C++ Tech/Team Lead 

Kyiv, Chernigiv · $5100 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

C/C++ Embedded/Automotive(+Yocto, Linux/Ubuntu/Fedora) Computer Vision(OpenCV, etc.), image/video processing, neural networks, even blockchain OpenCL, CUDA tech, Graphics(shaders, OpenGL), sometimes act as Product/Project Management (sometimes means 10+ years)

Algorithms, Assembler, C/C++, Multithreading, OpenCV, Product management, Boost, Linux, OpenCL, Yocto, Python, CUDA, Git, C, Embedded, Automotive, C++, Gstreamer, DeepStream, TensorRT, TCP/IP, Networking

Short: delivery of large projects (game engine parts, graphics) for 500+ clients, 8+ years of team management, people coach, CTO/PM for startup projects C/C++ dev continuously last 20 years. R&D, SW development in Automotive/Computer Vision Area For precise info pls check my LinkedIn account.

Embedded/Automotive, Computer Vision, Image/Video processing Sometimes HW development Preferable office + remote

17 September

C++ Developer

Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

-C++ courses; -pet projects on C++ (like writing decipherers) with using STL, multithreading, OOP and OOD; -automatization of business processes; -working on data algorithms optimization; -pet project using C#/Unity; I am currently looking for any exciting commercial experience with C++ and various features connected to it.

C++, Git, STL, OOP, Multithreading, Algorithms, SQL, Design Patterns, Game Development, GameDev, English, C

Recreated script for gathering and sorting data in a more efficient way.

It would be a pleasure for me to get any decent C++ development commercial experience, however preference is set for a game development companies.

16 September

Solutions architect/Head of engineering 

Detroit · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Solutions architect with 10-year background in embedded systems. I passionate starting with blank and ending with a working solution with aim to make happy everyone using it. With a top-notch engineering background from university, designing hardware, writing embedded firmware, minimizing of power consumption as well as leading teams of smart and talented people. I have been leading offshore software team delivering to Jawbone new technologies and being involved in design of products.

ARM, C/C++, Device Drivers, Git, GitLab, Golang, MQTT, System Architects, UML, Wearable devices, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, Bluetopia Stack, CMake, Dash7, Docker, hardware design, IoT, Jira, Kubernetes, LoRa, mbed, OS Development, Product Design, STM32, AMQP, AWS, Bootloaders, Nordik SDK, Openwrt, Power management, Project Management, RabbitMQ, Apache Thrift, GKE, Lua

I'm responsible successes at NotifAi and as key contributor creating a substantial and strategic Intellectual Property portfolio. Driving opensource Golang MQTT server

A responsible and creative position in a product company, which meets my level of expertise, with the possibility to make decisions, set standards, transfer experience and knowledge, train colleagues and express and improve myself.

14 September

C++ Developer

Lviv · $1500 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have written app to support blockchain currency for Ledger Nano S and Skywallet.

C++, Git, Python, Embedded C, Flask, Multithreading, Qt, Linux, Assembler, cryptography, Boost

I have created a computer, based on the Z80 processor, with peripheral, which can communicate with a user using a keyboard and monitor and have written drivers for it on ZASM by myself. Also made distributed building system for C/C++.

Mostly, I'm looking for an interesting project, in which I can get new experience. Now I'm studying in university, so looking for a part-time job.

12 September

Middle C++ Developer

Kharkiv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3d FPS Project is based on C++, OpenGL and Leadwerks Game Engine. UA company 24 months Team Lead (C++)  developing and coaching and mentoring others  decision-making  negotiating 4-7 team members C++, OpenGL, LWGE, Lua FSeC Patch Multi-functional hex editor for any puposes RUS company 6 months C++ Developer(TeamLead)  app development  testing  shipment preparation 3 team members C++, QT, VCL IOT Monitoring system for swimming pool System for monitoring different parameters of water condition(e.g. temperature, lightning, pollution) based on Raspberry PI and sensors INDIAN company 7 months C++ Developer  system architecture design  development of uses to work with sensors  development of algorithm for data analysis 4 team members C++, QT, MySql, PHP, HTML, CSS(partly) IOT USBCrytoK Device for crypto algorithm based on modified AES algorithm for user authentication to access critical data UA 6 months C/C++ developer, ADSP-2106 ASM developer  develop desktop solution  develop ADSP-2106 algorithm 3 team members C++, QT, ADSP-2106 CertiSignation (RSA) Solution for applying digital signature based on modified RSA algorithm to critical data German company 8 months C++ Developer  develop algorithm realization  creation of user-friendly GUI interface C++ QT, WinAPI, CryptoAPI, RSA McNie PostQuantum Cryptography Algorithm Solution based on McNie algorithm for efficiency and security tests USA company 3 months C++ Developer(TeamLead)  develop algorithm realization  creating tests 2 team members C++, QT IOT Automotive Secure Device(ASD) System for monitoring intrusion protection of automobile systems using CAN German company 10 months C++ Developer, Researcher  research bottlenecks of automobile system security  creation of monitoring system to disable probable intrusion C++, QT SkyCodec Development of loseless data compression algorithm Cyprus/USA companies 24 months C++ Developer(TeamLead)  developing and coaching and mentoring others  decision-making  shipment management 8 C++, QT

Git, C++, OOP, STL, Linux, Multithreading, Algorithms, Python, Qt, Embedded, C, Visual Studio, usb

Automated e-mail delivery to databases Verification system of IMAI iPhone Extend the functions of the standard Windows Explorer Educational projects with WinAPI (working with networks (for example, a utility for working with wifi), chats, injectors, protectors, working with WinSockets) Projects on steganography of images GUI library for the console for C ++ applications The system of users accesses to information on the key (as a key usb media) using the AES algorithm. Autobot to work with targeted advertising (partially) Live wallpapers for Windows EDS system based on RSA and md5 Patchpieces for programs OpenGL games (LWGE) Visual Image Editor Clickers, web site parsers

10 September

Senior C/Embedded developer

Kyiv · $4500 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I'm a "full stack" Linux developer, with 10 years experience covering hardware bring-ups, boot loaders, kernel module/driver development and C++ in userspace. Currently my focus is kernel development, I'm looking for technically challenging projects in kernel space (bootloaders, bring-ups, driver/kernel work, hypervisors, etc).

C/C++, Embedded, Linux, STL, bash, Boost, Rust, u-boot, Perl, Pyton, Yocto, QML

ARMv7 emulator capable of booting Linux, written from scratch in Rust, written as a hobby project. Boot/platform responsible person in my current and previous job.

Senior level work in embedded/systems programming, the lower level is, the better (e.g. driver development is preferable, but userspace might also be ok)

9 September

Middle Android Developer

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

June 2016 – December 2016: software engineer I created and developed an application which receives, handle and store information about flashes of lightning and another meteorological information, also I used to implement internal tasks. January 2017 – June 2017: software engineer I worked in a CCTV company. I rebuilt, ported and enhanced existing Qt-based applications under different platforms such as macOS and Windows. I gained a lot of experience working with FFmpeg and qml itself. July 2017 –present time: software engineer I have participated in different projects: 1.NetByNet STB/ Beeline STB.. Our team created and developed a high-level application which works on STB and allows users to have access to digital television content provided by a widely spread provider NetByNet and Beeline. Implementations of back-end requests due to REST API. Tools: LeanBack, ButterKnife, Retrofit, OkHttp, REST API,Dagger 2,RxJava. 2.RofesPlus/Fito. Front-end development using ButterKnife and other libraries.

Android SDK, Android Studio, GCC, HTML, Java, Jira, libpcap, Linux, OOP, Pascal, QML, Qt, REST API, Retrofit, SQL, STL, Ubuntu, VirtualBox, Windows, XML, C/C++, Delphi, ffmpeg, leanback, Firebird, Lua, bash, Visual Studio, Picasso, Room, Dagger 2, ButterKnife

A highly motivated and experienced developer currently looking for new challenges and opportunities. Last 3 years I've developed numerous excellent applications. My ability to develop application has resulted in increased business communications between Earth Networks and my first organization. When I worked in Partizan Security basically I rewrite a whole application thus I made it be distributable all over the world. Now I'm developing applications that millions of users use all over the world. During my university time, I had developed an application which optimizing OS work. I had developed an analog of tcpdump. I had developed a calculator which can make the operations of the divide, multiply, subtract and addition in different numeral systems. Also, exist huge numbers of arithmetic and boolean operations for working with a binary system.

Interesting projects.

7 September

Junior C++ Developer, Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $100 · Advanced/Fluent

I am a civil engineer who has 6-year experience in the field as Technical Engineer. During the aforementioned period I have worked in diverse environments around the world at challenging industrial projects. I am, also, candidate of MSc. Software Engineering at Kiev Polytechnic Institute. As a technical engineer, my main duty was not only to come up with civil engineering solutions for the projects I have worked, but also writing some scripts to streamline daily routine works, such as frequent test results' analysis, repetitive budget updates, preparation of the reports or creating basic applications. In addition to writing scripts, since I enjoy coding, I started learning basics of software engineering and logic behind programming by profiting self-guided learning tools. So I have been studying on C/C++, Python-3, common algorithms, data structures, most common problems and solutions techniques etc. for couple of years. Eventually I have decided to have proper education and study on software engineering at university. For this purpose, I have taken necessary actions and started studying at KPI for MSc. Software Engineering. In these days, not only I stay focused on my courses and even challenge myself to learn more by studying additional online content, but also looking for a position in the industry without any beneficiary expectations. I strongly believe that by studying and working simultaneously, I will improve myself not only academically, but also in terms of real programming world implementations. I also firmly believe that my enthusiasm and motivation regarding software engineering will add value to the any position I work and ultimately the organization where mentioned position is held. Thank you for your time to read my summary. Have a nice day.

C ++ , C / C ++ , Visual Studio , Python , Algorithms , SQL , Windows , OOP, Algorithms and Data Structures, STL, Windows, Git

7 September

Middle C++-developer 

Prague, Czech Republic · $1950 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Started my career @ Game Insight, worked on: - Big Business Deluxe ( - Junior Developer, maintenance, bug fixing - Mystery Manor ( - Middle Developer, porting pure Objective-C game to crossplatform C++ in-house engine Moved to Prague (Czech Republic) to work on enterprise banking projects in a multinational corporation. Worked with C++ for 3,5+ years, have expertise in: - C++11 (move semantics, smart memory, lambdas, threads), C++03, STL, Boost, algorithm development, assessment, architecture development, optimization. Have experience presenting and explaining my own solutions to the public. Can build coding pipeline from the ground up. I'm specializing on business logic, algorithms, structures, architecture, not math programming: I'm comfortable with basic linear algebra, probability theory, Boolean algebra, graphs and geometry, but barely anything beyond this level. On the other hand I have no problem learning advanced maths if objectively really needed. None needed so far ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

C, C++11, C++03, Git, Unix, CMake, Java, TypeScript, Android SDK, Boost, Python, Boost

Wrote real-time code for embedded as well as enterprise fin data processors. Worked with C++11 as well as old C++03.

Not interested in working in Ukraine or CIS. Technical: * Version control system: just have one. Preferably not Perforce, but ok - it's better (?) than nothing in the end. * Build system: either you use mainstream one like Make/CMake/Autotools/etc or have a responsible supporting maintainer for custom one. Working with a build system with as much as few e-mails left from its' original development in early 00's is a big nope. * Task tracker: Redmine/Jira/Bugzilla/etc, doesn't matter as soon as you have one. Shared Excel/GSheet is definitely not one. * Both styleguide AND naming conventions: I don't care whether you force Java or Allman style indents, tabs or spaces, CamelCase or snake_case, as soon as you have coding standards: documented and/or set up technically (by the means of clang-format, astyle or any other tool). By "have" I mean "force". * Debugging: the project must have fully-functional debuggable build. By debuggable I mean there should be working breakpoints, stack and variable views. GUI is not mandatory, CLI like gdb is fine. Debugging using asserts and logs only is not considered one. * Code analysis: cross-review, static analyzers (cppcheck/PVS-Studio/etc), lizard, ASan, etc. The more code is analyzed - the better (at least from time to time). * CI: optional if PM's don't trigger devs to build the project every other day. It's okay if you miss something mandatory from the above list but want to introduce - I'd be glad to assist the process. Other: * Contractor-friendly or visa support: I'm a non-EU resident, but backed by an umbrella agency in Czech. * Relocation bonus * Access to web radio and audio streaming services (Spotify, Google Music) * Open source project: optional, HUGE plus * I'm sick of being asked basic questions like how do STL containers and algorithms work, what happens if constructor throws exception, what sorting algorithms I know, etc, etc, or to tell my autobiography in English. Only questions related to your project problems and solutions please. * Ability to talk to direct superior dev or CTO and one of colleague middle devs before signing the contract

6 September

[REMOTE/PARTTIME] C++/Math/Algorithms/Color

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Main stack: Algorithms/Math С++/С++11/С++14/С++17; Python & its ecosystem; MATLAB GoogleTest Multi-threading Boost, Qt Visual Studio/CMake/Make OS: Windows/Linux Additional: Java, C#, HTML5/JavaScript, ... Specializations: Advanced in Color Science, Image Processing, Computer Vision Advanced in BitLocker Device Encryption technology Intermediate in Deep Learning Linux kernel

C++, Multithreading, STL, Algorithms, CMake, Visual Studio, Git, Linux, Python, C, Boost, Windows, Qt, Design Patterns

I have 30-40 hours *per month*, do a quality work and am interested in establishing a long term cooperation. The projects themselves could be both small and large.

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