iOS Developer 

kharkiv, Ukraine · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Swift Foundation , UIKit, CoreData, CocoaPods , JSON ,Storyboard , Cocoa Pods, Collection Views , Alamofire , GIT , VIPER

Git, Swift, UIKit, Xcode, Foundation, JSON, Networking, OOP/OOD, MVC, SQLite, VIPER, Cocoa Pods

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Офис возле метро , неформальная обстановка , хороший кофе.

18 April

Trainee/Junior iOS Developer

kyiv, Ukraine · $350 · Upper Intermediate

I'm a student and all my free time I try to spend for learning software and applications development for Apple mobile devices. Also, my brother is a skilled iOS developer and he gives me different iOS app projects to improve my skill in work. All in all, I'm always willing to learn and I want to gain practical experience of work.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, Git, UIKit, MVC, CoreData, Autolayout, JSON, xcode Instruments, MVVM, SOLID, REST API

Не интересует только QA, тестирование.

18 April

Trainee iOS developer

kiev, l'vov · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Have experience in creating mobile applications IOS, X-Code,Objective-C,Swift,Experience of programming iPhone SDK. Experience with mapKit,core location, Core Data, AFNetworking Networking REST,JSON, Git, Work with iTunes Connect and Apple Developer account

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, Objective-C, CoreData, MVC, Cocoa Touch, CoreLocation, MapKit, Storyboards, iPhone, ipad, JSON, OOP

Interesting tasks, solving interesting problems.Participation in startups.

18 April

Junior iOS Developer

odessa, Ukraine · $350 · Upper Intermediate

Frameworks and libraries: • iOS SDK, mobile application architecture patterns; • CocoaPods dependency manager; • UIKit, MapKit, Foundation Kit, UIKit, Storyboards, Auto Layout; • CoreData, CoreML; • Firebase. Knowledge and practical skills: • good knowledge and understanding of OOP principles; • understanding of SOLID principles; • basic knowledge of multithreading concepts; • good knowledge of MVC-family patterns; • experience with building RESTful APis; • UML diagram creation to aid during design stage; • basic experience with git, knowledge of gitflow methodology; 
 • experience with various IDEs (Xcode, PhpStorm, Anaconda, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Visual Studio), DB instruments (pgAdmin), coding-oriented text editors (Sublime), design applications (StarUML, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq). Developed mobile applications: • Exportera – iOS application for cargo delivery order tracking. Source code available on GitHub. Points of interest: first experience with Firebase; complex RESTful API development; Google Maps API interaction; first project developed with git as source control tool. • Unnamed iOS test case project – iOS application for Google Sheets interaction; daily timetable coordination tool. Source code available on GitHub. Points of interest: continuation of Google API investigation; development of application under strict deadlines (3 days). • Atmo – iOS application for weather reporting. Source code available on GitHub. Points of interest: experience with RESTful API development; OpenWeatherMap API and Google Places API interaction; first experience with CoreData • ShineExpert – iOS application for mobile car wash Source code available on GitHub. Points of interest: continuation of Google Maps and Google Places API investigation. • UntiShop – iOS application and website for shopping Source code available on GitHub. Points of interest: experience of front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Angular, MySQL databases; experience with RESTful API development

iOS, Swift, OOP, CoreData, Xcode, REST API, CoreLocation, Cocoa Touch, MapKit, MVC, JSON, SQLite, firebase, Swift/iOS, GitHub, Microsoft Office, Foundation, UIKit, CocoaPods, Git, Principles OOP, Multithreading

Looking for part-time iOS development projects.

18 April

Розробник iOS (swift)

kyiv, Ukraine · $700 · No English

Самостіно навчаюся, пройшов курс у Web-Academy (swift) Пишу проект. Мобільний додаток інтернет магазину (клієнт-серверний додаток)

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, REST API, JSON, MVC, Autolayout, CocoaPods, UIKit, OOP

Хотів би бути учасником проекту в невеликій компанії, підтримка та розвиток даного проекту. Досвідчені колеги по роботі, маю велике бажання розвиватися в даному напрямку.

17 April

iOS Developer

kiev, odessa, l'vov, har'kov · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Developer with one year of experience of using Swift. Unit Factory student (licensed by Ecole 42). Was made nine educational projects so far on topic including (programming language: C): graph theory, translating source code into bytecode, making bot in game Filler (purpose to cover lager square with given figures). Participate in two piscines (two weeks intensive learning programming language): PHP and Swift. Also take some courses on Swift: iOS development from AppBrewery (finished), Alexey Skutarenko Swift Marathon (finished),Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift by Stanford University (working on now). All of my project you can find on GitHub.

Swift, iOS

Finnising branch at Unit Factory less than in half a year

Experience in commercial development, professional growth.

17 April

iOS Developer

minsk, Belarus · $400 · Intermediate

уверенное знание Swift имею представление об паттерне MVC; знаю базовые классы фреймворка Foundation - Int, String, Date, Data, DateFormatter, IndexPath......; фреймворка UIKit - UIView, UIViewController, UITableViewController, UINavigationController, ... ; знания MySQL — самый минимум: AFNetworking; Работа с JSON: Git, Sourcetree; Умею строить простые интерфейсы как в коде так и в storyboard, AutoLayout; English intermidiate; CoreData MapKit Cocoapods

16 April


kharkiv, Ukraine · $100 · Beginner/Elementary

Я учусь на первом курсе в ХНУРЭ. Только недавно начал разбираться в программировании. Хочу научиться программировать под iOS и овладеть практическими навыками работы в команде непосредственного написания программ под платформу iOS . Так же интересна работа с железом, проектирование микроконтроллеров и их программирование.

Swift, Xcode, iOS, MacOS, Objective-C

Пока нету.

15 April

Junior iOS Developer

kyiv, Ukraine · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Commercial experience: Junior iOS Developer, July 2018 - Now. Have been developing different mobile applications for 3 clients: • Finance app - app for payment of utility services • Lifestyle app - app for weight loss and healthy lifestyle • Productivity app - VPN app for privacy protection

Swift, iOS, Xcode, UIKit, OOP, Autolayout, Storyboard, MapKit, Foundation, MVC, JSON, REST API, Git, Operation/OperationQueue, GCD, Jira, iOS SDK, Objective-C

14 April

Ios junior

minsk, Belarus · $1500 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Swift, Xcode, UIKit, REST API, Foundation, MVVM, MapKit, CoreLocation, CoreData, Cocoa Touch

Cocoa Touch, CoreData, CoreLocation, Foundation, MapKit, MVVM, REST API, Swift, UIKit, Xcode, iOS, Git

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