7 May

CTO, System Architect, Tech Lead

kiїv, harkіv, l'vіv, odesa, nyc, boston, bay area · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Have been a computer geek since before it was cool. Programming for two decades, these days I do all kinds of engineering: front-end, back-end and even reverse :-) Fluent english, strong leadership and management skills.

Rails, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Web Development, Algorithms, Automation, CSS3, DevOps, Highload, HTML5, JavaScript, Linux, Python, ReactJS, Test driven development (TDD), AWS, MySQL, Networking, Perl, PostgreSQL, Scala, Clojure, MongoDB, SQL, Agile, Scrum, REST API, Docker, Git

Majored in backend services and infrastructure of highload projects (>5M unique daily visits). Guided a team through a transition to a formal workflow, introduced devops practices, significantly improving development process. Architected and deployed a fair number of performance optimizations. Lead a greenfield project (rails and react) from discovery phase to production deployment, establishing team culture and best engineering practices (CI pipeline, pull requests, code reviews, automated style checks, etc). Developed low-latency network service (scala), an enterprise json-api service (scala), a ruby gem, an e-commerce application (rails), a semi-anonymous imageboard (javascript), an enterprise messaging application (rails, react.js), an MVP of an addiction treatment platform (rails), a real-estate marketplace webapp (rails, react.js). Presently working on advertising and real estate services (rails, react.js, python, scala, es2017, aws).

Looking for technically challenging problems, which may include, but not limited to highload devops, artificial intelligence, complex UIs, big data, low latency; mature startups, passionate product teams. Not looking for trivial, repetitive, lower-skilled occupations, outsourcing bodyshops.

3 May

Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $4500 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

For the last 7 years I've been working on the same company and saw it grow from a startup with 25 employees to a part of a huge enterprise - I've been at different positions - Engineer, Lead, Manger, Scrum Master - I've been in charge of moving project from rails 2.x to Rails 3.x to Rails 4.x I'm not afraid of any work - if things have to be done they will be done

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, Cucumber, AJAX, HAML, HTML, Jira, MySQL, RSpec, SCSS, Solr, JavaScript, PostgreSQL

I have my own implementation of a DSL that improves RSpec integration tests I have a technical blog

Things I'm looking for: - Strong coding culture - style guide, code reviews etc. - Tests - I love them - People I can learn good practices from - Management should consider opinion of engineers, at least - Flexible schedule (8h a day or part-time) - No React/Angular please

26 April

Senior Ruby Developer (full stack)

Remote work, Russia · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I participated in multiple Ruby projects, both as solo developer and in team. All recent projects I worked for were for Belgian customers. I created a successful RubyOnRails project from scratch. The project is in education industry and its functionality included managing teachers, courses, students, calculating payments for teachers and exporting them for bookkeeping. Project manager from the customer side was very happy to work with me, because of my deep understanding of customer needs and business analysis skills. Most common tasks I covered: full-text search (thinkingsphinx), PDF/CSV/XML generation, mobile-friendly geolocation (GoogleMaps, position tracking, marker clustering, paths), interaction with counterparties via their API (XML and JSON), integration with payment gateways, internal APIs implementation, and other tasks generally found in full-stack development. I trained a junior Ruby developer to middle level, he’s now supporting the projects I worked on after I left.

CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Linux, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

21 April

Project Manager, Development Manager

odessa, Ukraine · $4600 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JS, Project Management, Product Management, Development management, DevOps.

CSS, HTML, Jira, Project Management, Agile, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Product management, Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, SCSS

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент.

8 April

Senior Ruby Developer / Ruby Tech Lead

kyiv, Ukraine · $4500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Unix, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra. Javascript, jQuery, Ember.js, Vue.js, HTML 5, CSS 3.m Capistrano, Heroku. AWS. Postgresql, Mysql, MongoDB, Redis. Cucumber, RSpec.

CoffeeScript, HTML5, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, REST API, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AWS, ember.js, MongoDB, MySQL, RSpec, Unix, WebServices, CSS3, Cucumber, SASS, Vue.js, Scrum, Capistrano, Algorithms, SQL

During my professional career I've designed and implemented different software architectures, took part in different developers teams, had experience as a team leader and mentor. From time to time I take part in public meetings regarding to IT sphere. Also I feel passion to mentoring, I teach growing specialists at JavaScript courses.

Interesting challenging projects, good communication, professional growth.

6 April

Senior Software Engineer (Ruby, Golang)

Remote work, Ukraine · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

✅ 7+ years of web development experience, mostly backend related. ✅ 5+ years of Ruby experience. ✅ 2+ years of Go experience. ✅ Hands on experience with: Go, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Grape, RSpec, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS, Ansible, Capistrano, Docker, Elasticsearch, Git, JavaScript, Microservices, Nginx, REST API, Vue.js

RSpec, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Golang, REST API, Redis, AWS, Ansible, Capistrano, Docker, ElasticSearch, Nginx, Vue.js, SQL, Linux

✅ Various contributions to big open-source projects. ✅ Performance optimization: thousands requests per second isn't a problem.

I'm looking for a great, enthusiastic engineering team to work for that will provide me with challenging, interesting work that I can learn from and contribute to. Challenging tasks, opportunities to grow, flexible working hours are the most important to me in my next job.