Product Designer

Kyiv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Using a human-centered design approach, I produce problem-solving solutions helping people and businesses make better products, services and other kinds of experiences.

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Figma, Sketch, mobile design, Wireframes, WEB DESIGN, Interactive prototyping, UI/UX, User Flows, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Zeplin, InVision, Product Design, Principle, Cinema 4D

Выиграл хакатон в MIT Media Lab создав звуковой навигационный интерфейс для слепых людей.

Профессиональный рост. Сложные задачи. Дружелюбный коллектив. Инновационный подход.


Project/Delivery Manager CSPO,CSM

Kharkiv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

~Launching digital projects for Mcdonalds ~ Leading junior PMs ~ Managing development of the - Big Data solutions - iOS/Android apps - custom ecommerce platforms, which allows to easily integrate with ERP, CRM - custom CMS system for A/B testing and analytics - ticketing system integrated with Stubhub - finance system and returns portal for the delivery company - ERP and order management systems, which speeded up system in 3 times and ensured business 100% year on year growth - task management platform for Customer service ~ Providing various solutions for automatization of the resource planning, project reporting, retrospectives ~ Leading R&D department, checking trends, conducting pitches ~ Assisting with the implementation of the departmental plans, goals, objectives and evaluation procedures ~ Creating company templates for estimates, handover and specifications ~ Initiated applying risk identifying and mitigating strategies ~ Configuring Jira according to the project peculiar properties ~ Improving clients’ processes using value stream mapping and Gemba approach ~ Constantly monitored and reported on the progress of 25 devs on 3 active accounts: working hours, estimation, budget and plan

Business Analysis, collaboration, English, Jira, Leadership, Magento, Monitoring tasks, Project Management, Scrum, Agile, French, Impact Mapping, Kanban, Kano modelling, Kanvas, lean, road maps, Wordpress, HTML, CSS

Certified ScrumMaster/Certified Product Owner Certified Google Analytics Individual Technical education B2 French


Software Developer

Remote work, United States · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Had an experience: - project manager - web development of different apps - mobile, websites - business analyst - services integration, sowtware development analysis - Python software development. My most passion is to grow as a SW back-end dev

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Git, REST API, Docker, SQL, OOP, Jira, JSON

My last project - CRM web application development as a back-end developer. Python/Django, PostgreSQL

Love to build RESTful apps, TDD and self-development my key drivers


Automation QA Engineer, Python/Django developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $400 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

1 Year experience in the position of Python Automation Engineer. Python AQA of streaming box application for one of the biggest vendors of content in the USA.

Python, Git, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, Linux, SQLAlchemy, Selenium WebDriver, Pytest, OOP, Jira, Jenkins

- Automation testing with Python: writing, support and running of auto-tests - Creating Test Requirements Gathering and Analysis - Bug reporting, and tracking - Functional, Non - functional testing


HR consultant, HR, organizational coach

$3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have extensive experience in HR (an international consulting and audit company, IT, non-profit organizations/projects), dealing with building and implementing HR strategy from the scratch, leading recruitment teams, developing employer brand, creating and growing teams, training and coaching and other HR processes needed for achieving a company's business goals and employees' well-being.

Interviewing, Communication, Human Resources, Onboarding, adaptation, Team Building, Executive Search, HR Management, Employee Relations, Coaching, Poeple manager, Team Leadership, Analytical Skills, Talent acquisition, English, Personal impact & influence, Team management, Implementation of HR-­programs, Team building organization, planning, Internal communications management, Scrum, One to one meetings, Jira, IT-Recruiting, HR, Employee Engagement, HR Marketing, Analitical skills, Hiring, Employee retention

Growing the company from 35 employees to 90+ during 6 months. Building HR system from the scratch Building efficient communication between owners /CEO and HR to further develop both business and people-oriented company

I am quite flexible to consider different projects / vacancies if they let me apply existing skills, are challenging, bring a healthy balance between responsibility and freedom


Content Manager, Creative Copywriter, UX Product Writer, Content Strategist, Team Lead

Kyiv · $2700 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

For the last 5 years, I worked as a Senior Content Writer in a product company (gaming, gambling, betting), more than 3 years of experience as a Content Team Lead. I wrote, managed, edited, proofread all kinds of content (UX, interface, messenger posts, emails, calls-to-action, texts for website pages — Terms&Conditions, Policy, Payments, etc.) I created from scratch a content strategy for 5 inner products and assigned over 100 unique creative tasks each month (text and image) for emails and posts in messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram). I audited all the content of our product websites, including the forms of customer support answers (chat, phone), and brought all the content on the product to a single tone of voice. Also, I regularly launched A/B tests in emails (split buttons, images, subjects, titles, emojis) and analyzed data on OR, CTR, and money users paid after click to ensure we use only the best working words/images/calls-to-action, etc. What else? - I am funny. A storyteller who likes to make others laugh; - Strategically-minded and quicker to improve a brief than tear it apart; - Mildly obsessed with grammar, syntax, and brevity; - Generous with talents and collaborative in approach; - I see a creative opportunity in everything; - All-around team player, fast self-learning individual - Smart, problem solver I love to use memes, info trends, jokes, and hype events to make my content look funny and catching and make a user click and buy.

English, Jira, Team management, User Experience

- I researched how the phallic symbols and other sexual images influence the CTR. Spoiler: perfect. They outrun even women breasts, food, and Putin. - I established communication between departments that took part in the creative process (email marketing, content, design, layout, Q&A) - I made over 1000 unique creative pieces per year (messenger posts, emails) using memes, hype events, info trends, etc. - I increased email CTR by 15% due to the regular split tests (buttons, subjects, titles, number of lines in one scroll, etc.) - I made all the creative concepts of active working products (images, legend, heroes, etc.). Products still work successfully on European, American, Australian, Post Soviet markets.

I have a good sense of humor and self-irony, am not afraid to laugh at myself and adore using humor in the content I create. I am sure it is the easiest way to get through to the client with positive vibes. I am a good team player as well as I can work on myself. Actually, no preferences as I worked both ways effectively. Anyway, a friendly team atmosphere means the world to me. I dream of working in a team of professional creative players, where I can use all my potential in creating all kinds of funny, bright, and unique content that sells. What I DON'T want to write: long analytical articles on blockchain, finances, or any kind of strict business topics. I can. But I won't. I prefer short, eye-catching content after reading which one will feel as after visiting Louis C. K.’s stand-up. Well, maybe not so ambitiously, but I like to feel this way. People want to have fun — I like to make fun. I am always ready to get new knowledge and never stop learning. I'm looking for a place to stay for long, where I will contribute a lot as a creator and produce something unique that I will be proud of. What I CAN: - create a content strategy, use memes, funny jokes, info trends, hypes as I’m always aware of popular social events to use here and now (the market doesn’t matter — I worked both on Post Soviet market as well as on Scandinavian, Latin American, Australian, South European, etc.); - write catching copy to make clients click and buy; - brainstorm ideas, search, collaborate, work in a team or standalone, sell with words, make laugh, provoke — all one needs to achieve the primary business goals.



Kyiv, USA, EU, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

14+ years in the leadership roles as a CEO, Managing Director or Managing Partner. A unique blend of experience in terms of company stage (seed, growth, mature, exit), management level (Account manager, CEO, co-Founder, Board Director) and industry (Marketing communications, e-Commerce, Distribution, Insurance, CleanTech, Agro, Media, Wealth Management, Venture Capital/Private Equity, etc). Build and developed high-performance teams in tech startups, ad agencies, and financial organizations. Extensive experience of recruiting top-talent on various positions: CTO, Sales Director, Analyst, Strategy Director, Creative Director, CFO, CEO, Board Advisor, etc. Practical knowledge of fundraising process and expectations from the position of the CEO/founder and the Investor. MBA and executive education in TOP5 US business schools. Goal: Primary goal: CEO, COO or BDO role in a growing tech company with successful exit via Trade sale//IPO in 5-7 years. Primary interests: EdTech, Healthcare, Media and AgroTech. Ready to relocate.

CEO, Team management, Management, Business development, Fundraising, investment management, talent management, advisory board, independent board director, venture capital, Startups, business strategy, high-performance teams, managing director, corporate governance, team building, creativity, Marketing, advertising, private equity, Education, Healthcare, Agro, E-commerce, Cleantech, Strategic planning

- As an investment fund's partner: Initiated, managed and exited a complex deal of financing the acquisition by company its competitor to create a industry leader with realized deal's IRR of 35% on a multimillion transaction. - As CEO and a co-founder of a Marketing Communications group: Exceeded annual profit objectives and paid back the investment to shareholders within the 1st year of operations. - As a CEO of ad agency (affiliate of global network), managed its fast growth recruiting 34 new specialists in 6 departments within a short period of time (including pros from US, Canada, and Brazil). The agency was consistently ranked #1 or #2 in National Survey of all Ukrainian agencies as well as “The Most Creative and Innovative Agency in Ukraine".

Yes: - clear purpose and ambitious goals - small/medium size team (20-200 people) - result-focused and collaborative work ethic - high-growth fast-changing environment - creative problem-solving approach - focus on talent recognition and development No: - multi-level hierarchy and corporate politics - stable and highly-regulated environment - routine tasks - low autonomy - fixed compensation without upside


Head of PMO, Business Transformation Manager

any city, Kyiv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have twelve years of experience in PMO development, project | program management from initial idea to completion, in the IT, PMI qualified (master degree). Over the years, I have developed a wide range of applicable skills, including problem-solving, organizational skills, excellent communications skills, delegating and allocating tasks, team working and IT skills. I have the demonstrable ability in delivering substantial projects on time and within the specified budget and could bring these abilities to bear in your company.

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Team management, English, Waterfall, Risk management, Communication, project planning, Budget and Timelines Achievement, Product roadmap, Software development life cycle, Business Strategy, Motivation and engagement, SDLC, Release Management, Change Management, Jira/Confluence, Problem Solving, Process optimization, Delivery Manager

выстроил процессы разработки с 0 в нескольких компаниях, обеспечил масштабирование компаний, построил проектный офис для крупного холдинга в 5500 человек (EMEA+APAC+NA), внедрил гибридные методологии управления проектами, создал и запустил стратегию автоматизации пром. предприятия (30 000 человек)

Долгосрочное сотрудничество, максимальное применение накопленных экспертных знаний, развитие профессиональных навыков и компетенций в вашей компании


Junior Project Manager

Lviv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project Coordinator: • Getting briefs from the team about clients’ requirements; • Keeping contact with clients in order to maintain a steady workflow; • Making sure that the software meets the Client’s standards; • Making sure the software requirements aligns the briefs given by the team or the client; • Performing testing on projects and applications either done internally or externally; • Monitoring the developers’ work and making sure the project is done on time and meets the quality requirements; • Reporting mistakes and client’s feedback for the project manager; • Making suggestions for changes and improvements. Project Manager Associate Take on some of the PM responsibilities on project to help ensure that the project goals are met. • Maintain budget: Coordinate with finance and contract team to design all financial projections and ensure adherence to budget; Prepare reports for all recommended changes and estimate cost for projects; -Organize, file, and maintain all current project documents( BOM); • Act as a PM representative in delegated areas, ensure completion of assigned tasks; • Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a project; • Keep the project and all related processes running smoothly; • Communicate on requirements and general solution questions with internal and external stakeholders; • Obtain requirements approval and signoff from project decision makers. • Time-tracking report: track time filling on weekly basis with a reminder to employees who haven't submitted time. • -Provide support to Field Staff: Assist project team to resolve all requests from project members; Arranging business trips. • Organize, file, and maintain all current project documents; • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Microsoft Office, Project Management, English, Communication, Team management, Agile, Jira, Scrum, Waterfall, SDLC, Confluence, People management, Kanban



Lviv · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

03.2016 - 09.2016 Journalist Polish Daily News Garfield, NJ, USA 06.2016 - 06.2017 Graphic Designer Absolute Mobile Solution Tampa, FL, USA 06.2017 - 08.2018 Graphic Designer ASA College, New York, NY, USA 09.2017 - 02.2019 Graphic Designer FOXY OXY INC. - New York, NY, USA 11.2018 - 10.2019 UX/UI Designer Forbytes, Lviv, Ukraine 03.2020 - present Education Support (UX/UI Design course) CURSOR education 01.2020 - present UX/UI Designer ImproveIT Solutions, Lviv, Ukraine

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Human-Centered Design, UX Research, User Testing, Usability Testing, A/B testing, Business Analysis, Information Architecture, Navigation architecture, Personas Creation, CJM, User Story Mapping, User Empathy, Creating user flow, Wireframing & Prototyping, Mockup, Sketching, Responsive Design, Design Guidelines, Google Material Design, Interface Animations, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Affter Effects, Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure, InVision, Google Analytics, Google Design Sprint, Agile, Agile / Jira / Asana / Trello, Color Theory, typography

Certification in basics of creating graphics for games - Microsoft, (Warsaw, Poland) Certification in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - University of Information Technology and Management, TECHNETIUM.PL (Rzeszow, Poland) Certification in Starting Business Company - Warsztaty Biznesowe (Rzeszow, Poland) Certificate of Completion "Google Analytics for Beginners" Certificate of Completion "Advanced Google Analytics"

Amazing projects Clear work process Friendly atmosphere Professional growth opportunity Open mind people

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