Junior Python Developer 

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

1) 01.07.2019 - 01.08.2019 (one month), Python Developer, console application. Work with: Google Sheets API, Google Cloud Storage API, Google Cloud Speech-to-text Recognize, JSON, basic os, requests. 2) 01.08.2019 - 20.09.2019, School Python Developers, back-end part. Work with: Google Sheets API, PythonTelegramBot API, Flask framework. 3) 16.09.2019 - (in process...) (~), Junior Python Django Developer, Intersog. 4) Udemy courses: - Fundamentals of programing using Python3. - Flask tutorial Step by Step. - React JS (in process...) - AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework

Python, Git, Flask, JSON, Telegram Bots, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Heroku, REST API, SQL, Django, Docker, Ubuntu, Amazon AWS, aws lambda, PostgreSQL, Jenkins

Djinni tell me "must have", so... Books: - Miguel Grinberg "Flask Web Development" - Eric Matthes "Python Crash Course. A Hand-On, Project-based Introduction to Programming"

Work in company with great people, free (preferably) schedule, ice tea and cookies. Seriously I want to introduce smth new, work with interesting project that benefit people around us.

15 November

Intern Software Developer

Kyiv · $300 · Upper Intermediate

I am a university student, so I am mostly looking for an internship or, possibly, a remote position. However, I do not entirely exclude the possibility of full-time. I have already had one summer internship that lasted for three months, and it was a brilliant experience. Here I did various NLP tasks, such as language detection, and case correction using neural networks. Currently, I work as a programming & math tutor. I prepare my student for olympiads (and have experience in competitive programming myself), do various projects with them such as simple games. I have also visited several courses on topics that interest me - deep learning, computer vision and others.

Java, Linux, XML, Git, OOP, C/C++, C++, Python, Algorithms, HTML/CSS, HTML, Data Structures, Qt, Data Science, Machine Learning, Math, NumPy, Deep Learning, Jupyter Notebook, pandas, Keras, Matplotlib, NLP, numpy, English, Pandas, computer vision

I have won several programming contests, can solve hard algorithmic problems, and on all the courses I have visited, I was one of the few students who do their homework. Also, I have been told that I write brilliant documentation.

Python, Java, C/C++ are all good to me. I am interested in various science-related projects (be it math, NLP, data science, or maybe even science-/medicine-/biology-related). I am not interested in web/front-end.

15 November

Trainee/Junior ML/DS/Python Developer

Kyiv, Lviv · $350 · Intermediate

Опыта работы нет. Был полукоммерческий проект по написанию чат ботов для сообществ Вконтакте. Используемые технологии: Python/Django, MongoDB, redis. Для тестовых заданий изучал различные фреймворки (Django/Pyramid/RoR). Есть базовые навыки в направлении ML/DS, участие в соревнованиях на Kaggle.

Python, Machine Learning, Math, SQL, pandas, scikit-learn

Ищу первую работу для развития своих навыков. Желательно с ментором.

14 November

Data Scientist

Kyiv · $300 · Intermediate

Студент 3-го курса, собственных проектов не разрабатывал, за плечами курсовые, лабораторные и решение разного рода задач. Занимаюсь самообразованием в области машинное обучение и анализ данных, проходя курсы на платформе Coursera и чтением профильных книг. На данный момент обрабатываю датасеты на платформе Kaggle, применяя обретенные теоретические знания. Имеются следующие навыки: - предобработка данных; - визуализация данных; - знание и понимание базовых алгоритмов машинного обучения; - ООП; - HTML/CSS; - мат. анализ/мат. статистика и теория вероятности/линейная алгебра и аналитическая геометрия/дискретная математика.

Python, PostgreSQL, Git, SQL

13 November

Python Developer

Kharkiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have a bachelor degree in software engineering. I developed a few client-server Python applications by myself using Flask and Pyramid frameworks. I worked at the office as a junior Python developer.

Python, PostgreSQL, REST API, SQL, Pyramid, Flask, Linux, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, NodeJS, Git

Development of a application which predicts the waiting time for flight boarding using SVM learning model. Development of a client-server application for the aggregation of educational online courses.

I want to solve interesting problems and work with a friendly team.

12 November

Data Scientist

Kyiv · $450 · Upper Intermediate

I am a student of Institute of applied math in KPI, I have studied such useful subjects as Math analysis, Linear algebra, Probability Theory, Statistics, Methods of optimization, Numerical methods and have good understanding of them. I have finished online course in Machine learning on coursera provided by Stanford. Programming skills: Python(pandas,numpy, mathplotlib, scikit-learn, seaborn), SQL(PL/SQL), Git. I have learned all basic DS/ML algorithms like Neural Networks, Naive Bayes, Random Forest, SVM, Decision Tree, PCA, Dimensionality reduction and others and have excellent understanding of their background. I hope, I can be useful for your company and really appreciate the opportunity, that will be given for me.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Math, pandas, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Git, SQL

12 November

Intern/Junior Data Scientist

Kyiv · $300 · Upper Intermediate

I am a student of Institute for Applied System Analysis, KPI. During past three years at university I studied Math Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Statistics. Aslo I participated in several ML courses such as Udscourse and AISaturdays course, completed Machine Learning Crash Course by Google, SoloLearn courses on SQL and Python. I have experience with python(jupyter, numpy, pandas), SQL(MySQL) and basic ML algorithms. Currently seeking a part time job(20h/w) to continue growing in the areas of ML and DS and to begin implementing my knowledge in real projects.

Machine Learning, Data Science, Math, Python, pandas, numpy, SQL, Git, English, Jupyter Notebook, Linux, Statistcs, Probability Theory

Udscourse Google ML course Participant of Megogo Kaggle Challenge 2019 (recommender system) Pet Projects: Basic Chess Interface (C++), Musical Tuner/Metronome (Java)

I hope to find an interesting project that would allow me to grow professionally as well as dedicated people with whom I will be able to reach my best perfomance.

11 November

Data analyst

Kyiv · $750 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

July 2019 - still working Easypay. Database marketing specialist (eCommerce) • Power BI implementation and creating Power BI Reports. • requirements gathering. Definition of key product metrics. • data cleaning and preparation for analysis • statistical analysis of data • use, different methods of analysis and segmentation (regression, factoring, cluster analysis) SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS • work with the programs Power BI, Data Studio. • structuring and understanding the success of cases. September 2017- July 2019 Easypay. Account manager (eCommerce) •Communicate with clients •To lead the document circulation •Control of settlements with counterparties •Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information • work with the programs Jira,. SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS •Experience in relational database management systems MS SQL. • work with the programs Jira, Confluence. Knowledge programs: Power BI, Axure PR, MS SQL, Google Analytics, Jing, Jira, Photoshop, Microsoft Dynamics 365, bpm'online, Confluence, Data Studio, excel . EDUCATION • 2019 – courses Data Science and Machine Learning for Business Intelligence • 2018 – courses MS SQL • 2018 – courses Axure PR • 2017 – courses CRM-system Microsoft Dynamics 365 • 2017 – courses CRM-system bpm'online • 2008 – 2013. KNUCA Faculty of Management is the economy. Specialty: "Economics of the enterprise", the expert. English courses; • 2015. - 2016. Language school "Capital English" • 2011 - 2012 New York Language School. English courses, English (Intermediate) .

SQL, Analysis and research, знание основ статистики

1. Запуск нового продукта. 2. Понимание работы успешных кейсов.

11 November

Data Scientist, Research Scientist, Machine learning engineer

Kyiv · $900 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Senior student towards a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics. Previously participated in few Kaggle competitions, like Quora Insincere Questions Classification, Severstal: Steel Defect Detection, Instant Gratification, and few others. And became the Kaggle Competition Expert. During this summer I have attended Lviv Data Science Summer School where we have obtained some hands-on experience with Optical Character Recognition for Ukrainian and Russian Languages. And Rails Reactor Summer School where I have obtained some experience in data acquisition and machine learning models deployment.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, pandas, scikit-learn, Math, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Keras, NLP, Algorithms, numpy, Tensorflow, Pandas, English, PyTorch, PostgreSQL, computer vision, Data Analisys, Text Mining, Math Statistics, Data Mining, MySQL, SQL, Git

Kaggle Competition Expert: 59th (top 2%) - Quora Insincere Questions Classification (solo) 99th (top 5%) - Severstal: Steel Defect Detection ( team) 277th (top 16%) - Instant Gratification (solo)

11 November

Data Scientist

Vinnitsia, Kyiv · $1200 · Intermediate

Я очень заинтересована в работе, связанной с обработкой и анализом данных. Мне нравятся любые задачи, где я могу применить свои знания в математике, статистике и анализе. Желаю развиваться и пополнять багаж своих знаний и навыков.

Python, Data Science, Math, R, Linux, SQL, Git, Data Science in Python

На данный момент я работаю над математическим проектом, посвященным изучению такого объекта как струна (можно также назвать это теорией струн). Моя задача заключается в построении конкретных моделей струн на основе общей теории, изучении их дополнительных свойств и нахождении систем, которые описывают движения этих струн. Проект будет представлен на одной из математических конференций осенью 2019 года.

Моя мечта - это работа, соединяющая в себе программирование и математику.

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