17 July

Junior QA Engineer

Cherkasy · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

I'm currently working on Kyivstar chat as Support Specialist of Digital channels. Seeking for a position of a junior QA, where all the gained experience will be used. During 2 courses, I got all the skills needed and the opportunity to work in this direction

Jira, HTML, Web Testing, CSS, TestRail, Windows, PHP, Postman, Networking, Regression Testing, Cross-browser testing, Mobile application testing, Functional and non-functional testing, write Test plan, Bug report writing, Test cases writing

- I passed the course "QA engineer" at the "SPD-Ukraine" company. There I got basic knowledge and skills needed to get started working as junior QA. - For 18.06.2019-14.07.2019 I completely passed the course "The Fundamentals of Software Testing" at the "QATestLab" company. And received the certificate about successfully completed the online course in QATestLab training center. http://clients.qatestlab.com/achievements/3cqg9akpageowib3budqw3ni4 - 2 years I work in the Kyivstar company. Work experience on the Kyivstar chat gave me the opportunity to master all the details of communicating with clients and plumb the depth of working in a team.

I'm looking for a company where I can realize my potential. I am able to develop and replenish my knowledge and skills in order to improve work performance.

17 July

Junior QA

Zaporizhzhya · $450 · Pre-Intermediate

Опыт работы отсутствует. Прошёл курсы: 1. Основы тестирования ПО. 2. Основы тестирования игр. Ищу работу junior QA. Готов учиться и развиваться. Уровень английского - средний. Прохожу два курса онлайн.

Manual Testing, Jira, HTML, Agile, Scrum, Java, Automated Testing, Android, MantisBT, Manual Testing , Regression Testing, Windows, iOS, Linux

Прохождение курсов "Основы тестирования игр." Успешное завершение и получение сертификата.

Дружный коллектив, интересные проекты, развитие.

16 July

Junior QA Engineer

Kharkiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Theoretical knowledge of methodology, principles of software testing. - Experience in writing bug-reports, test-cases, check-lists - Understanding of basic and Agile methodologies(Scrum) - Understanding of software development life cycle - Testing compatibility with various browsers and operational systems - Experience in manual testing - Experience in web/mobile manual - Testing web-based applications TECHNICAL SKILLS: - Functional,Web,Mobile,Usability,UI/UX,Regression Testing and other - Working with version control system (Git) - Work experience with bug tracking systems (JIRA, Waffle.io,Trello), Confluence - Selenium(Basic) - SQL(Basic) - HTML(Basic) - Java(Basic) - IOS - Android - Working with dev-tools Working experience : April 2018-Now (Junior QA Engineer)

Jira, CSS, HTML, SQL, Redmine, Testlink

SkillUp Completed the Course of BASIC WEB AND SQL for SOFTWARE TESTING Gained knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL End date 2017 SkillUp Course of SOFTWARE TESTING Basics of Software Testing End date 2018 A-level QA - Automation(Java) December 2018- Now

Get a job for long-term cooperation in professional team with interesting projects and with clearly tasks in view and time allocated on them. I am looking for team and mentorship from high-skilled collegues. I am ready to improve myself and work hard to become a valuable part of a team.

16 July

QA Automation Engineer

Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Работаю сейчас QA в компании Abm cloud. В работе использовал: 1. Trello/Redmine 3. Selenium/Selenium IDE/WebDriver 4. HTML5/CSS3/Js/Gulp 5. ProtractorJs/Jasmine/Postman 6. Sublime Text/Visual Studio Code Сейчас работаю с web-application написаным на Angular 1 и тестировая провожову с помощью Protractor & Jasmine. Автотесты пишу на Javasctipt, так как команда не большая, провожу также ручное тестирование. Использовал Selenium IDE для записи базового функционала, но спустя время перестали использовате его, так как решили пределить более времени, на написание автотестов. На продукт с недавних пор, начали писать документацию по API, проверку делаю в Postman (опыт в данной проге не большой, но есть). В основном в Postman делаю проверки json-схем. И пишу не сложные тесты. По поводу ручного тестирования могу сказать, что чек-листы, тест кейсы не составля для продукта, так как, ещё з зарождения продукта, не пределили этому должного значения, но для себя описывал, эксперементировал и сейчас в приоритете исследовательское тестирование. Составлял тест план, но руководство не обратоло внимание на него. Каждый день стараюсь углубляться в специализацию, так как очень нравится то что делаю, но текущее место работы не даёт возможности проявить себя на всё что могу.

Git, Automated Testing, Selenium, Manual Testing, HTML, XPath, Postman, JSON, JavaScript, CSS, MS Visual Studio

16 July

Junior QA Automation Engineer

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Looking for an opportunity to implement my technical skills and knowledge in Java programming and also to contribute to developing high-quality products. Technical Skills Theoretical knowledge of SDLC Knowledge of SOLID, KISS, DRY, OOP & OOD principles Design patterns knowledge Expertise in Java Core, Web development Java 8, Servlets, JSP, Maven HTML5/CSS3, XML, JSON DBMS: H2, MySQL Operating systems: Windows, Linux Version Control Tools: Git Knowledge of Agile methodologies Expertise in Hardware Configuration

Automated Testing, Selenium WebDriver, Java, Selenium, Git, Maven, Linux, CSS, OOP, JUnit, IntelliJ IDEA

16 July

Junior QA Engineer 🔥

Kharkiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Working as a manual QA engineer. Testing large and complicated admin panels for a telecom provider. My day-to-day tasks include creating test documentation and executing tests. Mostly it's web functional, UI, requirements and exploratory testing. Also working with SQL and web server logs. Interested in web automation.

Manual Testing, Jira, Regression Testing, Scrum, Quality Assurance, SQL, Functional testing, Web Testing, Agile, HTML, Git, CSS, Confluence, Windows, TestRail, Test Design, Redmine, Requirements analysis/clarification, WEB applications, Bug-reporting, Test Rail, Team Leadership, Test Documentation, Web Services, Project Management, Kanban, Manual Testing

15 July

Junior QA Engineer

Odesa · $600 · Pre-Intermediate

For last two years, i've was worked as System Administrator. Engaged in support of the payment system and online store. My responsibilities included maintaining internal network health, deploying services for the company's internal needs, monitoring Google Cloud instances. Configure Continuous Delivery and Deployment. Sometimes he was engaged in writing BDD-tests. I want to develop as an QA engineer. I like to monitor the quality of the product. Quick learner, communicative, persistent.

Git, Jenkins, Linux, Ansible, AWS, google cloud, JavaScript, Vue.js, Postman, Jira

Full-time remote work in startup company.

15 July

Junior JavaScript developer 

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

HTML, CSS, JS, React, Node Java Advanced Excel skills; VAB,1С 8.2, Microsoft Word, Excel, R, SQL, Power Point, Adobe Reader, ME.DOC, Outlook, Access.


Постоянно развиваюсь и стараюсь не сидеть на месте. В свободное время изучаю язык R и SQL и Python.

Хочу влиться в среду ИТ и стать частью команды. Интересные проекты, которые смогут раскрыть мои аналитические навыки. Возможность карьерного роста

15 July

QA engineer

Lviv · $350 · Advanced/Fluent

Student 2019 Software Testing Practical Course - guru99.com Student 2019 Programming Foundations: Software Testing/QA - Lynda.com Team supervisor APRIL 2019 - PRESENT - Managing team of 4-8 people; - Managing and processing customers' requests, keeping them informed of incident progress, collecting feedbacks upon completion. Customer support representative JULY 2018 - APRIL 2019 - Creating, expanding, strengthening relationship with the clients. - Provide assistance via phone/email/chat.

Manual Testing, Jira, Regression Testing, Quality Assurance, SQL, HTML, Web Testing, Scrum, Agile, Linux, Jenkins, Automated Testing, Test suites, Windows

Менеджер команди кількістю 4-8 людей.

Чесна та порядна компанія, можливість розвиватися у сфері QA.

15 July

Junior QA Engineer

Lviv, Odesa · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Project Description: PrastaShop is an online store management system. It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Support is provided for different languages and currencies. Responsibilities: ⦁ Architecture and design ⦁ Working with users story ⦁ Creating a test case ⦁ Estimation, prioritization, and distribution of tasks ⦁ Code development ⦁ Development build and deployment scripts ⦁ Realization of automated test-assisted head component on store ⦁ Product support and documentation maintenance ⦁ API-testing ⦁ Knowledge sharing ⦁ Tools & Technologies: Java, Selenium(IDE, WebDriver),HTML5/CSS3/XPath, JavaScript, Docker, Jmeter, GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Jira, Page Objects pattern, SQL/MSSQL, TestNG, SCRUM

Postman, Selenium WebDriver, Java, SQL, Scrum, HTML, Jira, Git, Regression Testing, Manual Testing, REST API, CSS, Quality Assurance, JMeter, API testing, Automated Testing, OOP, Redmine, Jenkins, VirtualBox, bug-reports, test cases, Test Planning & Documentation, Functional testing, Agile, Design and developing of bug reports, Web Testing, exploratory testing, Test Execution, XPath, AWS, Function Testing, Cross Browser Testing, JIra/Confluence/Zephyr, Basic knowledge of automation testing: Selenium IDE, CI, TestNG, Maven

I always try to develop myself, so I study a lot. I consider that my achievements are my knowledge and experience. But the most important achievements are still ahead.

I expect an interesting project on which I can apply my skills.

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