Lead\Senior C++ Developer (remote)

Remote work, Russia · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

MySQL, C/C++, Qt, Java, TFS, Jira, Linux, MS SQL Server, SQLite, HTML, TCP/IP, CRM

C/C++, CRM, HTML, Jira, Multithreading, MySQL, Qt, SQLite, TFS, Visual Studio, Windows, crossplatform, Linux, ExtJS, Java, MS SQL Server

- Большой опыт удаленной работы - Архитектор проекта и полный жизненный цикл - C++ программист + Java Spring - Защита данных и программного обеспечения - Клиент серверная архитектура - Кроссплатформенные решения на QT, wxWidgets - Интернет банкинг - Системы автоматизации бизнес процессов (CRM и т.д.)

Интересуют интересные проекты для автоматизации бизнес процессов, backend. В первую очередь предпочтение на удаленную работу! Желательно долгосрочное сотрудничество.


trainee/ junior QA engineer

Kharkiv · $350 · Intermediate

В 2019 году закончила курсы тестирования SkillUp. Имею небольшой опыт тестирования интернет-магазина, в котором ранее работала менеджером. Хочу найти работу trainee /junior QA

Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Functional testing, QA, Test Design, Smoke testing, Tester

Участвовала в создании и раскрутке интернет-магазина с "нуля"


Java Developer

Kyiv · $1500 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Main: Java SE, Java EE; • Java SE technologies: Java Core, JDBC, XML, UML; • Java EE technologies: Servlets, JSP, JPA, REST; • Software: IntelliJ IDEA, JDeveloper, Eclipse; • Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, PostgresSQL; • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate; • Application Servers: Tomcat; • Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS; • Web Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS; • Data exchange format: JSON, XML; • Build Tools: Maven, Gradle; • Version Control Systems: Git.

Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, REST API, Git, SQL, OOP, JDBC, JPA, REST, Design Patterns, Linux, Tomcat, JSON

• Requirements review, Architectural review • Code Development, Deployment • Negotiation with customers • REST API for admin part including Spring MVC & Java • Involved in production and post production activities. • Worked with remote DB



Kyiv, Odesa · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

12 years of marketing experience, 9 in IT sphere, 8 years of middle and top managerial experience, 7 years of product management experience. I have worked in 5 SaaSes and 5 marketplaces, 3 different advertising agencies, a media, an event and an outsource companies.

I have built and automated workflow for different departments (Product Management, Marketing, Design, QA, Coding, HR, Finance, etc). I have launched products from scratch. I have knowledge in marketplaces distributed in the different markets of the world from the USA to Asia, in SAASes in Europe.

I'm looking for a challenging position of CEO/COO/GMamager on an international project where I could have the opportunity to apply my management and professional skills.


.NET developer

Lviv, Kyiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I have more than 1.5 years of experience with .net. Lately I’m writing backend part via core webapi.

.NET, ASP.NET CORE, Entity Framework Core, MSSQL, Redis, LINQ, OOP, SOLID, REST API

I want to find a good team with cool teach leader who will do code review and tell me what I can do better. I want to develop with the company. In priority, I want to find a backend developer position, but also I want to develop my skill like full stack developer.


Разработчик iOS 

remote · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

iOS, iPhone, iPad, Objective-C, XCode, Instruments и все что надо знать любому программисту

iOS, iPhone, Objective-C, Xcode, Agile, Git, OOP, MySQL, SQLite, C#

Писал приложения для крупных клиентов (IBM, Nissan, Nestle, Philips и несколько других); Принимаю непосредственное участие в разработке мобильных приложений; Всегда стараюсь выбрать оптимальные технологии реализации задач; Обеспечиваю выполнение проектов в срок с нужным качеством; Активно взаимодействую с участниками проекта: аналитиками, разработчиками, тестировщиками.

Интересные проекты, в которых не надо натягивать стандартный дизайн и писать скучный код. Люблю пощупать новые технологии и новые языки программирования.


Trainee/Junior QA

Kyiv · $400 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Образование "Прикладная математика" Быстро обучаюсь Опыта работы QA нет, но есть большое желание Работал в Kyivstar и интернет магазинах Изучал 1С, СУБД, SQL, основы ООП

SQL, Quality Assurance , Scrum, Jira, Manual Testing, Agile, HTML, CSS, Regression Testing, Quality Assurance, Linux, MySQL, Test Planning, Performance Testing, Test theory


Разработчик Python

Bishkek · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- HRM system for Attractor Software including telegram bot on Python, SPA on React, and backend on Falcon; - Android mobile application for IPC using Java and provided API from the Bank; - Android mobile application for Department of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic using Kotlin and “Architecture Components” library; - Garder - Django and cross platform Mobile application for sewage contamination inspection. Developed an API and mobile application on Flutter; - iOS (Objective-c) and Android (Java) mobile applications for customer support “CA Advisor Support”; - Django application for - emotion detection in unstructured text SaaS. Wrote acceptance tests and made improvements in functionality; - Wrote the git extension for JupyterHub: tornado runtime server execution of the cell code and code synchronation with centralized git repository.

Android SDK, Java, JavaScript, Python, Design Patterns, Django, Android, Git, OOP, kotlin, SQLite, REST API, Retrofit, JSON, MVP, RX, Dart, Flutter, MVVM, Docker, Jira, Flask, ReactJS, Agile, CI/CD, Scrum

I was a team leader in a microservice architecture project; also developed the architecture of each application in this project.

I can also develop applications on flutter, but only for android.


Project Manager | Product manager

Zaporizhzhya · $1200 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Project management skills: • Full SDLC management • Strong multitasking skills • Strong planning skills • Strong SRS development skills • Strong skills in creating project documentations • Strong communication skills • Strong leadership skills • Strong problem/conflict solving skills • Customer-centric approach • Resources and timelines management • Staff interviewing and hiring • Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban • Work with documents (contracts, invoices, job offers etc.) QA Skills • Creating test cases for software/website testing • Manual software/websites testing (incl. cross-browser, cross-platform testing) • Creating bug reports Tools • Redmine, Jira, Trello • Xshell, Navicat, Filezilla • Gitlab • Jenkins • MS Office, Google docs, Airtable • Upwork • Hubstaff • Slack, Telegram, Skype • Adobe Photoshop • Prototyping tools

Agile, Jira, Kanban, Manual Testing (QA), Microsoft Office, Multitasking, Product management, Project Management, Prototype, Quality Assurance (QA), Redmine, Scrum, SDLC

I've been working as a remote project/product manager for 5+ years. During this time I’ve managed remote teams up to 7 person on several projects simultaneously. I have managed development process of several mid-enterprise level successfully launched projects which I describe more detailed in CV. Some of the projects have been done from scratch, other have been totally rewritten under my guidance. All the projects that I’ve been managing are based on php frameworks: Yii, Laravel, Symfony. Some of them have complicated architecture. My day-to-day duties included but not limited to: • Daily meetings with development teams • Project planning • Tasks creation, prioritizing and distribution • Tasks QA testing, verification and delivery • Keep track on current project status • Providing daily/weekly/monthly reports to clients • SRS development • Documentation creation • Communication with clients As a remote freelancer who worked with several development teams and clients I’ve got a lot of experience with Upwork which includes: • General Upwork workflow on Fixed price and Hourly contracts • Placing bids • Pre-sales negotiations • Managing Upwork Client’s account, Agency account, Solo freelancer account In addition I have several own fully configured upwork accounts which can be used for sales process.


Full-stack web Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• PHP, OOP, Design Patterns; • PHP-frameworks: Symfony, Silex; • RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch; • DB: PostgreSQL, MySQL; • Frontend: HTML+CSS, JavaScript; • VCS: GIT, Mercurial; • RESTful API • Little experience with android development; • Fast learning; • Agile, Scrum, Code review;

Linux, Code Review, PHP, PostgreSQL, Symfony 2, Windows, SQL, Java, MySQL, Git, JavaScript, CSS, React, Agile

Various SOAP and REST API integrations. Very deep coupling of Zendesk with Store webservice. Different other stuff related to regular web tasks (frontend and backend) Very good with legacy code

I am looking for remote work possibilities. Really looking for some job with interesting and challenging tasks. I enjoy working in a team.

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