Web Developer (JavaScript, React, SASS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery)

Remote work, Kyrgyzstan · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

List of skills - JavaScript (React.js, Redux, Thunk, React-Native) - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery. - Have some experience working with SASS

Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, AJAX, MongoDB, Node.js, Git, CSS, Redux, REST API, OOP, Trello, JSON, HTML, SASS, EcmaScript 6, Scrum, React.js

Первым проектом было мобильное приложение по доставке еды на React Native. My first project was mobile app for couriers for food delivery based on React Native.


React.JS Developer

Remote work, Georgia · $2500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My name is Shalva, I'm a front-end developer with 6+ years of experience. I'm proficient in Javascript, React, Redux, Vue.js, have worked extensively with NodeJS, Typescript, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. I'm interested in challenging new projects.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, HTML, React, Redux, Node.js, React-Router, Vue, Vue / Vuex, vue-CLI, AJAX, axios, TypeScript, WebSockets, Express, Mongoose, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, WebStorm, atom, GIT, vs code, JIRA, meistertask, trello, mocha, Selenium IDE, Jest, Enzyme, Ubuntu, bash, Docker, docker-compose, Networking, Windows

Looking for interesting and challenging projects

22 May

PHP Developer

Remote work, Germany · $2600 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

PHP 5/7, Yii1/2, ZendFramework(1/2/3), Doctrine, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OOP, MVC, REST API, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Google API's, Payment system API, Git, svn, React, Vue, Less, Sass, Bower

AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Jira, JS, JSON, Linux, MVC, MySQL, SVN, XML, Zend Framework (ZF), Yii, React, Symfony, PHP, Git, jQuery, REST API, OOP, Yii2, Back-End, PostgreSQL, PHP5/7

Developed various types of projects, realty sales project, domain managing systems, project for working with Google Adwards, implementing various APIs, sports prediction site and other, RESTfull APi

I'd like to work on interesting project using modern technologies.

22 May

Senior/Lead Fullstack Javascript Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $10000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Frontend:​ Vue, React, KnockoutJs Backend:​ Node.js (express, koa) Databases:​ MSSQL, MongoDB Testing:​ Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Selenium DevOps:​ Docker and Kubernetes, Jenkins and CircleCi, GitHub and GitLab Platforms:​ MacOS, Windows

JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Node.js, Jest, Express.js, MongoDB, MSSQL

10+ years of experience mostly in e-learning software development 8+ years of experience in building web applications using latest frameworks 3 years of teaching experience - frontend basics and single page application development several own pet projects in various fields

I don't want to work with finances and gambling

22 May

.Net Developer 🔥

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

C#, JavaScript, .NET, ADO.NET, Dapper, Design Patterns, Scrum, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Unit testing, AWS lambdas, MS SQL, RabbitMQ, Docke, .NET Core Experience with: Data Migration, Performance improvements, API from ground, custom content management systems development, microservices built based on AWS lambdas + API gateway.

.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, mvc, C#, Design Patterns, HTML, LINQ, MSSQL, OOP, T-SQL, CSS, Entity Framework, JavaScript, Scrum, sitefinity cms, SQL, Git, REST API, .NET Core, Visual Studio, RabbitMQ, Docker containers, Docker

Experience of leading a team consisting of 3 developers, daily customer communication (USA)

Newest tech stack: .Net Core, unit testing, constant code reviews and intense development of modern APIs. Can handle full stack tasks if needed. Preferable product companies, startups, useful interesting tools and apps development.

22 May

Front-end developer

kiїv · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hard skills (1,5 years +): • HTML5/BEM methodology; • CSS/Bootstrap; • Responsive Web Design; • JavaScript/jQuery/React; • AJAX/XMLHttpRequest; • Node.js/Express/Mongoose; • MongoDB; • Git/GitHub; • Gulp. Soft skills (10 years +): • Commercial X-functional Projects' Leading/SCRUM knowledge; • People management/development; • Solid presentation skills; • Business representation. Project work experience: Innovation Project Leader. • Providing world class commercial project management for Products Innovation pipeline. • Leading directly the biggest (Blue Chips) project management, including: project teams, timeline, cost of change control, cross-functional management, risk control & trade-offs. • Managing the x-functional team to deliver against the agreed milestones, clearly communicating expectations and deadlines for deliverables. • Proactively assessing and managing risk including understanding and challenging assumptions to ensure project remains robust at all times. • Effectively managing projects through the Stage Gate process from initial idea into execution. Identifying creative solutions that deliver a robust business model, leveraging existing assets and expertise where possible, including contact with third parties/contract manufacturers.

JavaScript, Git, CSS, Node.js, Redux, React, HTML5, Gulp, Express JS, AJAX, Bootstrap, jQuery

I am a lifelong learner. I was a successful lawyer/manager but always wanted to broaden my expertise to get the maximum of my self-realization. Once I tried to code I fell in love with this activity. So, I want to do what I like the most and be happy and succesful with this activity. Below there is the list of trainings and courses I took part: Front-End Developer/Advanced JS from DAN IT (10 months). Junior Fron-End DEveloper from Beetroot Academy (6 months). Program Development Managers “Marketing” from MIM Kiev (6 months). Introduction to Strategy, Problem Solving and Story lining - internal company's training. Crisis Solutions in Communications - internal company's training. Leaders of Managers - company's education program.

I love to write code as well as driving, challenging, team work with delivered result. I am definitely a team player but can be a team leader too, can take more responsibility if it is necessary. So, I am looking for an interesting, chellenging, perspective work in friendly team. Money is important for me, so I expect a fair remuneration for my work.

21 May

Team Lead / Tech Lead / Solutions Architect / Head Of Engineering / CTO

Remote work, Ukraine · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Started as a frontend developer, but quickly expanded the knowledge in other areas of software development, mainly backend and DevOps. Also good at team management. Created a Ukrainian division of the American outsourcing company and assembled a team of 20 engineers and testers. My main responsibilities were managing the scope and delivery of projects, mentoring engineers, acting as a pre-sales consultant and developing key components of the projects. I can bring the most value in: - disaster recovery projects where the company needs to change the situation with the product and pivot ASAP - projects, where one person with the experience to start the project from scratch and bring it all the way to support, is needed

Agile, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Linux, MacOS, Node.js, React, React Native, .NET, ASP.NET, Azure, C#, MongoDB, Vue.js, AWS, MySQL, NoSQL, Python, nestjs, Project Management, Scrum, SQL, Angular

- Challenging engineering tasks - Team leadership opportunity - Participation in the pre-sale phase if you are a service company - Technology assessments and comparisons

20 May

Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer with over 10+ years of experience. Began career as a Systems Engineer (Infrastructure, pre-devops), turned to Backend (Python and Ruby), now mainly doing Frontend and Full Stack projects. Using React since before it was cool. Functional programming, Clojure fan. Linux for over 15 years. Can lead teams if necessary, own parts of the product.

React, Frontend, Full stack, Clojure, D3.js, JavaScript, Node.js, Linux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React / Redux

Created a custom Linux-based offering for small to medium businesses, that included a router with firewall, email, webmail, spam detection system in one box. Built a Single Sign On solution from scratch. Made a custom visualization library for React based on D3.js Took a complex Frontend project from specs to finish by myself

Remote only Some process set up ( no constant firefighting, no on-call ) A team of seasoned developers or a team that needs to be led

20 May

Full Stack Developer 🔥

$5000 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Разработка API на Node.js Разработка API на Golang UI на React + Redux Разработка рекламного движка

JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Express.js, Docker, TypeScript, REST API, Golang

Самостоятельно переписал приложение со старого Angular на React Придумал архитектуру движка для рекламы Написал AI бота для игры в Gomoku, который легко обыгрывает человека

Рассматриваю варианты переезда из Украины в развитые страны.

20 May

Java Developer 🔥

kiїv · $2000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

( дуже прошу читайти опис, а не тільки заголовок) # Технічний Досвід * Java - на рівні Senior/Team Lead, 9 років досвіду. Вмію писати якісний код по всім канонам, проекти будь-якої складності, налаштовувати інфраструктуру, комунікувати з клієнтами, планувати, менторити джуніорів. Працював з хмарами AWS, GCP. Писав мікросервіси з Docker, kubernetes. Є досвід з чергами(JMS), кеш, NoSQL рішення, балансери. Розумію як проаналізувати надійність архітектури або спроектувати її по заданим вимогам. * JavaScript - (middle+) написав не один проект з нуля. * CI/CD, Agile/Scrum - middle+. * Працював над банківськими проектами, стартапами в різних сферах в Україні, США, Нідерландах. # Відповіді на часті питання 1. Чи працювали ви з технологією Х? - Якщо технологія на Java, то скоріш за все працював. Навіть якщо ні, розберуся дуже швидко. Немає такої технології з якою я не справлюся. 2. Скільки років у вас з технологією Х? - достатньо щоб з нею працювати. Я не зможу більш конкретно відповісти. Виокремити по часу складно. Це як — ви писали тексти? Скільки у вас досвіду з буквою "ц"? 3. Рівень англійської? - Вільний. Два роки в англомовному середовищі не пройшли даремно. 4. Графік роботи. - 24 дні відпустки мені мало. Я хочу мати відпустку 1 тиждень через кожні 3-5 тижні. Брати своїм коштом мене повністю влаштовує. Якщо такий графік для проекту не підходить, вам потрібен інший кандидат. 5. Зарплатні очікування? - Цей пункт не принциповий. Домовимось. Пункт 4 набагато важливіший для мене. 6. Овертайми. - Є проекти де це трапляється часто і вимагає лояльності зі сторони співробітників. З іншого боку в мене є досвід роботи в проектах (всі голландські компанії) де ніхто не спішить, але всюди встигають. Це питання навичку планування, психологічної стабільності й культури. Коротко, овертайми — не варіант для мене. Я вмію працювати так щоб їх не було. 7. Старт на новому місці. - З 20-го квітня. 8. ФОП? - Є! 3-я група.

Spring, Java, Hibernate, Maven, Git, SQL, JUnit, OOP, REST API, JDBC, Tomcat, JPA, Apache Camel, Java SE, BDD, React.js, Spring Framework, PowerMock, Jira, AWS, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Dropwizard, JMS, Hazelcast, Groovy, Gradle, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, Spring Boot, ActiveMQ, bash, Linux, Python, Algorithms, Docker, NoSQL, Node.js

- організатор ІТ-спільноти 1300+ учасників

Хочеться працювати з приємними, адекватними, емоційно стабільними людьми, спілкування з якими приносить задоволення. Рахуватися з думкою і емоціями колег - обов'язково.

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