Python Developer

dnepr, kharkiv, dnipro, lviv, odesa · $450 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Have 1,5+ year c++ Programming 1+ SQL 0.5 year Python/Django want to improve my skills in python. In future see my self as Fullstack web programmer.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, SQL, Linux, Git, asyncio, JSON, Statistics

Innovative dynamic command of programmers, fast growing projects with will have close to enterprise quality of code.


Junior C++ Developer

kyiv, Ukraine · $500 · Intermediate

- GOOD BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF C++; - GOOD UNDERSTNDING OOP; - MULTITHREADING ; - STL; - BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF HTML / CSS/ SQL; - VISUAL STUDIO 2017(C++); - BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF Qt Creator - Experience in test documentation writing (check list; test case; bug report) - Experience of using, Jira bug tracking system - Experience of using Selenium IDE - Mobile ( IOS) application testing - Performed manual/functional testing of web- applications, sites (smoke testing, usability testing ) - Testing types ( System, Black Box, Positive, Negative, Functional, Validation, Verification, Ad hoc) - Good understanding of SDLC and QA processes, methods and approaches - Agile methodology (Scrum) - Client-server architecture understanding - Good understanding of bug life cycle

HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, C++

Профессиональный рост.


C/Embedded Trainee

kyiv, Ukraine · $100 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Algorithmic projects in C using ncurses, OpenCL, several graphic projects with X11. Several tiny projects in C# and Java for OOP understanding.

Git, Linux, C/C++, Embedded, bash, Multithreading, C, Algorithms, Shell

C, ncurses, OpenCL C# (Essential), Windows Forms, OpenGL Java (Essential), Log4j Bash, Git (Essential) PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery

I want to get real project experience and become C/Embedded junior developer


C++ Developer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

Студент 2 курса, прикладная математика. Опыта работы нет. Есть некоторые университетские проекты по многопоточности(CPU/GPU), также писал приложения на Qt

C++, OOP, STL, Qt, CUDA, OpenCL, C, Multithreading

Обработка графики, нейросети, машинное обучение, тяжелые вычисления


junior c++ developer

kyiv, Ukraine · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Занимался фрилансом на php (сайты на Wordpress, Opencart) Делал pet projects на с/с++: Попатка сделать провальная свой stl около года назад - oop/c++11/meta programming Менеджер процессов windows, чтоб убивать назойливые процессы типа и запрещать их - c++11/multi threading/WinApi Интерпритатор со своим языком c++17/Qt

C/C++, Python, OOP, SQL, Design Patterns, Git, Java Core, Qt, STL, Algorithms

16 April

junior c++ developer

kiev, l'vov · $800 · Upper Intermediate

Support/QA Line 2 Engineer. Troubleshooting, manual testing, scripting on PHP, bash (log analyzing), SQL queries. Looking for a job which will help me grow as an ENGINEER. Looking for the challenging tasks related to security, hardware but can consider any offer.

C++, Git, OOP, STL, Multithreading, SQL, С++, Jira, Visual Studio, Algorithms

При анализе кода плеера клиента обнаружил логику не соответсвующую спецификации VAST, что помогло решить кейс. Написание скриптов на bash для анализа логов

16 April

Junior C++ Developer

odessa, Ukraine · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Trainee C++ Game Developer (Unreal Engine 4) NoName StartUp Project 6 mounth experience. Young noname startup in GameDev. My first steps in exploring work on Unreal Engine 4 (basics of Blueprints & C++). Now I understand what is the scope of GameDev projects and successfully use it basic technologies.

Linux, C++, OOP, Trace Client, Winscp, Unreal Engine 4, Python

15 April

junior c/c++ developer

kyiv, Ukraine · $500 · Advanced/Fluent

NON COMMERCIAL PROJECTS Algorithms used in C projects (over 10) : • Dijkstra's Shortest Path First /recursive Backtracking / Manhattan / Bresenham's Implementation func in C: • Standard C Library (over 60 func) / printf function / static library Libft.a C projects: Libft.a - implementation of some of the Standard C Library (static library). Fillit - a recursive backtracking algorithm that fits a set of Tetriminos in the smallest possible square without rotating the Tetriminos. GNL - a C function that reads any valid file line by line until the end. FDF - this project is about creating a simplified 3D graphic representation of a relief landscape (minilibx). printf - my implementation of the original printf function of C. Filler - my algorithm is struggling with different algorithms for filling the space Lem-in - the goal of this project is to find the quickest way to get n ants across the farm from A to Z. Corewar - in this project, you need to create a virtual “arena” in which programs will fight against one another (the “Champions”) Sniffer is service that collects statistic about network traffic. It saves ip addresses of incoming packets and number of packets from each ip. C++ projects: • Abstract VM is a machine that uses a stack to compute simple arithmetic expressions (implementing stack work). • Nibbler (Snake) is a classical game from the 70’s (networking protocols TCP/IP, sockets, multithreading, dynamic graphic libraries SDL/SFML/ Swift/IOS app: GPS (geolocation, address search, route to the desired location)/Deathnote/Calculator/Motion cube/Weather App/42 API. COMMERCIAL PROJECTS • developing of system control of melting furnaces (C/C++) • data collection and processing (voltage, current, t*C) • worked with : sensors, microcontrollers, ADC, stepper motor driver

Embedded, C++, C, С++, OOP/OOD, Git, OOP, Algorithms, Networking, Multithreading, C/C++, Linux

Work in a team

15 April

Junior Python Developer

dnepr, Ukraine · $300 · Beginner/Elementary

Языки программирования: C++, Python, java, javascript GIT, Linux Завершены курсы академии Cisco: Cisco CCNA, CCNA Cybersecurity Operations, Cisco IT

HTML, C++, CSS, Visual Studio, SQL, Python, JavaScript

Пройдены курсы сетевой академии Cisco, есть сертификаты за завершение курсов IT Essentials, CCNA, Cybersecurity Operations.

Стажировка / Интернатура.

14 April

Junior Python Developer

l'vіv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hi) I'm looking for an interesting and challenging job. Have the experience on big enterprise project as a trainee. Ended SoftServe Academy Python course.

Python, Git, Linux, REST API, Flask, HTML, CSS, Docker, OOP, SQL, Cassandra, Ubuntu, Django, PostgreSQL, JSON

Git tracker on multi-services architecture for tracking progress of contributors and building a heatmap on it.

Sharpening of my skills. Linux as a development environment. No old technologies, no front-end only.

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