Project Manager, Product Manager

Kyiv, Kharkiv · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Key responsibilities Project Manager / Product Manager roles - Responsible for delivering the required products and services for each project, phase, or stage - Developing business proposals and project documentation - Managing sales and relationship with customers, preparing, negotiating, and managing agreements with customers and invoices - Reporting, identify possible risks, working on change management - Managing resources needed for the project - Searching for a needed people for the project, managing the recruitment process - Organized remote and inside team for more than 40 people - Collect analytics and optimizing project of product - Building projects from scratch ----- Delivered projects for Government and private organizations ----- Technologies I worked with on projects: - Dev (Python, Go, C++, Solidity, Node JS, Javascript) - Front-End (Vue.js, React, Angular) - IOS (Swift, launched, in-store already) - Android (Kotlin, launched, in-store already) - Desktop (Electron) build for Mac, Win, Linux - Server (AWS, Digital Ocean) - Analytics (Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Firebase, App Analytics, etc) - Project Management and prototyping tools (Jira, Teamwork, Redmine, Confluence, Axure, Figma, etc)

Project Management, Agile, English, Product management, Team management, Delivery management, Client Management

Working directly with global US-based companies (NDA) with over $4 bln dollars annual turnover. Successfully delivered many projects (startups, projects from scratch and changes on the current projects). Delivering high-loaded products IOS, Android, Web, Desktop, database side apps. Manage 40 team members on projects in different countries and timezone. Experience in negotiating with the client and solving comprehensive questions. Always working on project improvements, delivery, and customer satisfaction. Attending international conferences as a speaker. Graduated 2 universities (Master's degree). Worked with clients from the USA, Canada, EU, Asia, UAE.

I want to work hard and don't like to work on a "support project" that already done. For me is much better to work on complex projects and be responsible for that. I have experience in outsource and product companies. I am okay to manage a few projects or a big one and like to work on improvements (process, quality, etc). Ready to take full responsibility.


Project Manager

Remote work, Armenia · $950 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- manage the project through all phases of the software development life cycle - communicate with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific requirements of each project - ensure connection between team and stakeholders - connect company solutions to clients need - collaborate with designers team by providing a documented brief - arrange daily meetings with developers team - planning sprints and tasks - track development process and project performance - perform other related duties

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Kanban, Communication, Manual Testing , Adobe XD, Microsoft Office, Trello, Product research

- 10+ successfully finished and published projects - managing five projects at the same time - experience with CRM, ERP, e-commerce, logistic projects - junior project managers' team management


Trainee/Junior Java developer

Kyiv · $500 · Advanced/Fluent

Был опыт программирования на различных языках во время учебы в университете (обработка экспериментальных данных, моделирование физических процессов) В данный момент оканчиваю курс Java на javarush. Сейчас нахожусь в поиске trainee/junior позиции.

Java, Python, C/C++, OOP, Java 8, Java Core

Ожидается патент по результатам диплома магистра.

Готов усердно работать и получать новый опыт для дальнейшего продвижения в индустрии. "challenging tasks, interesting work, etc."



Lviv · $800 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I'm open for new opportunities now and looking for a position as UI/UX Designer My job experience (2 years): 2019 - Middle UX Designer for CMS (a Danish company). It was a large project on which I was working with a team of developers. The main aim was to create clear UX. During the working process, I explained my steps and decisions (presentations). 2018- UI/UX Designer (Award). Creating UI and UX parts for mobile and web applications. Logo and brand design. Making user flows, personas and clickable prototypes. 2018- UI/UX Designer (Upwork). I was working as a freelancer on various projects (mobile and web applications). My English is Advanced. Now I'm looking for work in an office but if you have interesting remote work I will be ready to consider it.

User Experience, User Interface, Figma, Prototyping, mobile design, Wireframes, Responsive Design, WEB DESIGN, Principle, Adobe Illustrator, Prototype, UI/UX, Zeplin, Illustrator, Sketch, Application design, web-design, iOS guidlines, User Scenarios

I've created a good-working product alone from a scratch. It was a platform to allow institutes to publish and manage their events and facilities. Through this service, any visitor can book a place for a workshop/event or book a venue/facility for some period of time.

Good working conditions and interesting projects.


Junior Front-End Developer (React) 

Kharkiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Английский около нативного уровня. Серьёзно. Вы будете удивлены, Ваши клиенты тоже. Хорошее владение React. Сейчас работаю в компании. Хочу быть открытым для интересных предложений. Подробная информация обо мне - на сайте, который я сам сделал на Next.js. Дам Вам ссылку первым делом.

React, Redux, Git, JavaScript, CSS, ES6-ES8, Web Development, Bootstrap, NPM, HTML, Elm, Tachyons, Linux, vim, Redux Saga, React Hooks, SASS/SCSS, Next.js, Styled Components



Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Я начала работу в сфере моды (PR and communications), спустя некоторое время перешла в сферу IT, в которой успела проработать 3 года (блокчейн, ИИ, Saas). В основе моего опыта - путь от маркетинг интерна через диджитал маркетинг, в маректинг менеджера по User Aqcuisition, с опытом создания маркетинг стратегий и воплощения их в жизнь. На протяжении своей карьеры я занималась: SMM (стратегия, продакшн контента, ведение соц.сетей), e-mail marketing (построение цепочки писем, продакшн, отправка, отчетность - программы MailChimp, PhpList, Pardot (Certificated Pardot Manager)), Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn Ads (разработка месседжей, продакшн креатива, размещение самостоятельно и совместно с агентством), контент маркетинг (создание контента, работа с райтерами, работа в Wordpress и Medium), создание маркетинговой стратегии.

Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Google Analytics, English, Content marketing, SMM, Marketing, Google Ads, Project Management, Facebook Ads, copywriting, Lead generation, E-mail marketing, PR, google adwords, Jira, Wordpress, mailchimp, Twitter Ads, Strategy & Creative, email маркетинг, Budgeting projects

- выходом компании на международный рынок - созданием соббщества лояльных пользователей с нуля - опытом создания международных конкурсов - повышением конверсии с помощью рекламы в Facebook на 30%

Небольшой коллектив, продукт, создание и вовлощение в жизнь интересных стратегий и возможность эксперементировать с креативами.


Data Scientist

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- This summer mostly spent on competitions. Achieved top 10% in some cases. - Helping with data analysis in medical project. Basically made sure the data produced as a model predictions is human readable and leads to conclusions. - Produced feature engineering and classification machine learning model for diagnostic project.

Python, Pandas, sklearn, Analysis and research, TensorFlow, numpy, NumPy, Linux/Ubuntu/BASH, Jupyter Notebook, google cloud, Data Science, Keras, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, scikit-learn, pandas, SQL, Tensorflow, domo , BigQuery, Google BigQuery, NLP, Matplotlib, MySQL

-- Masters degree in telecommunication engineering; -- Udemy Specializations: - Workshop in Probability and Statistics; - Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0; - Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals and Data Analytics; - Building Recommender Systems with Machine Learning and AI; -- Kaggle courses: - Geospatial analysis; - Machine Learning explainability; - Deep Learning; - Feature engineering; - Data visualization; - Intermediate Machine Learning. -- Kaggle competitions: - Top 3% Housing Prices Competition. - Top 29% Predict Future Sales. -

I am looking for a team, where I would be able to develop my skills in such directions: - Deep Learning (LSTM, RNN, computer vision). - Machine Learning. - NLP. It would be great to work on a technology that might change the world.


Business Development 

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

For 2 last years I have been working at game company, my main responsibilities were: Establishing and developing new business connections. Building strong and long-lasting relationships with clients Handling distance- and face-to-face negotiations Representing company on international conferences and fairs Analyzing market and identifying strategic priorities Development of new business strategies

Business development, B2B, Negotiations, Team management, fluent English, It sales, CRM, Linkedin, Networking, gamedev, game

One of the things that make me proud - is that while I was working in the company the team grew from 15 people to 40 mostly because of the many new projects I have found.

I expect to find a place where I can be a part of the team, help develop the company and reach new goals.


CTO / VP of Engineering / IT Director / R&D manager / Head of engineering

Kyiv · $9000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- 15 years of experience in IT industry and over 12 years of experience on manager’s positions; - experience in managing teams from 5 to 80 full-time employees - strong technical background in development, systems architecture and database design; - experience with high-loaded ecommerce projects; - experience in creating/managing cross-functional teams; - experience with distributed/remote teams and multi-disciplinary projects; - in-depth knowledge and experience in time management, risk management, and integration management. Infrastructure stack: Docker / Kubernetes / AWS Tech. stack: PHP / GoLang / React.JS / MySQL / MongoDB / Elastic Search / Oracle / Rabbit MQ / Redis / MemcachedDB Management stack: Agile / Scrum / Kanban CI/CD: Jenkins / Gitlab Specialties: E-Commerce, SaaS, Highload Projects(projects with a large number of visitors.), Big Data, Microservices, Blockchain

Strategic planning, ecommerce, Team management, Architecture, Highload, Big Data, BI, Microservices, Project Management, Product management, Product Development, SDLC, Development Cycle, Infrastructure development, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, PHP, Golang, MySQL, Mongo, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Oracle, RabbitMQ, Redis, Memcached, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Nginx, SQL, Organisation design and implementation, React.js, Machine Learning, Risk Managenet, Distributed Systems, Leadership, Linux, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, docker compose, BlockChain, Blockchain

- Increased efficiency of all teams by improving of operations processes including implementation of quarterly goals planning system, creating and reaching SLA system, improving development process, creating cross functional teams - Increased development performance by implementation of contemporary development technologies and approaches, changing infrastructure, operations and technical processes in system administrators and development departments - Increased uptime of our products by implementation of failover, clustering and geo-balancing systems - Created Business Intelligence (BI) department to bring our data analysis process to a new level - Decrease number of bugs and glitches on production solution by creating QA manual and automation department - Migration to contemporary technology stack - Implemented a list of security changes to protect products from penetration under GDPR requirements and passed PCI DSS


UX/UI designer, Team Lead

Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya · $2200 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hello, I am 32, I have a 3-year experience in Web Design and 10+ years in design overall. Skills: UX/UI design, communicating with clients, time management. Services: UpWork, Jira, Trello, Meistertask, Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, InVision, Zeplin, Tilda

User Experience, User Interface, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, mobile design, InVision, WEB DESIGN, Photoshop, Illustrator, English, Product Design, Design Management, Sketch

Brain Academy Certificate in Web Design 5-year University degree in Design School of Arts

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