Facebook & Instagram PPC Specialist (Remote)

Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

PPC Facebook and Instagram traffic experience in e-sports, gambling, and finance spheres. July 2018 - February 2019 Facebook PPC Traffic Specialist / User Retention Department - I was recruited by this company to advertise the product on Facebook and Instagram. - After 2.5 months I was able to generate profit three times bigger than the investment. - Social traffic advertising in the second position among the project’s traffic sources. - The most monetizing traffic sources are Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. - After six months of my job, I was appointed to the client’s retention department as a lead. November 2017 - July 2018 Head Of Marketing Operations - I was recruited to the company as a PPC Traffic Manager and like a man who can build a marketing department for a new product. - After three job month's marketing department included 5 in-house marketing specialists, who work with European and Asian traffic (Include all Chinese regions). - In the fourth month, my department increases the product's financial turnover three times. - Total marketing specialists increased to 10 members. - ROI of all marketing activities was 150% at all times. December 2016 - November 2017 Team Lead at Social Media Marketing/Social PPC Traffic - I was recruited as a PPC traffic specialist (Facebook/Instagram). - After three months, I was leading the SMM department with 5 marketing specialists. - 40% of paid traffic came from the SMM department, which we successfully monetized. - Overall 9 months, my SMM department multiplied the company income 6.5 times.

Marketing Strategy, Facebook Ads, Team management, Product management, Project Management, Facebook Marketing, Facebook/Instagram, Instagram Advertising, Instagram, Facebook Pixel, Ads manager Facebook, PPC, Gambling, Games, Finance

Looking for e-sports, gambling, and finance products.


Android Developer

Kyiv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Programming Language and etc: Java, Android SDK, Kotlin REST, WebSocket RxJava, Retrofit, Dagger SQLite, Room MS SQL(T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Git Concepts: SOLID, OOP/OOD, MVP, MVVM Android Studio

Android, SQLite, Retrofit, RxJava, XML, Java/Kotlin, Room, MVVM, MVP, MS SQL Server, Dagger

• Develop android application for taxi driver • Take part in creating design (Figma)


Разработчик PHP

Odesa · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

2005 – 2010 Center of Education and Professional Literature (Moscow) – PHP/1C developer Pure PHP5, Develop custom CMS, create 1C(MSSQL) to MySQL adapter 2010 – 2012 Microtest (Moscow) - PHP/1C developer PHP5, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, *NIX Admin 2013 - 2014 WebPro (Kishinev) - PHP Developer PHP, Laravel, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sockets, RestAPI 2014 - now Freelancer PHP, Laravel+Vue, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Crypto, Blockchain, *NIX Admin

PHP, MySQL, Git, REST API, Laravel, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, *NIX Admin, Composer, Docker, OOP

Data protection, DDOS protection, Vulnerability analysis, Code audit, development of highly loaded services, ISFTT

Growth mindset and good money. Хочу/готов переехать из Кишинева в Одессу, либо удаленно.


Java Kotlin developer

Odesa · $800 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Java/Kotlin Android Developer in startup company: I developed implementation of multi video calls (group video conference on WebRTC based in the android environment) in a messenger on open source based tools. Fixed different bugs, added new features. Java Back-end Developer in free nonprofit project: I developed the database structure for server.

Java SE, OOP/OOD, IntelliJ IDEA, JSON, Git, JDBC, JUnit, Maven, MVC, MySQL, Servlets, Tomcat, Design Patterns, KotIin, Android SDK, REST, Gradle, Selenide, Spring, Hibernate

I was in the top three on the Java courses. Developed group video conference on WebRTC based

I just like to ponder and program. If you have a good project or interesting issues notify me...


Senior Front-End engineer / Team Lead (React / Node.js / React Native)

Kyiv · $4500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

I have been working as a front-end engineer for 10 years. I really like to solve problems, not tasks. I really love to write code, and I always understand why. I understand what business, product and user value ned to resolve. I’m looking for a company for many years, and not just changing one for another. There is experience in creating and presenting reports at conferences, training colleagues and sharing of knowledge. As a team leader, I received the highest rating from my leadership for the excellent performance of my team.

Handlebars, Jira, SVN, Lodash, Underscore.js, HTML5, React, Redux, webpack, REST API, TypeScript, ES6+, OOP, es6, SVG, SASS/SCSS, Stylus, LESS, Node.js, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, React / Redux, Redux Thunk, Webassembly, CoffeeScript, React Native, Electron, WebExtensions, Express.js, Three.js, BEM, Functional programming, GitLab, CI/CD, Selenium WebDriver, Mongoose, CSS, CSS3, PWA, AMP, SPA, ES6/ES2015

Building a team from scratch and the product we developed.

Nice people, cool office, target oriented and learning mindset.


Team Lead, Tech Lead

Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada · $5500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have a Master Degree with Honors in Computer Since and been working in IT industry since 2013. During that period I've gained a lot of experience in full-cycle iOS and cross-platform mobile development and team management. Released more that 10 projects in AppStore, GooglePlay including mobile games and applications. Also, I have some experience in Web/Server development - it mostly needed to properly manage back-end teams and cross-team communication. With regards to my technical skills, I'm proficient in Swift, Obj-C, C/C++, Unity/C#, popular frameworks and architectures. Have experience with Python, JS and several scripting languages and tools.

iOS, Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, C++, Unity3D, C#, Python, JavaScript, PHP5/7, Amazon AWS, REST API, MySQL, SQL, MVC, MVVM, SOLID, Algorithms and Data structures, Agile, Scrum, Project Management, Unit Testing

Leading several projects from scratch to AppStore release and supporting them in production

I'm looking for an interesting long-term product, including game dev. I'm comfortable with challenging tasks and startup environment. Can be a part of big company as well. Also, I'm open for relocation.


Front End Developer(Js)

Worldwide · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

having a job that provides a steady employment,having physical working conditions that are safe, not injurious to health, not stressful, and even comfortable.


PHP Developer (Symfony)

Kharkiv · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

PHP 7 Symfony OOP, SOLID PHPUnit MySQL, PostgreSQL Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch HTML, CSS, JavaScript Git AWS Ruby on Rails, RSpec

PHP, REST API, Symfony, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, RSpec, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Redis

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Интересуют только проекты на Symfony. Только Харьков.


Software Developer

Evropa, Ukraine · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

HTML5, BEM, PUG(Jade), CSS3, Sass(Scss), Less, Slylus, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, WordPress(wooCommerce plugins dev), Jekyll, C++, C#, Java, General knowledge of network protocols and networking (training courses Cisco, Panduit), SQL. Design / Interface (psychological features of working with applications, rules of perception, building rules), Game Design (game development, level building, plotting, balance) (Unity, Android, PC). General information about: design patterns, development methodologies (Agile & Waterfall). Some experience in the role of Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master - during educational projects within the educational system. Rapid adaptation to robot tasks and conditions.

Agile, Full stack, HTML, OOP, Photoshop, Project Management, React Native, Scrum, .NET, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, es6, Firebug, Frontend, game design, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, Product management, UML, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), AJAX, Angular, C#, Cisco, English, GUI, IntelliJ IDEA, Jade/Pug, Java, Jekyll, jQuery, Linux, MongoDB, MSSQL, MVC, nunjucks, Patterns, PHP, React, Redux, SASS, SCSS, SEO, SQL, Stylus, Ubuntu, Waterfall, Wordpress, WPF, C++, E-commerce, Gulp, LESS, MEAN, MySQL, Node.js, REST API, RUP, TypeScript, Visual Studio, WinForms, XML, AWS, bash, Jira, JSON, webpack, Jade, firebase, Adobe Photoshop, ES6+, React.js, React / Redux, SASS/SCSS, ES7, JIRA

Prize places at Olympiads and various IT competitions *. President of the scientific society in the university. * - ACM-ICPC, Hackathon, IT-Universe, regional Olympiads of almost all levels. ← my CV I do not want to work on projects alone! I long for communication, exchange of experience and joint work on projects, other options for me are less attractive. With pleasure I will learn new technologies. I like continuous development and progress, both for myself and my team and for projects. I do not want a monotonous routine work without growth, justification like as the line can be drawn in twenty different ways is not interested. Well: Interesting projects, teamwork, flexible methodology (primary), non-standard solution, new technologies, continuous development. Internal evolution of the company. Friendly team, coffee with milk and cookies! :)


Frontend Developer

Kyiv, London, USA, Canada, Berlin, Amsterdam, EU · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

i am a front end developer with 1+ years experience. i have built responsive web designs for schools and hospital. I have also worked as a freelance web developer on projects.i am currently building my portfolio using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

HTML5, JavaScript, Git, React, CSS, HTML, REST API, Bootstrap, Web Development, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3, WordPress, GitHub, MySQL

B.eng Computer Engineering from Covenant university (2018). Responsive web design certification from Freecodecamp(2019).

i am looking for IT/tech organizations where i can put my skills to use as well as learn from the top employees. i am also open to internship roles as i want to continue learning and get better everyday.

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