Administrator, Coordinator, Client Manager

remote · $500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I've worked in IT company as a Client Manager, I've dealt with clients providing information on services, updating client information, and resolving problems with client accounts via emails, online chats, social nets, calls Skills Microsoft Office, CRM, Some of Project Management tools, Google products: Docs, Sheets, Form, Calendars. Bitrix products and others. I like to open new horizons Customer Service and Coordination, Operation

Communication Skills, Business development, Negotiations, Lead generation, Account Management, Linkedin, Team player, Networking, B2B sales, client management, Multitasking, Sales skills, customer support, B2C, Sales, B2B, Jira, Project Coordinating, Microsoft Office, Business correspondence, IT outsource sales, fluent English, CRM

Quick learning, Result-oriented, Open-minded

A New interesting job. It could be a challenge with new amazing tasks! It would be cool if my new job won't be related to only sales and searching leads I'm looking for a part-time or full-time remote job 20-40 hour/week with fixed schedule 5/2 from 9-12:00am to 6-8:00pm


Junior Project Manager

Kiev · $450 · Intermediate

I have massive experience in sales and educational projects. I was also leading a team of sales specialists as a team leader. Can build a working process to reach goals with high quality and on time. Also, I believe that a healthy team spirit is a vital part of any job and I always try to create it. I build comfortable and productive relationships with all business partners, keep them in touch with all important information, so - as a result - always have their support and partnership. Among my professional skills, I want to mark the experience of negotiations with different levels of business-partners, developing projects for customers and team members; I am a well-organized and result-oriented person. I am also good at recruitment.

Project Management, Business Analysis

-had built a Field Force team in the previous workplace -created a lot of processes in the Company -had strong product relations with different levels of Company's clients -I am an excellent negotiator -good in team's assessment and motivation

IT is a new direction in my professional life, so in the new workplace, I am going to develop new skills and upgrade existing ones. I want to learn in the right way in a strong professional environment.


Junior Project Manager

Kyiv · $3000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Работа в стартапе, мобильное приложение для медицинского проекта. Business development manager. Организация работы команды представителей и операторов с нуля. Ведение переговоров с компаниями партнёрами. Связь разработчиков с конечными пользователями. Тестирование проекта. Работа в консалтинговой компании в сфере энергетики. Организация работы офиса, техподдержка, ремонты, поиск и внедрение системы управления проектами, тайм трекера. Подбор персонала. Поиск и внедрение системы управления знаниями. Структурирование базы знаний.

Project Management, Confluence, Team management, Communication, Microsoft Office

Организация тестирования приложения среди врачей, работа с людьми и ведение переговоров. Поиск и внедрение системы управления проектами.

Хочу работать с интересными людьми, интересно все новое. Открыта к разным направлениям. Интересно обучение.


Junior Front-end Developer 

Sumi, vіddaleno · $400 · 1.5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

в IT: - Адміністратор / менеджер навчального проекту (11 місяців) - Наставник кураторів навчального проекту (4 місяці) - Куратор навчального проекту (10 місяців, 4 місяця з яких паралельно працювала наставником кураторів і 4 місяці після адміністратором проекту)

HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS/SCSS, React, JavaScript, Gulp, GIT, ES6

- З мого досвіду роботи видно, що я керувала, керувала... але більш за все хочу КОДИТИ! (ну і може потім трохи лідити, управління в крові) - Всі мої колишні роботодавці настільки хочуть, щоб я повернулася, що всіляко хитрують і заманюють мене назад (але я хочу кодити і мене не зупинити :) ) - Завдяки диплому магістра психології, легко вливаюсь в колектив і знаходжу спільну мову з будь-якими об'єктами :D

Хочеться брати участь в цікавих проектах, в команді з дійсно досвідченими розробниками. Хочу освоїти нормально React, пробувалась на стажування в компанію, де працюють тільки великі "шишки", але запнулась через "слабкий" рівень за їхніми вимогами... =/


Product Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner

Uzhgorod, Remote, Relocate · $1200 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have a proven passion for designing sophisticated solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with a clear vision of business goals and a deep understanding of customers' needs. Professional Experience: - Product/Project Management (5+ years) - Marketing / Sales (B2C, B2B) / Lead generation (2 years) - QA Automation / Java (2 years) - C++ Development (2 years) - Enterprise IT Experience (12+ years) Education: Economics and Business Management / Management of organizations (Master’s Degree)

Automated Testing (QA), C/C++, Java, CSS, HTML, Project Management, Product management, Business Analysis, Requirements analysis, Jira, Kanban, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, SDLC, Marketing, Gherkin, Remote team management, User stories, Project Estimation, Sales, GDPR, Zeplin, project planning, People management, trello


Project Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $1300 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

I have experience in project management and team lead. There are several tasks that I decided the last 4 years: As PM: Building web development team from scratch Managing and training junior project managers Conducting brainstorms and team activities Optimizing the department workflow, setting objectives and controlling the process of work Distributing and prioritizing tasks and responsibilities between the team members in each project Analysing projects and team work as a whole Participating in project ideas generation Planning and managing projects Defining project risks and objectives including testing and changes approvals Communicating between the departments and monitoring compliance of project objectives and goals Preparing technical specifications for Landing Pages Copywriting selling texts including letters, posts, PDF checklists, texts for landing pages Conducting e-mail marketing As head of production: Crisis management. Creation and maintenance of positive energy in the company. Monthly compilation of a production plan for the web-studio (downloading all resources), coordinating it with the PM and heads departments. Creating a financial plan for the production of web- studio, coordinating it with PM and approval with the Operations Director. Control of the receipt of finance in the company, by impact on PM, customers, heads, developers. Monitoring the work of employees who are in direct subordination in accordance with the structure of the company. They include: PM (6 people), heads of departments (7 people). Resolving problem situations with customers. Communication with Sales-managers, providing them with PM for entering projects to the studio. Search for contractors and monitor the fulfillment of their obligations to the studio. The consolidation of the status of all studio projects. Conducting weekly meetings of production team. Dismissal of employees, interview of candidates and introduction of new studio staff.

email маркетинг, people managment, Интернет маркетинг, копирайтинг, Планирование, Системность, Управление, CRM, аналитика, Антикризисный менеджмент, Web Development, Agile, Scrum

I have a number of sports achievements in fitness. There is an experience of creating teams of developers (Selection, training, optimization of processes and interactions). I have a high communicative skill. Good leadership and managerial qualities. I have an experience of speaking to an audience of more than 1000 people, I have good copywriter skills, I have worked with a subscriber database of more than 180,000 users, I have full understanding of all the processes of developing web sites, I am familiar with Agile methodologies (Scrum, etc.).

First of all, I expect dynamic work with a professional team. I like to learn and to face difficult problems, to try myself in something new. It is important for me to come to work every day with glowing eyes and take the team as a second family.


Marketing technology architect

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I set up digital marketing operations for corporate marketing function, new companies and startups. Lead Digital-IT business transformation and marketing technologies delivery. 10+ years of proven experience in digital marketing. Started from commercial web site development in university I continuously gain experience in digital marketing and marketing technology delivery for different product/businesses life cycle stages. I have strong leadership skills with experience of complex IT solutions development & launch for sales & marketing functions: - Leaded stakeholders negotiation, coordinated BA team resulted in efficient project strategy & specification delivery - Organized discovery stages using different data collection & team collaboration methodologies - Setted up suppliers, outstaff and inhouse developers structures - Developed product dev & launch lifecycle - Managed IT architecture team in building of complex commerce solutions - Experienced in parallel project management for complex infrastructural software development - Managed multi countries agile dev teams as scrum master and team lead - Experienced and successful in org structure building, roles definition and functional instructions design

Business Analytics, Functional and processes requirements discovery, Organizational structure design, Development lifecycle, Lean Product Management, Team mentoring, Project Management, Agile / Scrum / Kanban, Timeline planning, Budget Management, Solution architecture, Algorithms design, Digital Marketing, Marketing technology, Adtech, Digital marketing strategy

Looking for complex & ambitious challenges in solution architecture design and development for sales & marketing processes.


Producer, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager

Remote work, Russia · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Большой опыт управления удаленной командой, работы с заказчиками, программистами, художниками и геймдизанерами Большой опыт работы с западными заказчиками. Опыт создания команд с нуля до запуска продукта. Больше 12 лет разработки игр и приложений, C++, Objective-C, cocos2d-x (много разных технологий)

Agile, cocos2d-x, OOP, Project Management, Scrum, C/C++, Objective-C, Cocoa

Последние: 8+ завершенных и опубликованных игровых проектов на платформах iOS/Android Декабрь 2012-Май 2015 Создана команда, разработано две крупных игры, iTunes: google play: Делались на cocos2d-x с++ до этого - множество игровых и не только проектов, много работал удаленно. Подробнее - в профиле линкедин:

Адекватный менеджмент.


Senior Project Manager / Program Manager

Kyiv · $8500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Program Management. I am a leader with 7+ years of managerial experience and a very strong technical background. My overall experience in commercial IT Software Development is more than 14 years.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Team management, Risk management, Communication, Product management, Waterfall, Process Management, People management, project planning, Project Stakeholder Management, Specification&Requirements Management, Facilitation, Teamwork, Negotiation

Delivery management of 60+ FTE (USA, Ukraine) in 4-6 projects simultaneously. I was able to relocate part of the delivery team in Poland in 2014. Was promoted from Senior Developer to Lead Developer in 2 weeks from the project start.

Interested in leading organization of 60+ FTE on the position of either Senior Program Manager or Director of Delivery


Project / Product manager

Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Moscow · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

I took part in different projects like design, development, and marketing. My experience consists of branding, web site/services, and mobile products. Here is the list of projects ReactDay.Berlin CoinPRKit Yogaday.Today and others

branding, Business Processes, changes management, Creative, Design Patterns, Funnels and segmentation analysis, GUI, Kanban, Manual Testing (QA), Product ownership, Redmine, Regression Testing, SDLC, Team management, UIKit, usability, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Waterfall, Agile, Ampitude, Business Analytics, Product management, Project Management, Prototype, Quality Assurance (QA), Requirements management, Confluence, Content marketing, google adwords, Google Analytics, iOS, Photoshop, SMM, Strategic planning, UML, BPMN, CustDev, Customer development, UX & Analisys, Business analisys, Product owner, Amplitude, Lean Product Management, Business Process, Developing cases for new Products/Features, Design & Prototyping, Product Design, Product Backlog management, New Product Development and Launch, Mobile App Product Launch Management, Managing and monitoring product KPIs, Market research, Market analysis, Acceptance testing, User Flows, Unit economics, Customer Relationship Management, Jira, Product research, User Experience, Business Analysis, Business development, User Interface, Risk management, Team Management, Web/Mobile UI/UX, Product Development, Product Roadmap, A/B testing, Busines Analysis, Marketing, Communication, Agile Project Management, Negotation, Ability to Prioritize, Stakeholder analysis and engagement, Product Managemet

50 + realized projects My detailed CV: /2TameQd Portfolio: /shustik

I'm looking for an interesting project or position with a good mission and values.

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