junior java developer

Киев · $600 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Java, HTML, CSS, C (plain), Blockchain

C, Git, HTML, OOP, Java, CSS, RegularExpessions, Terminal, Design Patterns, JavaScript, JUnit, Maven, MySQL, PHP, Selenium, XML

Ищу первую работу на Java. Опыт: некоммерческий, больше года программирования на языке Си (UNIT Factory). Курсы Джава - ООП, понимаю паттерны, jUnit, Agile, Git, Maven. Пишу пэт-проджект с использованием SQL. Базовая верстка: разбираюсь в HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. Высший балл по математике Проекты: - Java: парсинг NAPTR - Java: Selenium web mail automation app.


C++ Tech/Team Lead

Киев, Чернигов · $4950 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

C/C++ Embedded/Automotive(+Yocto, Linux/Fedora) Computer Vision(OpenCV, etc.), image/video processing, neural networks, even blockchain OpenCL, CUDA tech, Graphics(shaders, OpenGL), sometimes act as Product/Project Management (sometimes means 10+ years)

Algorithms, Assembler, C/C++, Multithreading, OpenCV, Product management, Project Management, Agile, Boost, Linux, Matlab, OpenCL, Yocto, Machine Learning, MySQL, Perl, C#, Python, Unity3D, .NET, CUDA, Git, C, Embedded

Short: delivery of large projects (game engine parts, graphics) for 500+ clients, 8+ years of team management, people coach, CTO/PM for startup projects C/C++ dev continuously last 20 years. R&D, SW development in Automotive/Computer Vision Area For precise info pls check my LinkedIn account.

Embedded/Automotive, Computer Vision, Image/Video processing Sometimes HW development Preferable remote or office + remote

20 марта

Software Developer

Киев, Львов, Харьков, Одесса, Днепропетровск · $400 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

STL, Algorithms, Multithreading, C/C++, Git, MySQL 5.7.21, Windows, OOP, Networking, Java, Delphi, Unity3D, C#, Mathematics, Algorithms and Data structures

19 марта

Lead/Senior C++ Software Engineer 🔥 

Київ · $4500 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Proficient in modern C++(14/17). Also familiar with: C#, Python, JavaScript. Experienced in Windows user and kernel space development. Self-motivated and enthusiastic about my job. Communicative, leading by example.

C/C++, Windows, WinAPI, C#, JavaScript, Python, Assembler, Multithreading

Challenging tasks, communicative team, comfortable working environment, flexible working hours

18 марта

Senior Software Engineer 🔥

Харьков · $3500 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Brain/Out As member of small team of 2 members, made an online multiplayer shooter for PC. The project has reached 2,000 concurrent players and has one million installs. Deuterium Wars A PC/Mobile MMO shooter (still in development). Company: Discquire Duty: Python/C/C++, Backend, Business logic, networking, social services Blitz Brigade Online multiplayer shooter for mobile. Company: GAMELOFT Duty: C++, Business logic, networking, social services Blitz Brigade Online multiplayer shooter for mobile. Company: GAMELOFT Duty: C++, Business logic, networking, social services Blitz Brigade Online multiplayer shooter for mobile. Company: GAMELOFT Duty: C++, Business logic, networking, social services

C++, Git, OOP, Linux, STL, Python, Algorithms, Multithreading, C, Embedded, Windows, Design Patterns, Networking, SQL, Visual Studio, bash, Boost, Java, С++, STM32

As member of small team of 2 members, made an online multiplayer shooter for PC. The project has reached 2,000 concurrent players and has one million installs.

18 марта

Junior Software Engineer

Kyiv or abroad · $1000 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Alfa Bank Ukraine Software Engineering Trainee July – August 2017 Treasury Project - order accounting system for in-house usage. Responsibilities: - Consistently added new functionality to the front-end part of the system, using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and ASP.NET. - Worked by the Agile methodology (Scrum), regularly participating in sprint plannings, stand-ups and code reviews and working with TFS. Key achievements: - Reduced server load by fixing the problem with many redundant Ajax requests which were sent to the server. DESTUDIO, LLC Software Engineering Trainee July – August 2016 Browser 2.5D game for the social network "VKontakte". Responsibilities: - Diligently added new shaders and animations, fixed broken animation timings, using Java and MySQL + phpMyAdmin.

C++, Git, C#, SQL, JavaScript, AWS, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Jenkins, OOP, Algorithms and Data structures, .NET, Continuous Integration, React.js, Express.js, SOLID

Has been the best student of the university group for three years, maintaining GPA close to 95/100. Was awarded S. A. Lebedev Scholarship two years in a row. Seven times has been the leader of project developing teams (2 - 5 people) at the university, every time getting grade A (91+/100).

I'm open to learning new things and looking for interesting problems to solve while working with a great team on something that matters.

18 марта

Developer C++/QT/QML

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Programming Language C++, Bash: experienced, Perl, JS : basic IDE Qt Creator, VS, XCode, VS Code Products QT 5, QML, QQUick, Malterlib, Git, Perforce, Svn, BitBucket, Apache Tomcat, ORGA billing system(BS), Node.js, React DBMS Oracle DB Operation System Windows: XP/7/8/10 Unix/Linux: Hp-Ux, Solaris, Debian, OpenSuse Mac OS: 10

C++, QML, Qt, STL, Linux, Boost, Perl, SQL

I have been involving on process mainly working around PM direction like implementing agile tool, also have been working about integration product with different system like Jira, Slack, Perforce, etc. Worked on automotive project as well.

Main interest: Qt/QML/C++. It's okay with me to do some low level C++ things, also I would like to work on algorithms direction. I have been started to learn JS recently, make progress on Product-Slack integration, will be perfect to continue developing this skills.

16 марта

Data Scientist

Удаленная работа, Czechia · $2600 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Produced data processing and testing pipeline for financial trading system and optimization of its algorithms. Used statistical approaches to introduce some guarantee for optimization. - Created plant image recognition service for experts in the field. - Developed Client-Server application for large hospitality business in C++/JavaScript. - Worked on improvement of open-source DNS that's used in several countries

Python, Machine Learning, numpy, Deep Learning, scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Git, pandas, SQL, Math, Linux, Keras, Data Mining, Data Science, NLP, computer vision, C++, Jira, PyTorch, Docker, regression

15 марта

Embedded software engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $300 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Experience in developing embedded systems for nuclear and automotive industry based on microcontrollers and microprocessors. 9 years in nuclear industry. 1 year in automotive industry. Experience in developing and debugging devices based on AVR, Stm32, blackfin microprocessors.

Successfully implemented projects. IELTS, HSK certificates.

14 марта

Разработчик Java

Киев · $600 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am a student at UNIT Factory who is constantly looking to improve and acquire experience and knowledge in the programming world. Skills: • Java core • CSS, HTML • SQL, basic no-SQL • Advanced level of English • OOP Concepts • Linux bash • Git version control • Gradle, Maven • Basic Hibernate • Tomcat • Basic Spring, boot, data • REST Projects: • a library of functions (such as get_next_line() strcpy() etc.) that I had to rewrite for further use; • a game bot that had to occupy the most space on a given map; • a program to find the most efficient route for multiple objects (in Java and C); • a complete rewrite of the function printf() with some bonus additions; • a project that consisted of a virtual machine, a compiler and a champion, where I`ve enhanced my algorithmic skills and dived deep into memory manipulations and low-level programming; • a fast-paced course in C++ and OOP basics at UNIT Factory; • a web application using Angular, Spring boot, Hibernate and Azure; • a minimal aircraft simulation program based on a given UML class diagram; • a program that solves polynomial equations of degree less than or equal to 2.

Spring, Hibernate, Java, Maven, Git, SQL, OOP, JUnit, JDBC, Tomcat, HTML, Linux, CSS, JSP, English, REST, Design Patterns, SpringBoot, OOD, Spring Boot, Java Core, Apache Tomcat, Gradle, Spring Data

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