Junior .NET Developer

kiїv · $600 · Upper Intermediate


C#, .NET, mvc

Закончил курсы по ASP. NET mvc от itstolytsa Своих проектов нету, делал легкие задания: Календарь событий Магазин часов



.NET developer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Dates of Employment: 2019–Present Project: Articles web-application Team: Internera Responsibilities: ●Development of backend functionality; ●Development of frontend functionality; ●Layout reworking; Technologies: ASP.Net MVC, HTML5,CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Telerik UI. Dates of Employment: 2018–2018 Project: Specific social network Responsibilities: ●Creating app from scratch; ●Development of backend functionality; ●Creating application’s logic; ●Designing database schema; ●Team leading. Technologies: PHP, MySql, RedBean ORM. Dates of Employment:2018-2018 Project: Hospital Trainee project Responsibilities: ●Development of frontend functionality; ●Creating application’s logic; ●MVC pattern Practice; ●Creating app from scratch; ●Development of backend functionality; Technologies:ASP.Net MVC,HTML5,CSS3

C#, Entity Framework, .NET, mvc, OOP, HTML, Git, LINQ, MVC, Jira, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, SASS, MS SQL Server, SOLID, Design Patterns, Full stack, SQL, ASP.NET, ASP. NET WEB API


.Net Full Stack Software Engineer

$4000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Front-end: Web layout: HTML 5 / CSS 3 CSS processors: LESS, SCSS JavaScript processors: TypeScript, ES6 Libraries: jQuery Unit testing: Jasmine, Karma Frameworks: Angular 2/4, EmberJS, WebPack2 Back-end: Languages: C#, Java, C/C++, PHP, SQL Technologies: ASP .NET MVC5, Azure, ASP .NET Core, Azure ORM: Entity Framework, LINQ2SQL, Entity Framework Core, WPF, WinForms, Web Forms. Unit testing: NUnit, MS Test, XUnit, Moq Education: • Mathematics Disciplines: Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Calculus, Differential Equations, Function Analysis. • CS Disciplines: Algorithms and Data Structures, Databases, Computational Geometry and Computer Graphics, OOP, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Data Analysis.

.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, mvc, Bootstrap, C#, CSS3, Entity Framework, Git, HTML5, Joomla, LINQ, MVC, OOP, T-SQL, WCF, WinForms, WPF, XML, AngularJS, MSSQL, PHP, C/C++, MySQL, TFS

I have over three years of experience in IT industry. During that time, I managed to work on the projects with different technologies stacks on the frontend and backend. I have experience in developing mainly web applications. On the front-end part, I have experience and technological knowledge in JavaScript, Angular 2/4, jQuery, HTML and CSS. I had a good chance to work with ASP.NET based on SOA architecture and Microsoft web services stack using WCF and Web API. I have strong understanding of the object-oriented concepts, base and advanced programming mechanisms of C#/.NET platform. I am familiar with relational databases and was involved into development, optimizing and refactoring queries. As a web server, we used to work with IIS from Microsoft. I have understanding and experience in Agile, Scrum and Software Development Life Cycle. I always open to new and accepting the challenges with interest and enthusiasm. I have good skills and practices in problem solving. I am open-minded and goal-oriented. I have teamwork experience, learning abilities and perseverance

Professional growth. Difficult tasks. Startups. Development.


full-stack developer, team-leader

moskva, krasnojarsk, sankt-piterburg · $3300 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

The positive experience of work with backend and frontend with most modern technologies. Extensive (more than 12 years) experience in software developing, design and unit testing. I've extensive experience in large databases and cloud solutions so I am able to write sophisticated and fast SQL queries and setup any development and production environment. The experience of the team of 3+ people management. I catch on quickly new technologies and absolutely not afraid of any legacy code. Also, I have a good experience with optimization of any bottleneck in different software solutions. I interested to read professional literature, follow the trends in specialized areas, try to use the best practices. Of course, always try to improve my skills and deeply inspired by the modular and extensible code, clear architecture. I like to solve the problem of business, not just complete tasks. I prefer teamwork but can work independently and manage myself without any kind "motivation" from the side because my work is my passion.

.NET, ADO.NET, mvc, C#, DRY, LINQ, MS SQL Server, MSSQL, MVC, NHibernate, OOP, ORM, Photon server, REST, SOLID, T-SQL, AJAX, Angular, Design Patterns, docker, Entity Framework, HTML, Microservices, MongoDB, Multithreading, NUnit, SVN, WinForms, Bootstrap, DevExpress, ExtJS, JavaScript, MySQL, RabbitMQ, SSIS, TCP/IP, Unity3D, User Interface (UI), C++, CSS, WCF, ffmpeg

- design and development of software "from scratch". - implementation of highly loaded projects with microservice architecture. - development of the front-end/back-end components any difficulty. - game development: bots, systems of artificial intelligence. - services integration with any difficulty. - development of the speech recognition systems, experience in research, design, and development of video casting services in web sites. - extensive experience in database design, development, maintenance, and optimization. SQL, NoSql. - management of the team of 3+ developers. Good soft skills, mentoring skills. - experienced in DevOps and system administration - several times was awarded by different companies for my contribution to their development. - experienced in implementing large systems in state enterprises.

ONLY REMOTELY! Difficult tasks. Adequate management. Professional growth. Informal atmosphere. NOT banks. The possibility of remote work. I always ready to consider your suggestions.


.NET Developer

$3000 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

I am Microsoft Certified professional developer with over 9 years of experience in software development I have very extensive experience in .Net (WPF, WinForms, MVC), Java, SQL, Oracle.

C#, mvvmlight, WPF, Angular, .Net Core 2, C# winforms, PL/SQL, T-SQL, MSSQL, TeamCity, NUnit, OOP/OOD/SOLID, ASP.NET WEB API, Azure DevOps, Entity Framework, Hibernate, Dapper, REST, SOAP

17 May

Full Stack Developer

odessa, Ukraine · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My previous projects were based on .NET web stack (ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Azure, VSTS) and Angular (mostly). I was involved in full-stack development and implementation of new features, making code refactorings and unit-testing.

C#, .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, JavaScript, SQL, REST API, Web Development, Angular 2+, TypeScript, ASP.NET CORE, ASP.NET Core MVC, .NET Core, Git, Azure, VSTS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, OOP, SOLID

My expectations: - socially useful projects with interesting tasks - friendly team of professionals - usage of modern technologies (ASP.NET Core, Angular 2+) - flexible schedule

17 May

Unity, C# Developer(Junior)

kyiv, Ukraine · $600 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

C # (there are projects (not laboratory work), experience of use for more than 1 year; Unity3D 4-5 months of experience, there is a project under AR; Was engaged in the development of 2d games (more than half a year) I have experience in implementing optimizations to improve performance

C#, Unity3D, Git, WinForms, Jira, Unity, Game Development, Vuforia, OOP, GameDev, Android, Scrum

-Heart rate monitor: development, assembly and measurement, dev. C++ program (QT 5.1)from PC; - Development of basic and functional circuits for automata toy box in the company “mehanismus”; - writing an interface program(C#) for working with HP 43420A, URV5,N4-6,N4-7,NRVD,В1-29; -Unity I took part in the creation of 2 games, and I did a lot of prototypes on the order. (And help students who study courses) My public git repo, I can not publish everything, because it is a commercial secret : (

Adequate management. Informal atmosphere. An interesting project/Interesting development projects. Professional growth. Ability for self development and career growth. Friendly and professional team.. It is advisable to have a mentor. Thanks for attention

17 May

Junior .NET Developer 

lviv, Ukraine · $700 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

NowInfinity is Australia's leading technology platform delivering the best of breed legal documents in conjunction View Legal, award winning and highly specialised legal firm. In addition to the most comprehensive and technologically advanced corporate product. Company formation, all Trust documentation, Corporate Compliance, Trust Registers, Lawyers on demand, Estate Planning.

.NET, C#, Entity Framework, CSS, SOLID, HTML, Git, JavaScript, OOP, jQuery, React.js, REST API, MS SQL Server, MVC, LINQ, ASP.NET CORE

Understanding of new pieces of information and interest in learning new things. Oriented on results to be achieved quickly and high-effectively. Dividing work into parts for better understanding and solving. Responsible for done work and ready to be criticized. I'm results-driven , I am strong team player, active, and communicative.Self-motivated to learn new things. I'd like to work with interesting projects.

16 May

Solution Architecture / Delivery management

kiev, l'vov · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

- внедрение и поддержка процессов разработки, построение коммуникации и процессов с заказчиком; - построение новой архитектуры, анализ и построение плана улучшения старой архитектуры под новые потребности; - построение плана тестирование: полная автоматизация (десктоп, вэб);

Project Management, Scrum, Delivery management, Cloud Architecture, Solution architecture, DevOps

- технический руководитель в стартапе с базой клиентов > 40k - технический координатор поставки на 5 ентерпрайз проектах - работа в США на стороне клиента, включая тренинг клиентской команды, налаживание коммуникации - полный цикл внедрения и поддержки Continuous Delivery - анализ процессов распределенной команды (4 локации) с последующей разработкой стратегией улучшения показателей поставки сервиса (улучшение взаимодействия и коммуникации, стабильности и гибкости архитектуры, автоматизация тестирования).

решение интересных задач, возможность построения команды ориентированной на поставку качественного продукта/сервиса, внедрение эффективных процессов разработки, печеньки

16 May

Middle .Net Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

C#, ASP.NET Core, SQL, Azure, SignalR, Redis, Akka.NET, RabbitMQ, ServiceBus, GIT, TFS, TeamCity, Octopus, Dapper, Entity Framework, Unit testing, Powershell

ADO.NET, C#, Entity Framework, Git, MS SQL Server, NUnit, Redis, TFS, ASP.NET, Azure, RabbitMQ, PowerShell, WPF

I have experience with high load systems with microservices architecture

Remote part time job

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