Business Analyst 🔥

Kyiv · $2700 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3+ years in Business Analysis: 2 projects in Pre-sale and Discovery Activities (BA Role): Defining Business Golas&Objectives, Solution Vision&Scope; Leading Market Researches, Client Interviews, Vendor Assessment; Building a Solution Roadmap; Decomposing a Solution Roadmap into WBS; Defining Key Assumptions, Limitations and Risks; Building Context and Domain Models for a Solution; Solution Presentation. 3 projects in Delivery and Implementation (BA and Implementation Engineer Roles, Finance Domain): Development of Communication, Stakeholders Engagement and Requirements Management Plans; Establishment of Iteration/Release/Change Management Business Processes for a Project; Acting as a Proxy PO for a Dedicated Piece of Functionality; Eliciting Requirements; Prototyping Solutions as POC Models; Requirements Management (Functional and Non-Functional Requirements); User Guides Review; Providing Technical Design Specifications and Wireframes for UI/UX Designers; Scope Definition and Backlog Management for several SCRUM Teams; Driving Estimation and Grooming sessions for SCRUM Teams; Set up and Customization of Environments for B2B Clients; Financial Consulting for B2B Clients; Supporting B2B Clients in UAT, Holding On-Site Visits and Workshops. 3+ years in Audit and Finance (about 8 projects): Conducting IFRS Audit; Verification of Compliance with Donor’s Requirements for NGOs/Charity Organizations; Providing Support in Consultancy Services (Financial Advisory) and in Non-Financial (CSR and Sustainability) Reports Preparation; Mentorship of Junior Colleagues; Providing Recommendations on IFRS Application; Working as a Financial Controller in a small Start-Up (Cost Structure, P&L and Cash Flow, CF Forecasting and Cost Budgeting; Business Processes Modelling; Company's Valuation). Domains: Finance, Retail, Agriculture Methodologies and Frameworks: IFRS/IAS, BABOK, Agile (Scrum) Main Tools: MS Excel, Jira, MS Visio, Camunda, Confluence, Balsamiq, Trello Other: US Visa.

Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Office, REST API, Analysis and research, Agile, Scrum, Business Analysis, Product Roadmap, English, Product Backlog management, API Testing, Acceptance Testing, User Flows, User Stories, Requirements management, Stakeholder analysis and engagement, Communications Management, Documentation Management, Business Process Development, Prototyping‍, Financial Analysis, Financial Reporting, SQL, Presentation skills, BPMN, SDLC, Use cases, Fintech

Successfully implementing a SaaS Billing Platform for a B2B Client; taking part in creating a unique work environment with a development team of 70+ people, being a speaker at a Business Analysis Course. Certified Expert in BPM (2019).

I want to try out new big challenges, develop as a specialist and implement meaningful solutions with a professional and passionate team, preferably in a product development company. At the end, we all want to create value, right? I am open to try Product Management and learn quickly, if the company is open to believe in me. I am also interested in developing hard skills while working as a Solution Analyst. I definitely do no look for requirements manager positions, as I want to continue moving further: either dive deeper into technologies, or embrace a project role which allows to drive technical product development and take the responsibility over the product success.


Project Manager

Kharkiv · $1200 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Summary: - Excellent communication skills and detail-directed problem solver - Negotiation with customers, building a solid relationship of trust - Highly effective leader, quick to recognize business opportunities and to support talents - Internal Development Management and Great motivation. Increasing employees skills, internal workflow optimization - Time and risk management, foreseeing potential problems and soft spots and mitigation of risks - Sales, Quality assurance and control Key principles and methodologies: Agile, Kanban, Waterfall Tools: Jira, Slack, Trello, Merlin, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Asana, Sourcetree, Jenkins, Genymotion, Invision

Project Management, Team management, Risk management, Product management, Business Analysis, People management, English, Leadership Skills, Agile & Waterfall Methodologies, QA, Jira / Basecamp / Trello

10+ projects, Android/iOS development, web. 8 years of experience in management and leadership in large-scale projects (non-IT)

Interesting projects intended for practical use Communication with customers Build and maintain a team chemistry Opportunity to grow within the company Open for business travels Preferred reliable reputation of the company Ambitious growth strategy with clear vision of the company's future Alive relationship >> rigorous approach


Project Manager, Product Manager, Content Manager, Carrier relations Manager 

Kyiv, Chernigiv, Kharkiv, Sumy · $600 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2+ лет на должности Carrier Relations Manager. Успешное выполнение многих задач, таких как ведение проекта от начала до конца, переговоры с партнерами, деловая переписка, заполнение специальной технической документации, финансовые прогнозы и прочее. Ответственность за рентабельность и реализацию проекта. Рассматриваю варианты удаленной работы в любых городах, а так же офисный вариант в городе Сумы. 100% готовность к обучению/стажировке.

Project Management, English, Business Analysis, Product management, project planning, Marketing

Мои достижения - осуществленные проекты, которые принесли (приносят) компании доход.


Business analyst

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Summary: I've been working in IT since 2013 obtaining position of Business Analyst and Product Management Executive. I'm competent in telecom processes and workforce management systems. Though having a sharp mind and can get into details of a new domain in the short term. Main responsibilities: - Creating business documentation for current/new products - Translation technical specifications into detailed product requirements - Product backlog managing, sprints planning - Collaboration with the sales, marketing and support teams to launch products on time and within budget - Developing training documentation and related materials - Writing editing and updating documentation including online help and user/administrator guides

BPMN, User stories, User journey map, Product Roadmap, Product Backlog management, Requirements Gathering, Requirement analysis, Functional Requirements, Non-functional Requirements, Requirements management, Use cases, Jira, Confluence, SDLC, Requirements analysis, Scrum, Prototype

- 7 years of experience in Web, Mobile (Android, iOS) product development - Successful projects in South-Eastern Asia, Africa, UK, France, USA (working on the ground as well as remotely)

Willing to work in the company which has business analysis community and supports its growth. EU/UK projects are preferred since I'm a morning person and losing my efficiency after 6 pm so it's somehow hard for me to work with States due to time difference.


Delivery manager, Product owner

Kyiv · $2600 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experience —10 years Deloitte Ukraine, Assistant Manager Development and delivery the IT tool covering IFRS 9 Standard implementation (Enterprise version) - 3 Projects (closed) in Europe, Africa and Asia, 1 Project (closed) in Ukraine. Role – Delivery manager/Business analyst (Impairment, Accounting and EIR modules); - IFRS 17 gap assessment (Model, Accounting scheme, Methodology, Business requirement document) - 4 Project (closed) in Saudi Arabia. Role – Business analyst; - Experience in creation of Proposals, Methodology, Functional Specification, Use Cases, Business requirement document (requirement to IT system), Delivery, Sales; - Projects was done using Agile & Waterfall methods - Experience in next tools: Jira, Confluence, GIT, SAS, Sharepoint, IndustryPrint (analog BPMN, UML), Oracle PL\SQL, etc. Worked on world markets: Asia, Africa, Middle East Ukrsibbank, Economist at provision-making group - Credit risk management; - Business Requirement Document creation; - Codding procedure/view using PL SQL; - Risk reporting development; - Stress-testing of banking risk Writing SQL queries; - Analyzing and calculating provision Oranta,Insurance Specialist - Collection scoring creation (data preparation); - Insurance calculation Knowledge at the minimum level: - business process modeling (BPWin, MS Project); - languages: C++, Qbasic, JavaScript, PHP, R, SAS, eScript - little experience with ErWin, E2gLite, SuperFinance, Prime Decision, Decision Grid, and many other programs based on the DSS.

SQL, Jira, Product management, Agile, Business analyst, Financial Analysis, Financial Reporting, Data analyst, Risk management, English, Presentation skills, Coaching, Banking Experience, IFRS17, IFRS9, Use cases, Scrum, Project Management, Python

Implemented IFRS9 standard at 2 biggest banks of Nigeria. IFRS9 (provision calculation) implementation with Finevare enterprise: project management, stream of risk parameters calculations based on historical data, EIR, Impairment module and risk parameters calculations

I want to continue implementing IT systems or financial standards all over the world, because I am good in managing projects, supporting customers and understanding of their needs. I am definitely not the one who sit at office and prepare presentations in Power Point for high management. I am the one who face client and deliver these presentations to stakeholders and final users.


Project Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Большой опыт менеджмента и руководства.Владею английским языком на высоком уровне. Считаю себя человеком с высокими аналитическими способностями. Изначально начинала карьеру в отельном бизнесе, руководила огромными гостиницами и ресторанами в г. Одесса. Большое внимание уделяла продажам, оптимизации рабочего процесса. Главный своим достижением считаю увеличение прибыльности предприятий. В первом отеле увеличила размер прибыли в два раза. На втором месте работы за год прирост составил 10%. Сейчас являюсь сотрудником компании Скаинг. Последние 2 года являюсь руководителем одного из подразделений технической поддержки. За период моей работы я увеличила производительность сотрудников в 4 раза, по этой причине смежные отделы были расформированы в пользу моей команды. Численность работников увеличилась в 6 раз за 2 года. Являюсь автором рабочего регламента подразделения, мотивации сотрудников, рейтинговой системы оценки работы. На данный момент компания расширяется, открывая другие структуры, однако схожие отделы составляют по созданной мною схеме работы.

Business Analysis, Jira, CRM, Project Management

хочу открыть для себя новые сферы работы и горизонты, согласна проходить длительное обучение и стажировку. интересны сферы маркетинга, продаж, планирования, бизнес аналитика и проект менеджмент.


Project Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My work experience can be called truly diverse: - I started working as the CEO and co-owner of a small design studio in 2004. For three years of very hectic, but fun activity, our team has found investments and expanded our staff. My own Mission was accomplished but I felt myself completely exhausted, so I decided to sell my stake in the company. During this period, as a leader of a small team I performing absolutely every conceivable function and gained tremendous experience working under stress and tight deadlines. - After a short rest, my career suddenly turned into a Paralympic sport. The result of my hard work was quite astonishing: I took part in the 2010 Vancouver's Paralympic Games as a first Ukrainian Paralympic alpine skier. These were turbulent times, filled with daring challenges, suspense and constant stress. In an attempt to raise money for training, our team organized various events, thanks to which I gained valuable experience in administration, improved stress resistance and learned to speak in public. - Being passionate about sport, i worked in the small fitness club as a personal trainer from 2014 to 2016 in a small fitness club. Mentally rewarding, but not profitable. - Since 2016, I began to develop another business in the field of medical cannabis. During the year we reached a competitive level and I attracted an investor. Unfortunately, the cardinal difference in views on development with a business partner made me look for myself in new industries.

Business Analysis, Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Analytical Skills, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Team management, MS Excel

At 21, created a design studio. Attracted financing, brought the company to the market, successfully conducted business before the 2008 crisis. Participation in sports competitions in three sports: skiing, swimming and powerlifting. Medalist of the Championships of Ukraine, participant of the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver. Successfully worked as a personal fitness instructor for two years: from 2014 to 2016. Created most popular in CIS FB page on the topic of medical cannabis in 2016. Started and lead the business selling hydroponic equipment: Fluent in Russian, periodically worked as a copywriter on a remote site. Skills: - excellent communication and teamwork skills; - high emotional intelligence; - ability to persuade and work with objections; - experienced in direct sales (Amway); - fast learner, good analytical and system thinking skills; - creative thinking; - vast experience in conducting business correspondence and negotiations; - ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines; - leadership abilities; - over 15 years of experience in various industries; - significant experience in public speaking and video filming; - quick context switching abilities. - upper intermediate English, native Ukrainian and Russian; - Windows, MS Office; - Adobe: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects; - understanding Agile methodologies: SCRUM, AGILE, KANBAN, Lean.

Work in the highly professional environment, challenging tasks, mutual respect in working communication. Searching opportunities to master new skills and expand my professional horizons.


Business analyst, Project manager

Columbia, North Carolina Area, L 2 visa · $5000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have a deep understanding of the Collection, recording, analysis and formalization of requirements. Meetings facilitation Requirements modeling (data flows, business processes, entity-relationship diagram, domain model) Backlog refinement Proposal preparation Specialties: - Business analysis - Requirements management - Business processes modeling Standards: BABOK, SDLC: Agile, Scrum Modeling: BPMN Tools: MS Office, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, Jira, Confluence, Bizagi, SmartDraw the interesting job is a crucial criteria for me. Of course, I eager to work with friendly colleagues and mature management.

Establish and follow requirements lifecycle processes. Conduct elicitation sessions using appropriate technique for a given situation Facilitate and/or lead the requirements prioritization process.

Responsible work and tight schedule. Onsite visits. Ownership of the project backlog, sprint backlog, dev ready requirements.


Senior Business analyst

Wroclaw · $3700 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Requirements Management, Project Management, QA, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Confluence

Confluence, Jira, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Project Management, UML, Product management, Business Analysis, User stories, English, Requirements analysis, Requirements management, Communication With Client

With an experience of eight years in IT, I have tried on different roles along the way. Having started from QA path, I have grown into a business analyst and project manager. I am a responsible and motivated person, committed to the work I do. Eager to learn and work in a team, have good organization and interpersonal skills. I can take charge of BA activities on a project stream or whole project, build communication with the client and coordinate requirements from beginning to release, often performing project manager role. Now I'm interested to continue working more as a business analyst and helping clients to grow their products and value.

Professional growth. Interesting projects. Adequate management. Friendly team. Competitive salary. Business trips. Product Company preferably.


Junior Project Manager

Kharkiv · $900 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I’m an IT Lawyer willing to switch to Project Manager or Business Analyst. Experience: I'm currently working in two IT companies with a size of 100 people. - 1.5-year experience in IT as Head of Legal department. - 6 months as an associate in a law firm. During my career, I performed activities that I think will be helpful in the PM position: - Concluded different types of agreements - Negotiated commercial contracts relating to business and operational activities of the company - Conducted a risk assessment - Managed communications with different departments (Sales, Delivery) - Gathered and analyzed requirements on pre-contract stage - Formulated proposals - Took part in conflict resolution I have deep knowledge in different ways of contractual interaction: T&M, Fixed price, Dedicated team, Cost+ Basic knowledge of Agile practices (Scrum, Kanban) I'm a pretty good lawyer, but I think I can be an even better PM or BA.

English, Project Management, Legal Writing, Risk Assessment, Analysis and research, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Contract negotiations, Process Management, Critical thinking, Attention to details, GDPR, Redmine, SDLC, Risk management, Agile, Team management

I have completed the following courses: PreSale Management - AdvanceIT IT Law Advanced - ILTI school Achievements: - Built all legal processes in an IT company from scratch. - Brought the company out of difficult conflict situations and saved business relations with the client. - Negotiated and concluded contracts with key budget-forming clients.

I can simultaneously perform legal tasks and provide legal assistance (if needed) during the Pre-Sale stage.

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