Lviv · $1650 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

TCP/IP, Jenkins, Ubuntu, Zabbix, DNS, Kubernetes, CentOS, Apache, VMware, Terraform, Windows, DHCP, Jira, docker, SQL, VirtualBox, Cisco, CI/CD, Nagios, PowerShell, VirtualBOX, Mikrotik Routers OS Scripting, Mikrotik, cloud, ClamAV, Blockchain, VoIP Phones, Dell Server, Prometheus+Grafana, GCP, Firewalls, SIP, Microsoft Exchange, Unix, HP Enterprise Servers, yaml, English, HAProxy, Vagrant, Docker/Docker Compose, Scrum, Jails, Confluence, Open Source, CVS, Grafana, Backuping, JBoss, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Postgres-XL, AWS CloudFormation, Puppet, NAT, KVM virtualization, Hetzner, Troubleshooting, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Sphinx, LinuxOS, Data Science, DigitalOcean, Bash, Ubiquiti, IPsec, IMAP, VLANs, HyperV, Postfix, MAC OS, FTP, JSON, customer support, AWS RDS, Sentry, VLAN, Exchange Server, OpenVPN, Database Replication, RAIDs, IIS, AD, LAMP, VoIP, Linux/Unix, PRTG, kvm, Azure DevOps, AWS, Docker, Nginx, Ansible, Python, MySQL, Networking, Troubleshooting and issue eliminating, MQServices, MacOS, HTTP, Linux Engineer , newrelic, PRTG Network Monitor, MacOSX, Javascript, Git, OOP, bash, Linux

14 Years of SysAdmin & Network Administrator Experience 4 Years as Devops (Linux - Windows)


System administrator

Dnipro · $1000 · 8 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Контроль и мониторинг работы пользователей Контроль и мониторинг работы сайта Обучение работы пользователей с ПО, оргтехникой, интернет, почтой Установка, настройка и администрирование Win7, Win8, 2003 Server, 2012 Server Установка, настройка сетевого оборудования (Cisco, d-link, tp-link MicroTik) Установка, настройка и администрирование терминалов сбора данных Revo Bitatek IT 9000 Обучение работы пользователей с терминаломи сбора данных Revo Bitatek IT 9000 Администрирование 1C 8.2 Администрирование VPS серверов (хостинг доменов) Создание интернет-магазинов на базе CMS OcStore Верстка интернет-магазина Установка дополнительных модулей для интернет-магазина Администрирование интернет-магазина Автоматизация обновления интернет-магазина (выгрузка из 1С) Установка, настройка и администрирование Win XP, Win7, Win8, WIN10, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server Установка, настройка сетевого хранилища Synology Установка, настройка ESXi VMware 6.0 Конвертирование физических систем WIN, Linux в виртуальные Установка, настройка системы мониторинга zabbix, установка и настройка клиентов zabbix Установка, настройка CentOs 7 и Postgresql под сервер 1с 8.3 Установка, настройка клиентской и серверной версий программ Хамелеон Софт(автоматизация розничной торговли в магазинах, супермаркетах, кафе, ресторанах) на базе Ubuntu (14.04, 16.04) Установка, настройка клиентской и серверной версий программы MeDoc Установка, настройка сетевого оборудования (Mikrotik, Cisco, d-link, tp-link adsl модемы) Проектирование и построении систем резервного копирования Проектирование и построении систем защиты информации, разработка комплексов политики безопасности, проведение мероприятий по проверке и улучшению системы безопасности, обучение сотрудников правилам роботы с секретной информацией

Linux, TCP/IP, Nginx, Ubuntu, Zabbix, Windows, DHCP, CentOS, VMware, VirtualBox, PostgreSQL, DNS, MySQL

Установка, настройка сетевого хранилища Synology Установка, настройка ESXi VMware 6.0 Конвертирование физических систем WIN, Linux в виртуальные Установка, настройка системы мониторинга zabbix, установка и настройка клиентов zabbix Установка, настройка CentOs 7 и Postgresql под сервер 1с 8.3 Установка, настройка сетевого оборудования Mikrotik

Маленька команда та великий проект. Аутсорсінг. Відпрацьовані процеси та нові технології.


System administrator

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Nizhniy Novgorod, EU · $2600 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Skills, knowledge: - An idea of how computers and modern widely used OS's ( Linux, Darwin, NT ) are designed and work; - Understanding of network protocols and services, TCP/IP, OSI. Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) level of networks competence , experience with CISCO ISRs and L3-switches, and some other not so cool devices like Mikrotik, ZyWall, Fortigate; - Understanding of design and functionality of MS Windows (essentially, it is a DOS graphical applications emulator running on top of NT operating system); - A RedHat Technician level of Linux administration, active usage of Linux for production purposes during last 5 years; - Understanding of PKI; - DevOps skills: Ansible; understanding containers (LXC, Docker, Systemd-Nspawn); deploying containers with Docker-Compose, understanding design and the ideas Kubernetes is based on; experience with Phabricator, Packer, Artifactory, TeamCity, Jenkins (+ jenkins job builder), GIT workflow (GitLab\GitHub, accessing GitHub API with Python); got an idea about basic AWS components (S3, EBS, EC2), hands-on experience with Google Cloud; - monitoring: Zabbix, Prometheus + Graphana; - OS level virtualization (mostly VmWare ESXi and RedHat Qemu/KVM, some experience with different Openstack-based solutions); - Experience with Bash, JS, Perl, PHP, Python, TCL, C, VBScript, Powershell languages and SQL operations - able to understand C#, Java code (for example, in order to find out the reasons of errors or to make small changes in code) and to write service scripts in PHP and Python. - Understanding COW filesystems; - Experience with MS Exchange,Exim; - Samsung PBX, Asterisk; - Maintaining 1S:Enterprise business software suite (MS SQL & PostgreSQL). Have been working in IT field for more than 10 years, and for the last 7 years - on professional level.

Linux, Git, TCP/IP, Nginx, Python, PostgreSQL, VMware, CentOS, GCP, Docker/Docker Compose, Ansible

Not much, but for example, I have transfered internal infrastructure on my current work from on-premise VMWare VSphere to Yandex.Cloud, developed simple web self-service allowing our internal users getting their OpenVPN profiles easily and without distracting system administrators through just using their google accounts to log in to special web-page (the whole system consists of openVPN server and Django front/back-ends, uses Celery and OAuth Python modules ).

I definitely don't want messing with Windows systems much ))) I'd like to get some job related to Python developing, working with virtualization, especially Qumu/KVM, requiring communication in English.


System administrator, DevOps 

Khmelnytskiy, udalenno · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

OS: Windows Server, Linux (RHL, CentOS, Debian). Database: MySQL percona, PostgreSQL, mongoDB Server & Services: Squid, AD, Nginx, Apache, IIS. Firewall: ipfw, iptable. Server OpenVPN, PPTP, ipsec Routers: Mikrotik, Junipher Mail server exim, Postfix. Virtualization: Virtuozzo(OpenVZ). VMWare, KVM CI/CD: Strider, Jenkins Containers: Docker(dockerfile, docker-compose) Programming languages: Ruby, Python Monitoring system: Cacti, Zabbix. Protocols: TCP / IP, SMTP, POP, SNMP, OSPF, BGP, GRE, NTP. System configuration management: spacewalk

Linux, Networking, Nginx, Virtualization, Apache, Databases, PostgreSQL, Windows, Docker, IPsec, Jenkins, Jira, OOP, OpenVPN, Python, Git, Java, MongoDB, Ruby


Site Reliability Engineer / Python Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $4300 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have worked on both sides: development and IT operations. My main area of expertise is backend development, infrastructure reliability and automation, software troubleshooting, but I also have experience in frontend development, network administration and development of desktop apps. I have more than 8 years of experience with python, linux and other *nix OS, solid knowledge of Linux internals. I can use advanced debugging techniques like kprobes/uprobes and eBPF to dive deep into the kernel and when need arises I can dive into firmware too (I have some RE experience). My past working experience include high load and high reliability systems, migration services into kubernetes on own company infrastructure, I have good knowledge of kubernetes internals.

Linux, Python, Kubernetes, Golang, TCP/IP, C++, Ansible, Django, AWS, GCP, JavaScript, Docker, ELK, eBPF, FreeBSD, twisted, asyncio, tornado, PostgreSQL, MySQL, TypeScript, wireshark, RabbitMQ, Redis, Bash, CI/CD, Jenkins, Groovy, Java, zmq, grpc, Git, GrayLog, Filebeat, project-calico, ElasticSearch, Sphinx, Firebird, Prometheus, Grafana, InfluxDB, helm, SQLAlchemy, Jinja

My open-source contributions, I've contributed to: wireshark, linux kernel, spinnaker, irc3 python library, django-social-auth, flask-wtf and some other popular open-source projects, also I have my own projects.

Currently I'm interested in working with large scale distributed systems and development of infrastructure services (e.g. kubernetes operators, logging and monitoring services, abuse detection).


Senior DevOps 🔥

Kyiv · $5500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

19 years + of cross-platform experience in systems administration, including analyzing, designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing hardware, software, peripherals, and networks Windows from 98 to Windows 10. Windows servers from 2000 to windows server 2016, Exchange, Active Directory, WSUS, MS SQL server, Terminal Services, MS Office,  Antivirus software. Linux Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora,  Suse. Samba, Bind,  Iptables, RSYNC, Apache, Mysql(MariaDB), Postgresql, php, parser3. FreeBSD, experience of development frontend improvements for PFSense, FreeBSD based firewall\router-oriented OS small/medium business. Huge experience in projecting cross platform interoperable systems. Experience in migrating from MS Exchange to open Source Zimbra Email, Calendar and Collaboration.Exceptional relationships with co-workers, management and end users. Docker, microservices. Building DevOps pipelines. Hashicorp Vagrant and Terraform Ansible, puppet AWS, Digital Ocean VMWare vSphere\ESXi Optimizing AWS infra and AWS costs Quick learner, disciplined and quality-oriented. Good team player as well as self-motivated worker. Excellent communication and problem solving skills. Would like to work with new technologies and get new knowledge

Linux, bash, Docker, Ubuntu, MySQL, Ansible, TCP/IP, Zabbix, AWS, DNS, Windows, Jenkins, CI/CD, SQL, Docker/Docker Compose, Active Directory Services

Lot of experience in migrating, converting and optimizing systems and processes.

I would like not to work with hard legacy systems.


Senior DevOps Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Last two position was DevOps Engineer and Lead DevOps Engineer for large software development companies: * Enterprise Alumni (United States) * StarOfService (France) Actively working as a DevOps Engineer for more than 3 years. By this time to my primary technical background (Linux System Administrator) I have added "devops must-have" practical knowledge: * DevOps methodologies and best practices * Cloud providers AWS and GCP * Infrastructure as Code tools - terraform * Containers (and) orchestration - docker, kubernetes, ECS * Configuration management - chef-server (and chef related eco-system) and ansible * Monitoring and log aggregation tools: prometheus, elk, scalyr, graylog * Extended my programming skills, added Ruby to my p. languages list Before that, 8+ years I was working Linux System Administrator. In this role, I’ve got expert knowledge about Linux administration\operation itself, a wide range of applications and various networking technologies: hypervisors, webservers, mail servers, directory servers, file servers, firewalls, proxies, vpn's, etc. Into the "linux world" I came from the position of Windows System Administrator. Here during 6 years, I was resolving various information-technologies-related tasks from minor PC hardware repair to programming and AD administration. Short story shorter, from high school till today my life was inseparable of information technologies. During these 18 years, I gain a vast experience and strong technical skills.

Docker, Linux, AWS, CI/CD, Git, Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform, Python, Ruby, GCP, Chef

I'm focused primary on integration and automation for large infrastructures, and complex architectures design.


DevOps, cloud engineer

Kyiv, remote · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Simple resume 2016 Freelance : - LAMP stack - crm vtiger(yetiforce) - data processing 2017 Engineer L1 : - client support - mail services - bug report - nagios - OTRS 2018 Freelance : - python3 - scrapy - nginx-full 2019 Project Manager : - server engineer - process automation with odoo

Linux, bash, Nginx, Apache, Python, VirtualBox, PostgreSQL, Network Storages, odoo, MySQL, lvm, mailservices, Nagios, Munin, git, docker, AWS

Automate companies alone

No chores, I like process automation


Системний адміністратор

Remote work, Ukraine · $900 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

* Проектування, налагодження, підтримка комп’ютерних мереж рівня: підприємство/провайдер/місто | * Налагодження та обслуговування обладнання комп’ютерних мереж рівня: доступу, агрегації, ядра мережі (Cisco, Extreme, HP, D-Link, EdgeCore, Mikrotik) | * Також цікавить тестування мережевого обладнання рівня L2-L3, надання рекомендацій виробникам, спільна робота над їх вдосконаленням.

Cisco, Extreme, HP, EdgeCore, D-Link, L2/L3 networking, Системное администрирование

Проектування мереж будь-якого рівня складності.

Можливість віддаленої роботи.


DevOps engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Only Remote ! 12+ years of experience in IT ,3 years in DevOps Linux/Windows system administration and application deployment, SDLC ; CI/CD; Cloud infrastructure automation AWS, Alibaba; Team management; ------------------------------ Big Data Warehouse: Stack: Apache NiFI, Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, TYK API GW, Java, Jenkins Groovy pipelines, Docker, Nexus, Kubernetes, Prometheus, DataDog ------------------------------------- - Kubernetes ,manage 3 clusters - IaC (Terraform) ,Rollout performance env - Maintenance Datastax Cassandra, FreeIPA, Nexus, Kafka, TYK, Consul, Vault,NIFI - Cost optimisation - Performance tuning ------------------------------------- Migrated production applications from on-premise to the AWS cloud - Dockerizing app - Infinispan /Varnish - WildFly - Typo3

Aruba Airwave, D-Link, Networking, TCP/IP, VirtualBox, Wi-Fi, WLC, Cisco, Windows, CentOS, Citrix, DNS, Jenkins, Mikrotik, MS Exchange Server, AWS, bash, docker, Kubernetes, Traefik, Git, Linux, Nginx, Python, Docker, Terraform, Ubuntu, MySQL, SQL, Jira, Ansible, Apache, Zabbix, DHCP, GitLab, Jenkins Pipelines, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Aliyun, Alibaba, Database Replication, MongoDB, VMware, VLANs, sed, Confluence, CI/CD, Windows Server, GitLab CI, Shell, ElasticSearch, Redis, Ubiquiti, Active Directory, PostgreSQL

Cert: DevOps for Unix CCNA Deep Dive D-Link Wireless Умение вести несколько задач одновременно Умение выстраивать приоритеты Умение работать с большими объемами данных Способность работать в ограниченные сроки --- Предпочитаю улучшить инфраструктуру, которую поддерживаю, вместо того чтобы просидеть в "социальных сетях" в свободное рабочее время ----- Выучил польский язык с нуля и сдал гос. экзамен с результатом 93,33%

От новой работы ожидаю: - профессиональный рост - реализовать Continuous integration/delivery/deployment - настроить масштабировать, обеспечивать высокую производительность и отказоустойчивость ---------------------------- НЕ ожидаю----> ночные смены и on call support+бюрократию ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| I interested to work with: Alibaba cloud

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