17 June

Customer support

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

«Aviacontact» (Kiwi.com) Travel agent (09/2017 – 04/2019) Work with online CRM. Processing schedule changes and check-in requests, cancellations of booking (not so long). Calls to airlines due to reasons like confirmation of cancelation flight, clarification of schedule etc. Informing pap about changes or reservation status via inner tools «The23Design» Front-end developer (06/2017 – 10/2017) Writing a templates based on a unique design. Binding a CMS WordPress to new template using PHP. Using plugins that built on PHP 5. Writing scripts on jQuery. Work with main hosting providers in Ukraine. Edits an existing web-sites. Site migration from hosting to hosting «MAXAOH» Front-end developer (01/2017 – 04/2017)

Support, customer support, Customer service, English, Customer care, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, CRM, Microsoft Office, Windows, Live Chat

Во время работы в веб студии разрабатывал сайт для заказчиков из азербайджана. Был создан небольшой сайт-блог по макету с использованием isotope.js для построения сетки. Как CMS использовался Wordpress

Ищу работу в суппорте. Использование английского языка имеет для меня высокий приоритет. Так же желательна работа в офисе а не на дому

17 June

Junior BA

Lviv · $800 · Upper Intermediate

1) AIESEC External Relationships Manager: - Looking for potential partnerships / Researching businesses - Guiding and establishing partnership between organisation and business - Projects development (from scratch) 2) Sales Manager at ZoomSupport: 1.5 years - Assisting customers via phone - Selling 'Remote Technician' product - Guiding through the process of payment 3) 'Work and Travel' program at Virginia Beach; VA; USA 4) Operations Specialist at RocketRoute (2+ years, currently working) We have our own application/product for pilots. Used by private pilots and small to large businesses all over the world. My responsibilities: - Answering calls/emails - Resolving issues in real-time. If not possible - escalating with development - Researching information, creating tickets in Assembla / YouTrack (Jira-like Project Tracking Software) based on the findings (either bug report tickets, feature requests, QA investigation, etc) - Communication with stakeholders - Direct communication with users/businesses/authorities - Elicitation of user requirements 5) General: - Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Python - Understanding of Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall technologies Unfortunately I do not have practical experience as Project Manager or Business Analyst. However I do have theoretical knowledge about these positions and eager to lean towards these positions.


- Ongoing BA training course at EPAM Academy - Business Analysis course by IT Education Academy - Python course by SoftServe (unfortunately could not finish due to situation at work) - Client Orientation course - 'Сareer Step Lviv' Project Organizing - Various internal company trainings on Development/Data/Business Communication

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Хороший коллектив. Желательно отсутствие навязчивого микроменеджмента

15 June

UX/UI Designer

Kiev · $500 · Intermediate

Preparation, coordination and implementation of promotional and marketing activities aimed at promoting the brand; Budget planning and control; Increase of brand recognition among potential customers; Coordination and control of the development of the company's website; Development and implementation of digital strategy (SEO, SMM); Coordination of processes and preparation of materials for placement in specialized printed and electronic resources; Development of internal documents and rules for the use of the trademark and brand elements of the trademark; Interaction with contractors and partners; Interaction with specialized departments of the company in the framework of marketing strategy implementation; Development and implementation of the company's communication strategy (including intercorporate); Writing scripts for incoming and outgoing calls / letters; Formation of commercial offers; Preparation of tender documents and participation in tenders; Analysis of the advertising campaigns and promotional events. Managing of team up to 10 people.

Preparation, coordination and implementa, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Planned and executed PR and promo campaigns which enhanced recognition of the brand; Developed connections with bloggers, opinion leaders, journalists and editors of online media; Managed all aspects of participation and sponsorship of more over 20 events.

Interested in longterm cooperation mainly with IT companies, projects and start-ups that work on the global market.

15 June


Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Большой опыт работы с людьми, знание психологии, комуникабельность. составление тест-кейсов, тест-планов и чек-листов; работу в баг-трекинговой системе, создание сценариев использования; тестирование документации и регрессионное тестирование.

Manual Testing

ерминология в тестировании и основные жизненные циклы ПО • Проектирование тестов и основы тест-дизайна • Анализ требований и тестирование документации • Оформление багов в баг-трекинговой системе • Регрессионное тестирование

14 June

Frontend Developer

Dnipro · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Skills: HTML, CSS, JS (ES6), Jquery, HUGO CMS: Wordpress, Drupal 8 (learning) Frameworks: React + Redux (learning), Vue + vuex (learning) Workflow: Gulp, Git, npm, Pug, Scss OS: Windows, linux

CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, es6, Git, JavaScript, NPM, SQL, React, Redux, SASS, CSS, Responsive, jQuery, JSON, HTML

Занимаюсь версткой адаптивных, кроссбраузерных сайтов. Интересуюсь js-фреймворками: React (+Redux), Vue.js (+Vuex)

Интересные проекты и задачи, профессиональный рост.

14 June

C#, RPA, Salesforce developer/Support developer

Vinnitsia · $2000 · Upper Intermediate

Work experience: May 2019 – present API Applications Infrastructure Specialist System maintenance, continuous improvements; Configuration, deployments, customization tasks; Support of API Connect and Datapower infrastructure. Networks and security updates (SSL, Firewalls, Tokens, Certificates), B2B integrations (SOAP and REST WebServices) November 2014 – April 2019 helpdesk agent, Poland Diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults. Investigating the incidents, checking logs, using MS SQL, supporting of the TP.Net retail software, installing patches, configuring POS workstations, installing releases, network troubleshooting, supporting the engineers in the field, consulting site managers regarding POS and cash management issues. Using Microsoft active directory, supporting Windows OS, MS Office 2010-16 & Office 365, supporting Skype for Business, install/remove desktops, laptops, printers, peripherals and desktop application software, MS Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, VMware, System Center Configuration Manager skills. Featured LAN-WAN, TCP/IP protocols skills. EBS CRM Oracle ticketing system, BMC Remeby. Understanding of .NET Framework, C# language of the software development (understanding of the object-oriented programming, Windows Forms, the most popular patterns), API, REST web API and Postman usage, relational databases experience (MS SQL Server), GIT version control knowledge. Knowledge of administration and application development on Salesforce (Apex, SOQL, Salesforce APIs, and Force.com platforms), Lightning Design System and creating components. Familiar with Robotic Process Automation and UiPath development tool. Knowing of application testing (QA processes and principles of testing, types of testing, specifications, test cases, test plans, test protocols), understanding the Bug Tracking System, Selenium, main Python libraries for Test Automation. Web development (knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, PHP skills, Bootstrap, Ajax).

MSSQL, LINQ, C#, HTML5, .NET, AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS3, MySQL, Patterns, Windows Forms

Certifications: ITIL® Foundation with ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, Warsaw

searching for support C# .Net, RPA, Salesforce developer position.

13 June

Customer support 

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Intertop Ukraine September, 2014 - May, 2015 Shop assistant Main responsibilities: assisting and communicating with customers, working with internal documentation and merchandise. McDonald’s Ukraine • September, 2016 - June, 2017 Member of restaurant crew • June, 2017 - October, 2017 Training instructor Main responsibilities: training the team of 8 people, working with training documents, providing new members of the team with any assistance and information. • October, 2017 - August, 2018 Shift Manager Main responsibilities: Management the team of 30 people, making an inventory (weekly), communicating with customers in critical situations, internal documents. Kiwi.com August, 2018 - current time Travel agent Main responsibilities: providing all services related to flights (registration, cancellation, informing about any changes etc).

customer support, Customer service, English, Support, Microsoft Office, Ability to learn quickly, Windows

12 June

Сustomer Support

Poltava, remote · $400 · Intermediate

I am experianced in working with staff directly ( personnel administration based on automatic database in accordance with national and local legislation and intructions). In conditions of many tasks solving, I can work with a lot of information and its systematizing. Dealing with people every day I know exactly how important can listen and response properly and polightly. Also, English always was my passion ( from University times until now).

English, Touch typing, Manual Testing, Microsoft Office, Ability to learn quickly, time management

My experiance as personnel officer is based on communication. I am interacting with a lot of people of different statuses and roles. Multitasking and stressstability are the key strengths I have. "How to speak that people want to listen" is my moto. Being technical background I've passed the course "The fundamentals ofSofware testing". Understanding the general idea of SDLC I am ready to be explored to do my best.

I am looking for an opportunity to reload myself as a Customer Support or Junior PM. I hope to become a part of family-team, where members are open to support each other and have one direction in an atmospere of partnership. I am ready to be engaded from the first day. Multitasking environment challenfge me to respond quickly and considerably.

7 June

Office Manager / Content-manager

Kharkiv · $200 · Intermediate

Опыт работы завязан на работе с людьми (я работал менеджером по продажам, затем менеджером по доставке). Обе работы дали большой опыт в работе с людьми, менеджменте и умению усваивать тонну информации за короткие сроки. После этого я углубился в изучении веб-разработки, получил опыт работы с HTML/CSS, граф. редакторы типа Adobe Photoshop и Figma. Интересовался тем, как работает digital-marketing. Мне нравится перенимать опыт, учиться чему-то новому. Я умею работать с командой, но и уединение с компьютером меня не пугает :) К тому же, я хотел бы поднять свой уровень английского за счет работы в компании (я хорошо понимаю на слух, неплохо говорю, но редко пишу на нем).

English, SEO, SMM, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, HTML & CSS, HTML, Project Management, Marketing, PPC, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Adobe Photoshop, Product management, Web Analytics, PR

Быстро усваивал много информации и успешно вливался в неизвестную работу. Поддерживал контакт с коллективом, ответственно работал, за что получал похвалу от руководителей.

Я часто слышу жалобы от друзей из IT сферы, что их коллеги бывают некомпетентны, глупы и с ними попросту не о чем поговорить. Моя цель в том, что даже если я буду работать уборщиком – я должен понимать чем занимаются эти ребята за компьютером, что за "баги" они ловят и почему говорят мне "ставить Linux".

5 June

Scrum master/product owner

Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Более 12 лет работаю с людьми и решаю инд видуальные задачи либо запросы малых групп в образовании. Философия Agile увлекла меня и постепенно я стремлюсь перейти из образовательной сферы в поле Scrum. Свободное владение английским, французским, немного немецким и ивритом позоляют развиваться с помощью профессионалов по всему миру.

CV design, English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Project Management, Product management, Team management, English, Product research

Умение работать и выходить на нужные решения со сложными заказчиками, мультизадачность, умение работать в команде. Креативные решения по проектам, проработка user's story. Контроль результатов на каждом этапе проекта.

Воплотить на практике полученные теоретически знания. Совершенствовать и углублять профессиональные скиллы.

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