Architect, DevOps, Developer, Linux engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4200 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

DevOps engineer with 15+ years of experience. Architecture, implementing, launching and support of systems and solutions. * Operating systems: Linux, Unix * Programming languages: Go, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, shell * Automation tools: Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, Selenium * Version control systems: Git, Subversion * Virtualization: Vagrant, Docker, OpenVZ, KVM, Xen * Cloud computing: AWS, Azure * Logs: Graylog, EFK stack * Databases: Postgres, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL * Networking: OpenVPN, IPSec, Tor, proxies, firewalls * Web stuff: AngularJS, Django, Rails, PHP, nginx, Apache

Linux, Unix, Golang, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, Shell, bash, Ansible, puppet, Jenkins, Jenkins Pipelines, Selenium , Git, SVN, vagrant, Docker, AWS, Azure, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, OpenVPN, Firewalls, Networking, Security, Monitoring, Nginx, Apache, Virtualization, DevOps, graylog

* Drove the scaling of a DCI solution (Web content filtering) from 250MB/s to 8GB/s * Was a CIO * 18 years ago wrote and sold to a couple of small ISPs a simple billing system, that's it how it all began * I have two cats

I'm fond of systems architecture and automation. Relocation is possible, although limited to places with a warm sea nearby.

16 May

DevOps engineer 🔥

harkіv · $4000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Recruiters please read carefully my job expectations! Main skills: GCP (GKE, GCE), Docker, Kubernetes AWS (ECS, EKS, EC2, EBS, RDS, ELB, S3, VPC, CloudFormation,Codepipeline…), OpenVZ, KVM/XEN, VmWare MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Ansible, Puppet, Vagrant, Terraform, Helm, Packer HAproxy, Redis, cPanel, Cloudlinux,Nagios, Zabbix, Nginx, Apache, Bash, Python, Go, Awk/sed, Git, Jenkins Debian, CentOs, Ubuntu

AWS, Jenkins, Docker, Git, Ansible, Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes, Linux, bash, Google Cloud Platform, CI/CD

Linux stack, microservices, Sr.DevOps role in long-term project with devops team. In case Kiev - without relocate help and bonus nothing to talk, so don't spam, except of cases if you are really have relocation package - accommodation rent help and bonus and another salary rate level. I write twice - team of devops on the project, it mean more than one ) I prefer direct communications with customers.

15 May

Solutions Architect / SRE / Lead DevOps Engineer 

kyiv, Ukraine · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Over 12+ years of overall experience in different areas such as: - containers orchestration - cloud computing - distributed systems - high-load - continuous delivery - monitoring - operating systems - software development - etc.

Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Distributed Systems, Linux, system architecture, Docker, Git, Golang, Jenkins

- Designed cloud architecture for several projects including high-load; - Implemented Infrastructure as Code for several projects; - Implemented Continuous Delivery pipelines for several projects;

Desired conditions: - Challenging projects with cutting edge technology stack Startups are preferable

15 May

System administrator

Remote work, Ukraine · $6000 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Have managed whole IT infrastructure with few data centers for Europe region.

System administration, DevOps, VMware ESXi, Cisco, Linux, Corporate network security

Migration from legacy to the cloud, digital transformation

Interesting projects

14 May

DevOps engineer 🔥 

kyiv, Ukraine · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

AWS,​ ​ Docker,​ ​ Terraform,​ ​ Ansible,​ ​ Packer,​ ​ bash,​ ​ Python, JavaScript,​ ​ SQL,​ ​ ELK,​ ​ Rundeck,​ ​ Jenkins,​ ​ TeamCity,​ Qualys,​ Nikto,​ ​ BurpSuite,​ ​ nmap,​ ​ netcat,​ ​ hashcat,​ ​ jq,​ ​ sed,​ ​ awk.

AWS, Linux, TCP/IP, MySQL, bash, Networking, Nginx, Docker, Ansible, Python, Information Security

С головой окунуться в проект. Идея, дух Кремниевой Долины, ежеминутные челеджи и дедлайны. Среда с уклоном в распределенную экспертизу, где всеми доступными силами доставляют фичу конечному пользователю, воспринимают положительные (и, конечно же, негативные) фидбеки как объективный результат общего дела и, самое главное, - вкладывают душу в то, что они делают.

13 May

Technical Support Engineer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

На данный момент работаю на позиции Technical Support Engineer [L2] в продуктовой компании с очень кастомным софтом, не предполагающим большого разнообразия тулов/среды/серверов и, как следствие, практики и опыта в девопс направлении - куда и хотелось бы развиваться. Намереваюсь найти позицию саппорт инженера с перспективой роста в девопс направлении. Мотивации более, чем достаточно, чтобы освоить новые для меня технологии/языки программирования.

bash, DNS, Jira, Linux, MySQL, Nagios, Docker, Apache, Customer care, Agile, Project Management

Не работаю с софтом Microsoft и Microsoft-related (unless вы готовы учить с нуля - я не против).

13 May

Python/Django developer 🔥 

riga · $4500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Опыт разработки различных приложений на Python - 7 лет. Django, Scrapy, REST API (Django Rest Framework). Настройка development и production окружений на Vagrant + Ansible.

Django, Python, Ansible, Git, PostgreSQL, Flask, Amazon AWS

11 May

Software Engineer (.NET) 

worldwide · $3400 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Technical: General: C#, F#, Java, Scala, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, SQL, Azure, Microsoft Bot Framework, Git + Git Flow, IoC/DI, LINQ, SemVer. Testing: TDD, BDD, unit testing with nUnit/xUnit and NSubstitute, integration testing, automated testing, FluentAssertions. Tools: Redis, Swagger, Docker, creating CI/CD pipelines on VSTS/Jenkins, ARM templates, Azure Service Fabric, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, Serilog, ELK stack, Prometheus, Jaeger. Architecture/OOD: CQRS/ES/DDD, microservices, SOLID, GoF, UML schemas. and many many more... NonTechnical: Leading a local user group in the city with monthly events, Delivering technical trainings to both internal and external teams, Organizing technical conferences, Mentoring junior developers, Pair programming, Pair programming TDD sessions, Creating estimates for projects from scratch, Designing & estimating features, System design, Everyday communication only in English, working remotely as a part of a distributed team, Attending/leading daily scrum standups and weekly/monthly plannings, groomings and many many more...

Interested in: * DDD * TDD * CQRS/ES * modern distributed architecture * everyday communication in English * pair programming sessions * relocating/working onsite for some period of time * writing projects from scratch, design & estimate sessions * non-trivial domains * best case - product team, R&D or consulting If you have something from the top list, you are highly welcome to drop me a line. I believe in a perfect match! NO legacy, NO JavaScript, NO gambling, NO ads, NO blockchain, NO SEO projects, NO Russian language, NO relocate to another city of Ukraine. If you send me a message with something from this list, I'll just report you.

9 May

head of IT , head of IT infrastructure

vse · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Technical leader of IT infrastructure (Director of IT infrastructure, Head of IT infrastructure ) Responsibilities: • Managing several teams including project managers, SaasOps, IT Infrastructure, DevOps, IT Ops (customer support also) • Manage operations of Virtualization/UNIX/VmWare/Hyper-V platforms for corporate IT services, including configuration/deployment/administration/monitoring/incident&problem mgmt. Automation of these processes. • Implement CI / CD for internal SW-development, including IT-infrastructure and tools preparatory, projects configurations/deployment/assembly management. Automation of these processes. (Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Gitlab CI, Docker, Rancher) • Support of clients’ distributed cloud infrastructures, based on Amazon, Google Cloud, MS Azure, OpenStack, VmWare cloud technologies. • Defining applications metrics and implementation of applications monitoring (Nagios, Zabbix, Monitis, Munin, Monit, Graylog, Kibana + ElasticSearch, etc) • Standardization of customer support processes, determining the SLA level, metrics, regulatory procedures (including daily and monthly reports). • Development and operation budgets planning and monitoring (annual, quarterly, monthly). Ensuring financial goals and other agreed targets in all directions, budget planning and development management, decreasing costs of IT support. • Building-up, automation and re-engineering of business processes, implementation of such task management systems as Atlassian Jira, JIRA SD and RedMine, HP OpenView automating ServiceDesk (Atlassian Jira SD, HP OpenView). Tracking case/ticket lifecycle and KPI, SLA. • Human Resources, profiling, recruitment and testing (DISC, Adizes, etc.), preparation and implementation of training and development programs, the introduction of program "Book of the Week", "Key Skills".

cloud, ITIL, MANAGMENT, supporting, Saas Devops

1. Tech Lead and PM “Implementing a fault-tolerant infrastructure for a web application based on the cloud provider Amazon AWS” In order to implement the project, we have chosen to create IaaS – CloudFormation. Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Groups are used for auto-scaling and load balancing. The database is implemented on a high-performance cluster Amazon RDS (Aurora engine). The cluster has one master server (write) and two secondary ones (read). The source code of the project is stored in the GIT repository and compiled / expanded by Jenkins. Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront are used to ensure the rapid distribution of static content. Also, ElasticSearch is involved in the project. Its cluster is deployed by means of Amazon AWS (Amazon Elasticsearch Service). Service Redis is also executed as a service in Amazon AWS (Amazon ElasticCache). Monitoring of all resources is performed by Amazon CloudWatch. 2. Tech Lead and PM Current support system build on Redmine, (or hp openview, trello etc software) has very poor functionality , it is not align with Service Management requirements and does not have possibility to solve the following issues: • Service Management requirements like service catalog management, Service Level Agreement (SLA), IT Service Management processes (incident management, problem management, configuration management, asset management, knowledge management, etc.) are not realized in the current system, so we are not able to monitor properly completion tasks performed by support teams within SLA time; • For the time being many repetitive tasks (more than 1000) are performed by local administrative group regarding the User access; • Key Performance Indicators (like service compliance) could not be highlighted in the current system as well; • A single point of incidents is absent.

3 May

Senior/Lead DevOps/SRE/AWS cloud engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $5500 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Soft skills: Migrations, Team management, Project planning, Customer service, Incident resolution, Hiring, Mentorship Hard skills: AWS, DigitalOcean, RackSpace, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Ansible, Terraform, Packer, Kubernetes, Bash, PHP, Python, RabbitMQ, Solr5, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, CDN, DNS, MySQL, Haproxy, Nagios, Cacti, NewRelic, Jmeter, MailGun, Postfix, Exim, Qmail, SPF, DKIM, WHM/cPanel, Plesk

Ansible, Apache, AWS, bash, docker, Gitlab Pipelines, HAProxy, Jenkins, Nagios, Nginx, Plesk, rackspace, Terraform, WHM/cPanel, DNS, IaaC, Munin, MySQL, Git, Linux, Kubernetes, PHP, vagrant, Wordpress, Tomcat

Was leading the replatforming (migration from onpremise to AWS cloud applying the number of required changes) of big application that includes few dozens of components + legacy part: - Built CI/CD flow for all components with Gitlab CI/CD. - Switched from Jenkins to Gitlab CI/CD. - Complete review of all components, built the map of cross-dependencies. - Complete AWS infrastructure planning from scratch. - Described infrastrastructure as code with terraform. - POC switch from EC2 to ECS/EKS.

Ready to apply my soft and hard skills to make life easier for any development team, reduce runcost and improve reliability of the application that needs to run in AWS cloud. Looking for remote position of lead or senior DevOps/AWS Design Engineer in the team of responsible professionals, ways to improve hard skills (Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes,Google/Azure Cloud), and soft skills (Team management, Project planning). Fixed work hours, preferably in our time zone. No or few overtimes. No or rare business trips.

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