Data Scientist

Remote work, United States · $2000 · Advanced/Fluent

I am an English native speaker, looking for work in a collaborative professional environment with room to develop. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in data analytics and have academic experience building classification and regression machine learning models and utilizing a variety of data science algorithms. Some of my completed projects are a model for predicting whether a flight will have empty seats using pandas and PySpark and I am currently working on training a model for article classification. Furthermore, I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics which allows deep understanding of the underpinnings of data science.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, SQL, Math, pandas, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Algorithms, English, Pandas, Tableau, Statistics, Excel, Bayesian Inference, Unsupervised Learning, R Language, Communication Skills, Agile, MySQL

I am proud to have a bachelor's in mathematics from an American university which I believe showcases and helped to develop a strong capacity for understanding logical structures, such as those found in data science. I am also particularly proud of a project where I was tasked with creating visualizations of a data tree model to predict customer purchase trends.

I would like to work in a supportive environment with room for collaboration and development. I would prefer to work in an Agile team. As someone who is pre-intermediate in Russian, I would benefit from working in an environment with many colleagues who can speak English.


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $450 · Upper Intermediate

Student of FICT (Igor Sikorsky's KPI). 2.5 years of coding in Python. 1 year of practicing neural networks. Want to find a job for gaining more experience and learning new useful skills.

Python, MySQL, Keras, TensorFlow, pandas, NumPy, Algorithms, Jupyter Notebook, numpy, scikit-learn, Math

Working pet project based on face verification. Successfully completed certification test of the Samsung R&D.


Trainee Data Scientist

Kharkiv · $300 · Intermediate

Не имею опыта работы, в данный момент студент университета, специальность - Компьютерные науки. Хочу развиваться в направлении Data Science, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, получая максимум опыта и знаний на реальных проектах.

мат. статистики, линейной алгебры, ООП, C++/Python. , Базы данных, теории вероятностей

Участие в марафоне по написанию системы распознавания символов переработки на упаковке.

Интересные проекты, возможность учиться или даже иметь опытного ментора.


Data Scientist, Data Analyst

Kyiv · $700 · Advanced/Fluent

I have a bachelor degree in pure mathematics, in six month I'll have a master degree. 6 years teaching math as a tutor. 6 years studying math, including math statisitcs and probability theory, did a lot of laboratory works. Very interested in Data Science projects. Passed a courses on Coursera platform, such as Python for Data science, Data Analysis with Python, Databases and SQL for Data Science, Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel. I did a project to predict the price of a car, used linear regression, multiple linear regression and polynomial regression, model evaluation using visualization, ridge regression and so on. More information you can find on my CV.

Python, Data Science, SQL, NumPy, pandas, Math, Pandas, Matplotlib, Algorithms, R, Databases, Statistcs, scikit-learn, Jupyter Notebook, numpy, Statistics, R-Studio


Data Engineer

Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Data Engineering experience - 7 months: Creating and setting up data pipeline for ML solution for pricing optimization. ETL, DDl, DML, collecting some analytics and metrics.

SQL, BigQuery, Google BigQuery, Python, Git, Jira, Confluence, Data Engineering, ETL

1. Created parameterized SQL scripts to collect analytics and business metrics, such as applied recommendations, calculating the impact of our decision on client revenue and sales. It was widely used by customer facing and customer success teams. 2. Created and supported automatic data pipeline tests, for Entry (raw client data) and our processed data. Significantly simplified and accelerated QA process. 3. Adapted dataset and whole pipeline for RNN (recurrent neural network). 4. Uncountable amount of features, fixes, optimizations, performance and speed improvements, etc.

- Gaining more experience - Interesting projects - Improvement of my skills and getting new - Working with good team - Improvement of existing knowledge

16 January

Data Scientist

Lviv · $350 · Upper Intermediate

Projects on freelance Course on Erasmus+: Image Recognition Systems Course on Erasmus+:Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course on Erasmus+:Languages and Programming Paradigms Volunteer in AIESEC

Python, PostgreSQL, SQL, Pandas, BigData

I was Erasmus student also i had been volunteer in AIESEC. Tried myself in university government.

I am waiting for a new experience in data science and also it could be data engineering

15 January

Trainee/Junior ML/DS/Python Developer

Kyiv, Lviv · $350 · Intermediate

Опыта работы нет. Был полукоммерческий проект по написанию чат ботов для сообществ Вконтакте. Используемые технологии: Python/Django, MongoDB, redis. Для тестовых заданий изучал различные фреймворки (Django/Pyramid/RoR). Есть базовые навыки в направлении ML/DS, участие в соревнованиях на Kaggle.

Python, Machine Learning, Math, SQL, pandas, scikit-learn

Ищу первую работу для развития своих навыков. Желательно с ментором.

15 January

Junior Python Developer 

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

1) 01.07.2019 - 01.08.2019 (one month), Python Developer, console application. Work with: Google Sheets API, Google Cloud Storage API, Google Cloud Speech-to-text Recognize, JSON, basic os, requests. 2) 01.08.2019 - 20.09.2019, School Python Developers, back-end part. Work with: Google Sheets API, PythonTelegramBot API, Flask framework. 3) 16.09.2019 - (in process...) (~), Junior Python Django Developer, Intersog. Work on CRM-system. 4) Udemy courses: - Fundamentals of programing using Python3. - Flask tutorial Step by Step. - React JS (in process...) - AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework

Python, Git, Flask, JSON, Telegram Bots, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Heroku, REST API, SQL, Django, Docker, Ubuntu, Amazon AWS, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Celery, MongoDB, AsyncIO, Redis, OOP, Jira, Django REST Framework

Djinni tell me "must have", so... Books: - Miguel Grinberg "Flask Web Development" - Eric Matthes "Python Crash Course. A Hand-On, Project-based Introduction to Programming"

Work in company with great people, free (preferably) schedule, ice tea and cookies. Seriously I want to introduce smth new, work with interesting project that benefit people around us.

15 January

Deep / Machine Learning Engineer

Kyiv · $700 · Upper Intermediate

Hello! I am a big enthusiast in the Machine & Deep Learning field. I want to help you find a solution that finds a solution to the problem you are facing. Experience(or projects that I've done): - Using OpenCV with pre-trained CAFFE models to solve object detection classification on COCO, YOLO datasets. Currently, working on hand keypoint detection graduate work in university; - I had experience in building a telegram bot for recognizing a user's image with pre-trained ImageNet weights, namely the Xception model; - Worked from scratch with Tiny ImageNet dataset which consists of 200 classes for classification; - Took part on Hackathon where the main task was to create a virtual assistant that can give useful information for the user and get good revenue form that; - I had experience with a real task that was provided by a mobile operator from my county. The goal was to classify 30k+ users whether or not they will change the tariff plan; - Telegram bots development. Skills: • Python(Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib); • Tensorflow, Keras(DNNs, ConvNets); • OpenCV; • Data Mining; • MySQL; • Telegram API;

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Jupyter Notebook, MySQL

Self-taught ML and Python from scratch

Looking for interestig projects that can help me to become more competent in my field activity.

14 January

Data Scientist

Kyiv · $300 · Intermediate

Студент 3-го курса, собственных проектов не разрабатывал, за плечами курсовые, лабораторные и решение разного рода задач. Занимаюсь самообразованием в области машинное обучение и анализ данных, проходя курсы на платформе Coursera и чтением профильных книг. На данный момент обрабатываю датасеты на платформе Kaggle, применяя обретенные теоретические знания. Имеются следующие навыки: - предобработка данных; - визуализация данных; - знание и понимание базовых алгоритмов машинного обучения; - ООП; - HTML/CSS; - мат. анализ/мат. статистика и теория вероятности/линейная алгебра и аналитическая геометрия/дискретная математика.

Python, PostgreSQL, Git, SQL

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