubleshoot your BGP Network, Leverage Network Bandwidth Cost. - DDoS protection system for a telecom operator. Functionality: Protections Flood/Fragmentation/TCP Stack Attacks, Clustering, Support flowspec, System supports any cloud services.

Global Product Development Company. Development of innovative products that change the world.

25 October

Architect / R&D

Kyiv · $8000 · Advanced/Fluent

An experienced IT technical lead with strong architectural and Java development skills who is able to move project to the right direction and achieve business goals. Worked as stream lead and architect for several outsourcing companies. I have experience in such domains like embedded real time systems, healthcare, supply chain, investment banking,IoT. Have the experience of migration large monoliths into micro / nano service oriented architecture with main focus on business needs. Able to build a team and set up flexible processes of delivery all parts of a project (even on daily basis) including code, infrastructure, benchmarks, auto tests.

Git, Linux, REST API, MySQL, Agile, Jira, Docker, Scrum, MongoDB, AWS, PostgreSQL, SQL, OOP, Redis, Design Patterns, Jenkins, Microservices, Java, Kanban, Multithreading, Virtualization, Architect, XP, SDLC, Neo4j, BigData, Data modeling, Google Guava, Architectural design, Continuous Integration, continuous delivery, HBase, Spring, Assembler, SOLID, Oracle, RabbitMQ, Profiling, Realtime, GCP, Cloud Architecture

Almost 17 years of practical experience in software development, leadership and coaching. Successfully delivered a lot of ETL, ELT, Data Transformation, Data Analysis and Big Data projects. Made audit and architectural redesign and for number of existed software systems. Reduced cost of software development and ownership by clarifications of business requirements, cutting edge solutions, balanced cloud/on premise infrastructure.

I'd like to join a team of professionals to help achieving goals

11 October

Team Lead

EU · $3000 · Intermediate

JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS),CSS, C#, ASP NET MVC, WEB API, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, SQL, LINQ, NHibernate, SPA


Большой опыт работы с высоконагруженными и крупными проектами, где неверное решение может повлечь за собой серьезные последствия. Есть многолетний опыт в управлении отдела разработки, где так же параллельно участвовал в разработке. В свободное время занимаюсь самообучением и помогаю знакомым с их собственными проектами. Моя слабая сторона, это - английский. Разговорным английским не владею, но могу читать литературу и участвовать в переписке.